How to Juggle Expat Life, Family, and the Need for Sleep

How to Juggle Expat Life, Family, and the Need for Sleep

Moving to a new country poses a whole bunch of challenges. This is even more true when you are moving with your family. The transition means uprooting almost every part of your lifestyle and routine. This can be stressful for everyone. While the adjustment requires time and effort, adapting to the new way of life will happen sooner than you think. Follow these tips to make this monumental move smoother for you and your loved ones.

How to Juggle Expat Life, Family, and the Need for Sleep

Do Your Research Comprehensively

Avoid mistakes and mishaps through thorough preparation. Be prepared way before you step onto the plane! There’s all kinds of things to consider, from organising the best living conditions for your family to understanding the country’s culture. Experts for Expats suggests that making a moving-abroad checklist is more than just a helpful hack. It’s all about lists!

You should include the family too, find out what they want to get out of their new life abroad. This helps reduce the load for you, and makes everyone feel included! Win win!

Go Out and Explore

You can really only get used to a living in another country by getting out and exploring it. The Spruce advises that spending time in your new neighbourhood and outside of it is imperative. Familiarise yourself with the local spots, to discovering what clubs and classes you and your family might be interested in. This will help you learn the local language, as well as immersing yourself in the people and culture.

Seeking out the expat community can really help too. Look online for expat bloggers in the area, as well as expat groups. If your kids are school age, this will be a perfect way to strike up social connections – for the kids and for you!

Manage Your Family’s Stress and Sleeping Habits

Adjusting to the expat life can be overwhelming. Between being homesick and getting used to everyday life in a foreign land, it’s easy to bury yourself in all the distractions. However, you don’t want to find yourself working too hard and depriving yourself of sleep in the process. Leesa stresses that when you don’t get the appropriate hours of sleep, you tend to harbour a more unenthusiastic outlook towards life. Not only are your systems compromised, but you are also twice as likely to form negative memories more than positive ones. Needless to say, making sure that everyone in the family consistently gets the right amount of sleep is a top priority.

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Stay Protected

As the old saying goes ‘health is wealth’. Moving to a new country can really bring that into focus. You’re in an unfamiliar environment which can definitely make you feel more vulnerable. Gain back some control by knowing which healthcare facility would serve you best should an emergency arise. Expatica underscores that looking for your medical providers via the help of your embassy will prepare you for almost any situation. Apart from knowing your healthcare options, it’s also smart to have local emergency numbers in your directory. Being this forward thinking will definitely help lessen your healthcare worries!

How to Juggle Expat Life, Family, and the Need for Sleep

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