Freddie Ocean

Meet Freddie Ocean!

Freddie Ocean

He arrived safe and sound at 3.1kg on 11th August 2015 by Caesarian Section, all went as planned!  I’ll write another post about our experience in hospital another time!

This teeny boy has made a big change to our little family.
Freddie Ocean
We are now officially a family of 4 and it feels amazing!

Mummy Daddy Arthur and Freddie Ocean

We were discharged from hospital on Friday 14th and we took a flight back to Praslin the same day, so Freddie had his first flight at just 3 days old!

Right from the start Arthur has been absolutely besotted with him.
Brothers Arthur and Freddie Ocean

He is constantly giving him kisses!  He’s starting to say Freddie quite clearly but I still think it’s a bit more “shreddie” then Freddie!!
I think they are going to be the best of friends!
Arthur and Freddie! Brothers and best friends!

We are now settling in back home and loving figuring out new routines and adjusting old ones!
Arthur helps us with Freddie’s bath before having his shower and the four of us all cuddle up in Arthur’s room for bed time stories!

Brothers Arthur and Freddie Ocean bed time stories

Arthur always makes sure that he kisses Freddie goodnight before he goes to sleep!

Yesterday Freddie turned 1 week old (already!!) and so we took him to the beach for the first time, just like we did with Arthur!  As we were back on Praslin we got to take him to our favourite beach, Anse Lazio!  It quickly became clear that we would not get the ‘perfect’ posed family photo but I love these ones so much all the same!!
Freddie's first trip to the beach 1 week old Anse Lazio family photo

Freddie Ocean first trip to the beach 1 week old Anse Lazio

Freddie Ocean 1 week old Anse Lazio family beach shot


I was so so worried about how Arthur would be affected by Freddie’s arrival, wondered if he would be jealous, if he would accept his little brother, if he would be upset by the change.  I could not be prouder of how amazing he has been.  How accepting.  How much he has absolutely embraced Freddie into our family!  This morning we came downstairs and Freddie was still asleep so we left him for a little while before getting him up.  Arthur was looking everywhere for him saying “Bwana Bwana” (his word for brother!!!) and was so happy when we brought him downstairs!

It already feels like Freddie has always been with us!  I can’t believe how much I worried about how we would adjust as a family of 4!  Freddie has fit right in and we all love him so so much!!

17 thoughts on “Freddie Ocean

  1. Awwww this is so lovely! Congratulations to you both. I’m so pleased it’s going well, bringing back memories of when we brought our 2nd daughter home. The oldest was about the same age as Arthur so can’t remember a time she didn’t have a sister. She never showed any signs of jealousy at this stage either. Enjoy this very special time and make sure you look after yourselves too. Love love love the names!!!

  2. Aw, congratulations – amazing news! And gorgeous pictures, totally doesn’t matter that they are not posed, they capture the moment so well. So glad that Arthur is so embracing of his little brother – I love how they always surprise us when we least expect it. Enjoy your new bundle. x
    Rosie @ Little Fish recently posted…Moments of Gratitude #7My Profile

  3. Congratulations again, what a perfect addition and so nice to hear how well Arthur has adapted to the change. Those first few weeks when they are still little (but at least you know what you’re doing) are just magical, soak it up and enjoy that time together xx
    Keri recently posted…Taiwanese Family HotspotsMy Profile

  4. Aww he’s adorable Chantelle! I’m glad Arthur thinks so too – Toby still isn’t quite sure of Gabriel but he has given him some kisses and yesterday wanted to share his Cheerios with him!
    Sarah recently posted…Introducing…My Profile

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  6. Congratulations he’s adorable! It’s always difficult to know how an older sibling will adjust to a new baby in the house but it sounds like Arthur is loving his new little brother! Enjoy your new time as a family of 4!
    Becky Brown recently posted…Summertime!My Profile

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