First night with a babysitter-The Dinner Dance

Last weekend Arthur had his first night with a babysitter (that wasn’t my mum and dad!), we had a girl that Mark teaches over to watch him for us, a pretty big deal for us all!

Once a year the school puts on a dinner dance and auction to raise money for the PTA. It’s a pretty swanky affair and the one night of the year where you will see everyone all dressed up!!  It is always held at a lovely hotel with amazing food and drink!

Last year I was VERY pregnant, I somehow managed to squeeze my giant belly into a non maternity maxi dress! (Thanks mostly to very stretchy fabric!). Anyway here’s a pic from last year



This year I wore the dress I had actually originally brought out for last year, but obviously at 8 months pregnant that was a no go!! I did promise myself I would fit into it for this years dinner dance, so I’m pleased with myself for that!!
So here we are this year!

The school makes a lot of money on the evening, the prizes for the raffles and auctions are insane….weekends at 5 star hotels, boat trips, spa treatments, dinners, wine, whiskey and chocolate hampers…all kinds of amazing things!  Unfortunately we didn’t win anything 🙁

Arthur was asleep when we left which was a huge weight off my mind. We got home just after midnight and Arthur had weirdly woken up a few minutes before (which he pretty much NEVER does) and then obviously wouldn’t go back to sleep as it wasn’t someone he really knows. He was however happy having a cuddle with her on the sofa (little monkey!!) As we walked through the door he looked very confused and got a bit upset, he then wouldn’t settle back down to sleep for around an hour. The upside of that was he slept until almost 7, this mama needed that let me tell you!!

The next day I nursed a medium sized hangover all day, which resulted in pretty rubbish mum’ing’, I of course felt pretty damn guilty about that as soon as he was in bed!!

I have to say though, despite Arthur being awake when we got home I feel really positive about the whole thing! I had a fantastic night, drank a little bit too much, ate some good food, chatted with some lovely friends and had some good quality time with Mark!  Arthur is obviously okay too, which means we can do this again some time hurrah for grown up time!!!

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29 thoughts on “First night with a babysitter-The Dinner Dance

    • Thanks Emma!! It definitely was harder leaving him with someone that wasn’t in the family, luckily everything was all good though 🙂 x

  1. Well done for having your first night out with a babysitter in charge. You look dazzling in that red dress (love the shoes, too!). Mel #SharewithMe

  2. So glad it all went well and even with a hang over it was worth it. Special bonding time with your other half and getting away from being a mom and being you again! You look fantastic! Love the photos. It’s always good for parents and children to have time away from each other. Lovely lovely post. Good for you for go for it breaking out of the comfort zone. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 20My Profile

  3. Aww I am really glad you had a lovely night out, you look gorgeous! Fab dress 🙂 Glad all went well with Arthur too and sounds like even though he wouldn’t settle for an hour it actually worked out for the best as you got a lie in! Don’t feel too guilty about the hangover either, we’ve all been there and one day is no biggy! Glad you enjoyed yourself! xx #sharewithme
    Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) recently posted…Monkey’s Speech at 25 monthsMy Profile

    • Thank you Carin I do feel good for having had some grown up time and a good night out with Mark, it had been a long time!! Xx

  4. You look gorgeous (in both photos)!!! I love the red dress especially – can’t resist a pop of colour.
    We really must try harder to find a babysitter for M so we get a night out too. I’m just too nervous to leave him with anyone other than grandparents, but we hardly ever see them so we of course hardly have any ‘grown-up’ time! It’s so important though, so good for you for making the most of it x

  5. WOW Arthur – your mummy is looking super glam and gorge. Glad they got to have a lovely night out and you were good for the babysitter (apart from a little wake up – but hey you just wanted to be nosey i’m the same, hehe) Looks like a lovely evening was had by all and here’s to your Mummy and Daddy having many more adult nights out 😉 xxx Ax
    Little Miss Alba recently posted…Fun in the sun xMy Profile

  6. Glad it went well! That’s a big step, but it’s good for you guys to have some time together and be confident about leaving him. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of babysitters when you are over here next month- I’ll volunteer any time! =)

  7. Oh what a lovely night out – and you look stunning, that’s such a gorgeous dress, and it definitely suits a Seychelles tan! (not that I’m envious of the sunshine at all!!) I’m glad it was such a success, it must be hard being so far away from family and knowing that there isn’t that built in take a break resource on tap.
    Carie recently posted…Living Arrows 25/52My Profile

  8. Hi there – nice blog! Sorry for the random note – we are planning on vacationing in the Seychelles in December and are hoping to have quite a bit of grown-up time (I.e. diving) and unfortunately our hotel doesn’t offer childcare services. We happened upon your site in our search and I’m wondering if you know anyone you can recommend to watch over our not-quite 2 year old regularly for the 10 days we will be in town at the end of December. Thanks!

    • Hi Anisa. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m afraid that I can’t think of a particular person, there is no babysitting agencies or anything like that. We hardly ever go anywhere without Arthur and if we do we have friends here that we can leave him with for a couple hours! You might find that if you ask the hotel to find someone for you they will be able to. For example there may be some one working there that while they are not paid to do that they may be willing to do it for some extra cash…would be worth sending them an email and asking!

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