If you are thinking about coming here for a visit or even moving here and you have a question do get in touch, you can contact me via email me, or get in touch on Instagram.

I’ve also created some sections on the blog to help you find the posts that will be more useful for you faster.  So check out, my visiting Seychelles section or living in Seychelles.  I hope you find this useful!

I’d also love if you let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover on the blog!

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Collaborate with me

If you’d like to get in touch about collaborating with me or featuring on my blog, feel free to contact me at:

I’m happy to consider partnering with different companies for posts or reviews…of course if it fits in with this blog and our little family!

I have also done freelance writing for a few different places.  Notably, where I wrote various articles about Seychelles, find all of my articles here.

I’ve also featured on where I wrote an article all about Romantic holidays here in Seychelles.

You can also find me on:




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Look forward to hearing from you!

seychellesmama contact

12 thoughts on “Contact”

  • Dear Chantelle, my name is Alica and I’m from Germany and just came across your website and I’m amazed by the way you live 🙂 I was wondering if you would have any travel recommendation with baby for us! If not, just ignore my message! Anyway my husband and I love traveling (we spent already several month backpacking through the Asia, Africa and Latin America) and now got a baby boy who is 6 month old now and of course we want to continue our biggest passion with him! Seychelles sounds like a great destination for us! We are thinking to come over for 2-3 weeks end of April-early May, but we do not want to stay in one of these big hotels but still want something “safe” and relaxed for our baby and us with baby, if you know what I mean! Do you know a good place (hotel, bungalow etc) to stay for us? I would love to hear back from you! Best wishes from Germany! Alica, Robin and Ben

  • Hallo,
    I am the tour leader of a 7 pax group and we would like to have yoga lesson in praslin between 15 and 17 May…can you help me?
    Cristiana Vici

    • Hi Christina, I thoroughly recommend the yoga class at Raffles on Praslin. They now have 2 instructors and there are classes on a Monday Tuesday Thursday and Friday and Saturday. (I’m pretty sure those are the days) if you head over to the Raffles website and go to the Spa section there is a phone number on there you can call directly to book with them. Hope this is helpful to you, let me know if i can help with anything else at all!


  • Dear Chantelle,

    Sorry bore you with a small , and big question about Seychelles! How is the first thing you advise me to move with my Family? I mean ,me Cristina, my husband , my son Gabriel of 6 years and or Cat Haniel:-)?
    We live in Norway now, but we are from Portugal Lisbon, but we need sun, light, and a new life , we want to show the world to my son because is so beautiful and have so many nice things I want to open different doors different ways…
    I really like your blog, i discover today:-) if you please have same time and advises I will be very happy.

    Best regards, and I wish you the best.

    Cristina Gomes

    • Hi Cristina,

      So sorry to just be replying to your message!

      I love that you want to show your son the world, i totally agree that there is so much to see and that it is SO good for you to travel!

      Feel free to drop me an email if you have any specific questions you guys want to ask about moving or visiting here!


  • Hi,
    My husband and I are travelling with our (then) 10 week old baby from 16th – 21st November from Abu Dhabi. What recommendations do you have for us? we are keen to do some of the national park walks. (will use the baby carrier for this) do you recommend we bring his pram? are car seats available or should we bring our own?
    thank you (Your blog is great and very helpful)

    • Hi Rose. I would bring your pram, if only to have somewhere to put him in to nap when you guys are out and about (or at the pool!!)
      For a baby that small you will not be able to rent a car seat, you can sometimes get them for older children!…So i’d 100% recommend you bring your own 🙂
      Hope you have a great trip! Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Hi I spoke to you a few months ago about moving to the Seyshelles. It is official and we will make the big move next year January….so so soon! I just have few questions that we cant seem to be able to find answers on the internet.
    1. What is the general household monthly expenses for a family of four (eg food, utilities ).
    2. Schooling cost for a 3 year old and 5 year old…would you advise home schooling?
    3. Is there medical aids or is it public health care only. Do you know the monthly cost for medical aid .

    Would you mind doing a blog for new expats and what to expect…my mind is currently on over drive.

    • Hi Elzaan congratulations on your move that is super exciting, remind me are you going to be on Mahe or Praslin? There are international schools on both so you don’t have to homeschool, unless of course you want to! Let me add up some figures for monthly expenses i was meaning to do a post on that kind of thing anyway!

      In terms of what to expect for new expats i think that can vary SO much depending on how you are coming here (i.e what company is bringing you out, or if indeed you are coming on your own accord) but I can write about the experiences we give for new teachers of the school my husband is headteacher of, would you find that helpful?

  • Hello, I’m Adrian, married with 2 children I’m from Romania and I own a pool business and since my work is seasonable I’m looking for a warm place to spend the winter. I got on your website and felt for Seychelles, I was wondering if you could give me more information about coming and staying in Seychelles. You could use my email for replay.Thanks in advance, Adrian

  • Good afternoon Chantelle,
    Do you still respond to this email?
    I’m just checking before I ask you a million questions
    Kind regards
    Karen Howell

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