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Using cloth nappies is something I’ve gone back and forth in my head about since before Arthur was born.

Now almost 17 months later, I wish we had invested from the start!

The reason we never did it was, it is such a pain to get stuff delivered here. Let alone expensive, and we had no idea where to start. We were worried we would not get on with them!!

Also, we already had no idea what we were doing with a baby let alone trying to get our head around all the options and decisions for cloth nappies too!!

However, looking back now, I am pretty cross at myself for not taking the plunge sooner.
It’s so hot and humid here, I think about just how much nicer it would have been for our little guy having all natural materials instead of plastic. I’m sure the disposables cause nappy rash because of the heat.

Of course, another benefit is how much cuter he’d looking roaming around in a little cloth nappy, there are such lovely colours and patterns available!!

Living on a small island, rubbish is an issue! Right now in Seychelles, rubbish is disposed in a landfill. Switching to cloth nappies would obviously be a way for me to lessen our household contribution to this!!

I am seriously looking at going down the cloth route now, I am not sure if it will make any financial sense now, but surely it will be better for Arthur?!!

If you have any advice or recommends about starting with cloth nappies for toddlers I’d love to hear!!

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  • We bought the whole birth to potty system for my 5yo but just didn’t get on with them at all. She would do these massive leaky poo’s that went everywhere… second time around I didn’t even bother, and then I gave them away. I wish it was different as it would be nice to save the money on nappies and be kinder to the planet. Good luck, hope they work for you guys xxx #sharewithme
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  • Ooh well done for trying, I was always tempted to try with Z but never took the plunge. They do look so cute and you get all sorts of colourful ones now! with some funky designs on them!
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  • I’ve only just recently heard of these, now that I have no more need of them! But they sound like such a fab idea. The disposable ones were always so scratchy – especially when Mr M tried to sneak cheaper alternatives into the shopping basket!! 🙂 xx

  • I am expecting baby no 3 and after using reuseable wipes and disposable nappies with my first two we are taking the cloth plunge with this baby, there are some cheaper ones available on Amazon and ebay (but you probably can’t get them where you are-sorry no help really) called little blooms that might not last quite as long as the expensive ones but the prints are lovely and they are good, no leaks! Maybe you could get family to send nappies out?? #sharewithme
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    • Thank you, I’ll take a look at these 🙂 we can’t buy any reuseables here so anything we buy will have to be shipped which is a pain!! Xx

  • We used Bambino Mio with our first two. They are a prefold inner with an outer protective wrap. They are in our baby shipment from the UK to Malaysia so we are using disposables for the moment. They have served our two and we have lent them to three friends so our youngest will be the sixth baby to use them. I wonder if our kids will use them on the grandchildren!

    Cloth really worked for us – all the solids flush down the loo on the disposable liner, nappies sit in a pail of nappysan, wash at night and dry on the line in the day. Will the cost of shipping work out cheaper than disposables up to potty training? If they sell muslins where you are you can use those as a nappy – just google how to fold them, then all you need are the outer wraps and the liners. If you need a booster for absorbency you can add some cut up, washed fleece material. You can make the wraps yourself. The key is the disposable liner that you flush down the loo – without them the whole process becomes pretty grim.

    Good luck!
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  • Cloth nappies are awesome! My advice would be to try a few different types first and when you find the nappy that works for you, buy enough to see you through a few days if you can. Older babies tend to need fewer nappy changes so you could go for around 20 nappies so you don’t need to wash as often. Lots of brands do special offers for bundles. Also you need a bucket and nappy wash bag too. And disposable/ flushable liners for poos. I use Baba and Boo but I’m not sure how easily you can get them over there? x x
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  • I would definitely recommend cloth nappies – we’ve been using them since Toby was 7 weeks old but I reckon you would still save some money (and a lot of disposables from landfill) if you started using them now, and you can always use them again if you have another baby! Would it be cheaper to get some delivered to someone in the UK then sent out in one go? I’d recommend bumGenius Freetimes – they’re a bit more expensive than some others but they work brilliantly and we hardly ever have leaks (and have never had a poo leak!) There are a few are a few posts on my blog about choosing nappies that might help or I’m happy to answer any questions if you like – just tweet/email whatever!
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    • Thank you so much lovely I’ll take a look on your blog!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to comment so thoroughly 🙂 xx

  • Hats off for wanting to try. In Manila I was using cloth nappies. A muslin square pinned together with safety pin. In here I started using disposable nappies but I made sure that I am using the earth friendly ones. I have to admit that I feel weak for giving in into using disposables. It was my aim before to used cloth nappies but its just too hard for me to be on my own. I should have tried harder. #sharewithme
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  • Have used cloth nappies with both my girls and I love them – it’s been a huge cost saving second time around although not wanting to send lots of nappies to landfill is my biggest reason for using them (although admittedly I often use disposables still at night or if we are away somewhere). I have several different types – my favourites are Charlie Banana and Tots Bots and I use a Motherease Airflow wrap over the top which helps prevent leaks too. Definitely worth trying different brands to see what works – you can often get starter packs with a few nappies to see how you find it. Good luck x
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  • Hurrah for taking the plunge! I understand your concerns about the possible lack of cost saving, but with cloth nappies you have to bear in mind they can be used on more than one kid… So even if you don’t have another baby yourself, you could sell them on when Arthur’s done with them.

    We’ve tried all sorts and like Close POP-in, Miosolo by Bambino Mio and Charlie Banana the best. All of those adjustable in size so you’d be able to use for another, younger baby too. The Miosolos come up the largest so they may be good if Arthur is tall and/or you don’t want to potty-train for a while.

    One thing you could do is try a trial pack of a few different nappies. Fill Your Pants ( does these and they’re good for helping you decide which nappies to get more of. They also offer a small cost saving over buying each of the nappies individually. It does mean you will need two lots of shipping done though…

    Can’t wait to hear what you decide on!
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  • I was the same I didn’t know anything about it and I just was honestly being lazy. I had enough with just moving and giving birth in the same month I didn’t need more scrubbing and washing and dealing with cloth diapers. I could see why others do it. And it might have helped with the heat you are right but your little guy has done fine and is happy that’s all that matters. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week for another great round #sharewithme
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  • Modern cloth nappies are great! They are so easy to use and the patterns are lovely. In UK you don’t get to see them so much as all bbs wear clothes, but in hot climate it makes a nice visual change.
    I was very confused about the nappies myself, as there are so many types. It is quite straightforward though once you read a little bit and decided what sort of nappy you want.
    For me for example it was important for nappies to be compact and dry quickly as we have limited heater space to dry them. In your case this won’t be much of a consideration.
    Site I used is, but I guess UK is not the best for you in terms of postage.
    There’s lots of info online and of course on blogs 🙂
    good luck, you won’t regret it xx
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  • I have 5 kids and never even considered going cloth until {A} I started blogging and {B} a friend advised me to try it. I did and honestly? We’ve NEVER looked back! In fact I am urked at myself for not using them before as they are soooooo much easier! Yes, OK, its expensive to get started, we spent maybe….£150 to get started but haven’t needed to buy {although I do because fluffies are just so damn cute to resist!} in almost 2yrs! Think of the money saved! I am all for cloth, give it a go and if its for you awesome, if not, thats fine too. Although FYI….the whole you do more washing the usual is a massive myth! Not true at all!! xx
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