Christmas in Sri Lanka!

You may have seen this on my instagram and I’ve been excited to write about it…

Sri Lanka trip


We will be spending Christmas in Sri Lanka!!

This is something I’m not sure we would have ever done if we were not an expat family.  First of all the cost would be a lot more to go from the UK then it is from Seychelles.  It isn’t just that though, we have a a relaxed attitude towards different ways of living that I don’t think we would necessarily have if we were still living in the UK.  I feel like we are a lot more adaptable then we were before, I’m not sure I would have dreamed about traveling around a ‘non western’ country on holiday with a 1 year old but now it’s something to be excited about.


There’s a little bit of a back story with Sri Lanka for us…..

Before we moved to the Seychelles, we watched a cooking show called My Sri Lanka.  We were so excited as we thought the food would be similar to how the food would be here (and it is and isn’t all in one go but that’s another story!).  Anyway, while watching the show we got an idea of how beautiful the country is and it definitely made us want to go there one day.

Fast forward to around 6 months ago and we hear that they are starting flights from Seychelles to Sri Lanka!  Of course, we didn’t think that we would be able to go because of Arthur being so young!

Our neighbours went this summer and said that not only was it amazing, they saw people on holiday  with kids there!  We started  reading a few sites such as Globetotting and Jetlag and Mayhem and got to read about and speak to a few different people who have been there with kids.

Knowing this, Arthur being so adaptable when we went to the UK this summer, and it being Mark’s 30th birthday we decided we were going to do it!!!

Flights are now booked and we’ve been busy planning our trip.  We are there for 18 days.

Our plans at the moment look a little bit like this:

The first few days we will be spending in the capital of Colombo. Next we will move down to the south coast to a little hotel near Galle. From there we have to go back to Colombo and take a very scenic train ride to Kandy where we will be for Christmas and for Mark’s 30th birthday.
We are treating ourselves to a rather beautiful little hotel in Kandy for this time. We are so excited about this place and Kandy in general looks so amazing!

As of yet we are unplanned for the last couple of days so we still have some planning to do!

I’ve put a little Sri Lanka Pintrest board together where I’m pinning some lovely pictures of the places we will be going to if you fancy a little look.
Being a bit of a melting pot between Buddhism and Hinduism it won’t be particularly Christmas-y, so in a way this is a perfect time to go while Arthur is still a bit young to really get what Christmas is all about!  We have never been to Asia, (apart from Dubai airport on the way to the UK but i’m not sure that counts!!) and we are so excited to take in the culture, which will be so different to anything we’ve seen before.

I also feel so privileged to be able to introduce Arthur to all these different experiences and cultures, okay so he probably won’t remember them, but it will be really cool to show him the pictures when he’s older, and I’m sure that it can only positively impact him!

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