31 months old

Arthur is now 31 months old.

31 months old

This month has been all about getting back into routine after the Christmas holidays.

Mark is now back at work and I was worried about how we were going to get on now that Arthur is no longer taking naps.  In general, I must say I think we’ve done pretty well.  As a bonus for us Arthur is actually sleeping in a little more getting up between 6 and 7.  I think, as much as I’d love if he was still napping, we have done well with how he has transitioned to not having a nap.  In general, he gets through the day very well.

Arthur is getting better at understanding that he can have one on one time with me when Freddie is napping and is starting to be great at entertaining himself for little periods of time (without the TV!) too.  Day by day his imagination is growing and I love seeing the little things he comes up with.

While Arthur knows that while Freddie sleeps he can have me to himself, he will still often go in to see Freddie in his cot.  He is such a caring brother.  Now Freddie is having a bottle at bed time, Arthur always makes sure that we have it for him and loves seeing Freddie drinking it!

He is becoming such a little dare devil too, he wants to jump off everything, and he is an unbelievable climber!  The other day I discovered he’d climbed up to the third shelf in my wardrobe and was just sat in there!!  I’m hoping that this is going to develop into getting him to jump in the pool!  I got him to jump into the baby pool the other day and he realised that it was really fun, he did it over and over!  Being a shallow pool he didn’t go under the water!  I think I’ll work on getting him super confident with that before pushing my luck with trying to get him jumping into the big pool (with his swim jacket on of course!!)

Something else that is really amazing to see develop is his want of independence.  He now likes to go to the toilet without anyone there and will often shut the door, and one of his little games he places is saying to me “bye mummy see you later” and then wondering off somewhere (often to do something he knows he’s not allowed to do, little monkey)
He now doesn’t get really upset if I go out or if he is going somewhere without me.  It lets me know that he’s secure enough to know that I will come back or that I’m not abandoning him!!  I think it will help him when he starts school!

As much as Arthur enjoys splashing in the pool, without doubt he loves the ocean even more.  Usually he gets bored at the pool after a little while but he will never get bored of splashing in the water at the beach!   He really does turn into a little fish once hes in the water.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing how much he loves being in the water.

Arthurs speech continues to develop and get clearer every day.  He is so expressive, he really cracks us up all the time.

Every day he does something that makes me laugh, and something that makes me so incredibly proud!  Of course he does things that drive me crazy too but I couldn’t love this little guy any more!!

Arthur is 30 months old

As is becoming the normal for me these days, this post is a little late!  
At least this month I’ve had Christmas as an excuse!  So anyway, Arthur is 30 months old,  2.5 years.  Crazy.

30 months old

For most of this month, we’ve had Mark home with us.  Arthur has absolutely loved it.  Every time Mark is off work, Arthur and him get a little closer, it’s always so lovely to watch.  Daddy is definitely big favourite right now!!  

30 months old.  Arthur and daddy

We’ve had so much lovely family time together with trips to the vallee de Mai, going to the pool and lots of trips to the beach.

Right at the end of term before Mark finished for Christmas, Arthur was starting to get very restless.  We were fighting nap times, more on that in another post!  He was also quite often acting up to get attention.  It was tough, we all needed the Christmas holidays!  Once Mark was home, Arthur’s behaviour improved massively.  I have put it down to Arthur needing more stimulation.  I’ve given myself quite a hard time over it all, but I have to be realistic, with Freddie still being so small I can’t give Arthur all of the stimulation he needs all the time.  It’s times like these where I wish we had clubs or classes for little kids here, or even an indoor soft play place!
 *i can feel all you uk mamas cringing at the mention of soft play, but you have to admit it’s a great way for kids to burn off all that energy in a confined area!!!*  
I think once Freddie is able to sit up by himself I will be able to take them both to the beach to run around but right now it’s just not really do-able! 

I think Arthur’s “bad behaviour” has also been about testing limits, all normal for a toddler I’m sure.  It’s frustrating for me when I know he knows he’s not supposed to do something but he goes and does it anyway.   When he does he’s watching me the whole time to see how I react.  It’s difficult to remain consistent ALL the time, particularly if I’m feeding Freddie at the time but I’m trying my best!  It’s been much easier with having Mark home!

Apart from our cheeky monkey testing his limits (i’ll use that phrase as opposed to “being a little shit” which is the phrase I have been using of late!) Arthur continues to be so loving and so funny.  He is still so so gorgeous with Freddie which I can’t get enough of. He loves making Freddie smile and laugh and loves to give him cuddles and kisses.
His smile can turn my mood around in an instant – I think he knows that too!!

Arthur’s speech is getting so good, we can’t believe how much it’s come on!

Obviously this month there has been lots of build up to Christmas.  We did our decorating right at the start of December so as to help build the excitement for Arthur (and us obviously!).  It was really amazing to see Arthur beginning to grasp the idea of Christmas, although he definitely still did not totally get it!  He has loved our Christmas tree and all the decorations, he also loved leaving a mince pie out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.  
I think he found Christmas Day pretty overwhelming.  On reflection it’s quite intense!  He loved seeing all the presents under the tree but didn’t quite get that they were to be opened, we then had presents to open with our parents on Skype which is quite a lot for him to deal with.  At the end of the day he enjoyed going back to things and checking our all his new toys on his own terms!!  

We are now 100% nappy free for Arthur, even at night time.  I am so proud of how well he has done, it really is quite amazing!  I wrote a post on our potty training journey and shared a few tips if you want to check it out! 

What Arthur is loving this month

In perfect timing, for the festive season, Arthur’s current favourite movie is….. Hotel Transylvania *typical Arthur to go against the grain!*  

I actually think this movie is pretty good too, I’m looking forward to getting the second one for him to watch too!

Arthur is really starting to get into his Duplo, he has a few different sets now; a little airport, a pirate island and a little farm.  

Climbing.  This boy is amazing at climbing.  His most recent obsession is climbing on top of our car.  Right up on the roof.  Pretty dangerous, but also pretty impressive!!! I snapped this picture quickly before I had to tell him off for getting up on the car, again, hence the rubbish quality of the pic! Isn’t it so hard to tell him off when he does things like this because I find it so funny!
30 months old.  Climbing on the car

29 months

Arthur is 29 months old.

29 months old

I feel like Arthur has changed and developed so much in this past month.

Something I’ll get out the way first is we had our first incident with Freddie this month.  I mentioned it briefly before, but Arthur bit Freddie.  It was twice in the same day.  Not hard, but enough that Freddie was upset.  I’ll be honest and say that I was probably more upset than Freddie.
Both times we put Arthur on the naughty step.  This is something we’ve started to try this month.  It seemed to have worked, we’ve not had any other incidents like it since then anyway.
Arthur absolutely adores Freddie, that is without doubt.  He understood that he’d made Freddie sad and he didn’t like that.

Moving on, Arthur has figured out this month that he can make Freddie smile and he thinks that’s amazing!!

Arthur’s speech is getting so good, I’m so proud of him.  He was definitely a little late getting started with it but he’s making up for it now that’s for sure!  He’s a total chatterbox!

We had a great trip out on a catermaran this month, Arthur had an absolute blast, he was a little unsure when we first got on board but within a couple of minutes he was in his element and now constantly asks if we are going on a boat whenever we go out anywhere!

Arthur had a few days this month where he refused to nap.  I had almost resigned myself to a life without him napping when he started again, much to my relief.  We definitely have to have a busy morning for him to go down though.

Arthur and Koopa are still having lots of fun together.  They tire each other out running round the garden.  We’ve had lots of rain this last month but it hasn’t stopped Arthur getting out in our garden, even when it’s completely underwater!

I have been on a bit of a anti-TV kick recently.  Not completely stopping it, but having more structure to when he can watch it, this has helped Arthur understand when I say it’s finished that it’s not going to go back on!  This has really helped with tantrums, in regards to the TV anyway!

Having structured TV time has kind of led into more reading time, which I love.  We have always read EVERY night before bed but not always during the day as well.  We are now, and it’s lovely.

We are really seeing Arthur’s imagination sparking this month.  He’s really enjoying playing with trains, cars and trucks.  I love playing these with him, or just sitting watching him in his own little world it’s really amazing!

Arthur has definitely learnt what the “terrible two’s” are all about.  He can ignore, refuse, do the opposite of what we say, and throw a epic tantrum like a pro.  But, this boy still makes me smile and laugh every single day.  He is such a softie and still loves a  great big “cuggle”.  He continues to surprise me every day and we wouldn’t change a thing about this cheeky little monkey!

29 months old.  bouncy castle

What Arthur’s loving this month 

So here is a round up of some of the things Arthur is loving this month!

This months favourite on the TV is Shrek, particularly the second one!

Stickers!  Arthur has this Peppa Pig sticker book and he’s loving playing with it.  He can never leave the stickers alone once he’s stuck them down so there’s lots ripped stickers and ones that have lost their stick, but he doesn’t care, he has lots of fun! Perfect for a beach loving Peppa fan!

Currently his favourite book is The Highway Rat.

Another amazing book by Julia Donaldson, we really recommend it!!

Arthur is really into playing with trucks, trains and cars.  He loves his cozy coupe, and loves pushing Koopa around in it too.  I’m sure he will have Freddie in it soon too!

I think thats about all for this month!  I’ll be back next month for another Arthur update!

Arthur is 28 months

Arthur is 28 months old

Arthur is now 28 months old. It kinda dawned on me this month that Arthur really is 2 now, I know that probably sounds a bit weird seeing as his birthday is in June and it’s now almost November, but he is no longer “only just 2” he’s well and truly 2!

We are well into the depths of “the terrible 2’s” too, this boy can throw an epic tantrum! We’ve started seeing him throw himself to the floor at times, make himself ridiculously hard to pick up and lots of yelling. It can be really hard work!! I mostly feel sorry for him at these times as I can see just how frustrated he is over things. I have definitely found myself losing my temper with him too though, which then quickly turns to lots of guilt. I hate getting cross with him, I don’t ever want to tum into that shouty mummy.

For this next month we are going to try to start implementing the naughty step. Im hoping it might help us all deal with things a little bit better!! I’ll be sure to update next month how we get on with that, wish us luck!

On the total flip of the coin Arthur is mostly a really happy boy, he makes us laugh so much and he continues to be so so loving.

He LOVES to sing and dance, mostly to Peppa pig and Thomas the tank engine!! It’s so cute and always brings a smile to our faces!! Even if he’s in a tantrum if a song comes on he likes he will stop to sing and dance along, it’s very funny!

Arthur also loves story time! He loves to join in when Mark and I read to him, especially with the Gruffalo and Stick Man.

He is so affectionate to Freddie, I had wondered if the novelty would ware off a little once Mark went back to work and routine started but it hasn’t at all. Freddie has got to be one of his most used words right now!!

Speaking of words, Arthur’s speech continues to develop lots and lots! I think all the singing is helping him with his sentence forming! He is really starting to get the idea of putting words together now, so we are really proud of him for that!

We continue to be impressed with Arthur’s potty training. We have in fact moved from the potty to the toilet. He’s still wearing his nappy at night time as a just in case, but more often then not that is dry too. I’m not in a rush to stop this as he sleeps so well I am worried about disturbing that but I guess we need to bite the bullet with that at some point!

Arthur’s favourite things this month!

I thought id start a new section of these monthly updates where I share some of Arthur’s current favourite things, it changes so frequently and so I figured it would be nice to look back on this!!

Arthur is really enjoying playing with his wooden train set, we have just a small figure of eight one for now. He loves making up the rails himself and pushing the trains along. I had been trying to get him to play with this for ages and all of a sudden he has started showing an interest in it. I think it has developed from his love of Thomas the Tank Engine and him starting to understand what trains are, because of course we don’t have them here to show him!

His current favourite stories to read during the day time are
I need a wee by Sue Hendra

This book is so cute and funny, Arthur is all about the toilet right now, seeing as he’s a little potty trained pro and so this book is perfect!!

and One by One by Judy Hindley

Arthur loves counting so it’s no surprise he loves that one. He can count to ten already, I think it comes from us counting anything and everything together!!

His favourite thing to watch is Inside Out. This movie is so so cute and I love watching it too, everyone wins!

Of course Arthur is still loving our little puppy Koopa they play together lots and now we have started taking Koopa for walks Arthur gets to run around with him on the beach too!!

Arthur is also loving brushing his teeth right now! He plays a little app on the iPad where you have to brush the monsters teeth which has I think demonstrated to him really clearly the brushing action!! I’m pretty sure the Peppa Pig toothpaste helps too!!! This is something that I hope he continues to enjoy, we went through teeth brushing battles in the past so I am loving that he’s into this right now!

Think thats all for now! As always, I will be back with another Arthur update next month!

27 months

Arthur is 27 months old!
Arthur is 27 months old

This month we have had Nana and Farj here with us (my mum and dad!).  They were here not that long ago in May and when they pulled up at our house without prompting Arthur ran over and said “nana, farj” even though he’d never said it before…..you can imagine how delighted mum and dad were!!
We all had a great time with them and it was their first time meeting Freddie!
Arthur had sleepovers with them, trips out, lots of sweets and ice cream, and was generally spoiled rotten!

While mum and dad were here I got a little braver with potty training and started going out and about without nappies, he’s done so well!  We have also started having dry nappies at nap time and even some overnight too!!   One problem though is that Arthur already doesn’t like nap time but now when I put a nappy on him he knows that signals nap so I think I might need to stop putting them on him at nap time too
I will write a post about our potty training journey at some point!!

Arthur really is a little parrot at the moment and is picking up new words all over the place!  He is putting words together more and more, particularly when he is re-telling a book or something he’s seen on TV (mostly a peppa pig episode or thomas the tank engine movie!)
He can say all the numbers 1-10 now and can always do 7,8,9,10 in the right order, he loves counting everything!
Something that makes me really laugh is that he’s starting to use words to distract us, at nap time he starts telling me what all his different teddies are “snake, twit twooo (owl), pakka (makka pakka)…..” He also told me he needed a poo as I tried to put his pants on him the other day, so I stopped and then he just wondered off – outwitted by a 2 year old,  brilliant!

Right now Arthur is really in to Thomas the tank engine. He would watch it all day if he could!! Perhaps a trip to Thomas land is in order next summer when we visit the UK!

He still absolutely loves being a big brother, the start of every day it’s Freddie he’s most excited about seeing not me!!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen we’ve had another new arrival in our family!  We have got a puppy!  His name is Koopa (yes, as in Koopa Troopa from Mario!)
Koopa and Arthur are great little buddies and spend lots of time marching around the garden, chasing each other around and generally just having lots of fun.
Arthur and Koopa, toddler and puppy

My parents left a week ago now so now we are starting to figure out and settle down into our routine. It’s something I’ve been worried about but so far we seem to be doing pretty well. By the time I write next months update I’m hoping to be feeling more confident about it all!

Twinkly Tuesday

26 months!

26 months!

Arthur is 26 months old!

This boy has been truly truly amazing this month!  I couldn’t be prouder of him!

His little life has really been turned upside down and I can’t believe how he’s just taken it all in his stride!

We went to Mahe at the start of the month and he had lots of fun while we were there.

Something that really surprised me was that Arthur has seemingly developed a fear of flying! We took a flight to Mahe and back and Arthur was truly terrified. He was really excited watching them in the airport and is always excited when we see them at home. He was a little uncertain when we were sat in our seats but then the engine came on – which to be fair is very loud on the little prop planes. He was then really scared. When we took off I thought he’d be ok but when he looked out the window he was terrified. I felt so sad for him. I don’t know where this fear has come from, perhaps it was because it was the first time he truly understood what was going on? Anyway, I hope it’s not a permanent thing, it would be horrible for him to be scared of flying!

We met Mark’s mum on arrival and it had been a year since she had seen Arthur.  He definitely lapped up all the attention from his Gran!

For a week we all had lots of time at the pool and beach.

After a week I went into hospital to have Freddie.  I was in for a total of 4 days which is the longest Arthur and I have ever been apart.  I had been so worried about how Arthur would be for this but by all accounts, he was a very good boy!!
He, Daddy and Gran all were very busy with trips to the pool and to the beach. Sounds like they had a wonderful time!

When they came to visit me in hospital Arthur was also really well behaved.  He seemed to understand that I was not able to move around very well (or at all the day of c-sec)

He also took to Freddie straight away!!  There has been no jealousy at all.
If we don’t bring Freddie down at the same time as Arthur in the morning he’s asking after him and is so happy when he sees him.
Arthur just can not get enough of his baby brother.  He just wants to be near him all the time.

We wondered if we perhaps would get any problems once we got back home to Praslin but he just keeps getting more and more affectionate to Freddie!  We really couldn’t be more proud!

When we got back to Praslin marks dad joined us so he’s got gran and grandad fussing over him here!

Arthur now knows lots of colours.  He can say and identify:
He also has Yellow and Orange but they aren’t totally pronounced right yet!!
He loves pointing out the colours of everything!

At the moment he’s really into playing in the car.  We have two here at the moment, with Marks parents being here we borrowed a Moke and Arthur thinks it’s so much fun to crawl around in!

I’m aware I’m probably about to ruin everything by saying this, but, we’ve had more nap times again this month!  We’ve still had some fails too don’t get me wrong! But it hasn’t happened as frequently!!

We had Arthur’s two year check up with the midwife.  He had to make a tower with little blocks (which he aced since that’s his favourite thing to do!) he also very proudly told the lady what colours they all were!
She gave him a little doll which he had to “feed” with a bottle and point out eyes nose etc all of which he did fine!
He was then given a bit of paper with some really rubbishy drawings of a bird a dog a cat and a horse. She asked him which one flies, which I knew he wouldn’t be able to answer.  By this point he had lost interest anyway and wouldn’t tell us anything about them.  I know he’d be able to tell her what all the animals were but whether or not she believed me is another thing!!!

His weight was 12.7kg
His height was 92cm
I also measured his feet the other day which were 14cm

So I’m not sure if Arthur “passed” his check up but I thought he did very well!!

Mark is back at school next week so it will be very interesting to see how that goes! Arthur has become very close with his Daddy and gets sad if he ever goes anywhere without him so we might have some issues with that!!
I hope that Arthur will continue to love his little brother, I am excited to see how their relationship continues to grow!

My parents arrive in a week and Arthur will love all the attention he will get!

I’ll be back next month for another Arthur update!

The Twinkle Diaries

25 months old

Arthur has just turned 25 months old.

25 months old

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since his second birthday, that’s absolutely flown by!!

His speech is continuing to improve with what feels like new words appearing every day!!!
A new word that has definitely hugely influenced how he communicates with us is “show” as in ‘show you’.  He grabs us by the hand and says “show show”

Our nap battles have been continuing.  I can’t bring myself to give up trying.  He definitely still needs sleep and will still go to sleep often enough for me to still have some hope!!!  The days he doesn’t nap he often crashes out somewhere late on in the day, usually the car!

Tantrums continue, I do feel that as Arthur can comminicate better they are easier to resolve.  The days where Arthur doesn’t nap are always worse because he’s tired and grumpy!

This month Arthur has been absolutely loving painting.  It’s been pretty much every day this month!  We’ve had his lovely little easel outside so mess has (mostly) been contained to out there!
25 months old painting

We’ve also seen Arthur really enjoying sorting out colours.  I’ve been trying to help him learn his colours with this.

We’ve been making towers
25 months old colour sorting

Sorting foam letters into the right colour boxes.

25 months old colour sorting

Arthur has also enjoyed taking lids on and off the paintpots and putting them back on the right colour!

Potty training is going well, we’ve still not gone out the house without nappies aside from the odd trip home in the car from the beach!   We decided with such big changes coming soon we wouldn’t push our luck!

This month, unbeknownst to Arthur, has included some lasts for us!
The one that got me the most was halfway through Mark’s last day of school, I realised that this would be the last day just me and Arthur at home.   I got really sad when I realised this, and I’m ok to admit that I’m all teary writing this now too!  Of course, I’m beyond super excited about our little boy bump arriving in our family, but I still worry all the time about how he (okay, I mean we) will cope with our world turning upside down again!!

Since Mark finished work for summer we’ve been having an amazing time, we’ve had loads of time at the beach, at the pool, in the garden and just generally enjoying our time together!!

25 months old family time at the pool

With one week until we go to Mahe, and just over 2 weeks until little boy bump arrives the next update for Arthur will definitely be an interesting one….it will definitely have been a busy month for him, and us all!