Bunny and Blanket {The Ordinary Moments 15} #6

Bunny and Blanket have been with Arthur since he first left the hospital.  
In the little travel cot he had to call home while we stayed in Mahe 
Bunny and Blanket
Then once we got back home to our little house, and his big cot, in Praslin.
Bunny and Blanket

Bunny and Blanket

There’s not been a night where Arthur has been without them

We only have one Bunny, which frankly terrifies me!  It was a gift and we don’t know where it was from!!

There are actually two Blankets, and when I say blanket I mean Aiden and Anais large muslins.  One is blue and one is white with spotty patterns on.  I don’t know how we have got away with it but it seems to be no problem for us to change between the two of these! Blanket is never really used as an actual blanket any more. Arthur actually doesn’t like it if I try and put it over him, it’s just for cuddling!!

These days Bunny is definitely more of a grey colour and is looking a little rough around the edges.  I kind of like that, It shows how loved he is.  

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed that we are seeing more of Bunny and Blanket.
They have always been confined to snuggles in bed.  However, Arthur is now a pro and getting in and out if the cot wih the side down and as a result Bunny and Blanket have been out and about more too!!
Bunny and Blanket
Now we are preparing him for his big boy bed, he’s sleeping with the side of the cot down.  So in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) he will come running in with Bunny and Blanket and jump into bed with us!

We will be doing something in the house and all of a sudden Arthur will run off and I will hear “ahhhhh” I know he’s grabbed Bunny and Blanket.  He will then come running back into the room with them, it’s very cute.
In fact he’s just done that now as I’m writing this, it’s 6am we are watching Toy Story 3.
Bunny and Blanket

For now, Arthur hasn’t really shown any interest in taking them out with us, and I’m happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.  The idea of them being lost, or getting dirty when it’s too late to wash and dry them for that night is just not worth thinking about!!!!

I got a bit teary eyed looking back at these pictures, it’s not until you look back on those tiny baby pics that you realise just how much has changed!!

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19 thoughts on “Bunny and Blanket {The Ordinary Moments 15} #6”

  • Oh he was so tiny!! You forget how small they once were don’t you! It’s lovely that he has his snugglies to cuddle and he looks so cute curled up with them, my Elma has a knitted blanket that she carries around to cuddle – also looking a bit grey at the moment, I need to persuade her to let me wash it again!
    Carie recently posted…SisterTimeMy Profile

    • I know isnt it amazing how quickly they change from that wrinkly baggy skin phase to the chunky little loves they are today!!!
      You have to pick the best drying days to wash those special things don’t you….even here I’m always terrified it will rain and won’t be dry in time for nap or bed haha! X

  • We have a bunny and at 6 years old, it still goes everywhere with us! Its left in the car though, I cannot bear to loose it! H has a little blue bear but isn’t as attached to it as much as Moo.. He only ever wants it when he is upset.. Moo constantly says Flopsy is her best friend! Lovely post x
    Anna-Marie recently posted…The Very Ordinary Moments {The Ordinary Moments}My Profile

    • Awww how lovely to still have bunny after 6 years that’s so very sweet, and to be the best friend is gorgeous!! X

  • What lovely photos 🙂 it’s crazy how small they once were, you kinda forget until you look back at photos of them! Hope he gets on well with his big boy bed! 🙂 Popping over from the Ordinary Moments linkup x

    • Thank you Sian 🙂
      You forget how teeny tiny they were….all the little wrinkles and baggy skin ahhhh I love it!!! Xx

  • Oh doesn’t he look so tiny and precious in that first photo! It’s so nice to have that one toy they’ve always had – I still had my childhood teddies until a few years back, can’t believe they’d been kept all that time. It’s one of those strangely very sentimental things, so fingers crossed bunny has a long, exciting life!
    Nicola recently posted…Take My Photo, Dad-Dad!My Profile

    • Ahhh I know it’s crazy how fast he’s grown!!!
      How lovely you had your teddies for so long….think it’s as much sentimental for us as it is for them isn’t it!! Xx

  • Ava also has a bunny which she is attached to. It goes everywhere and we don’t have a replacement. I once thought we’d lost it up town and almost cried! Thankfully I managed to retrace my steps and find it, heart stopping moment! Congratulations on your lovely news by the way xx
    Harriet recently posted…The Ordinary Moments- CuddlesMy Profile

  • oh bless him, what a cutie! It is Doggy bear and blanket that are the faves in our house! I know how you feel about bunny, doggy bear was a gift too and we had to hunt him down to get replacements, we somehow managed and now have a couple of spares and a blanket so we rotate them in and out of the wash! It’s so cute when they are so attached to a cuddly friend isn’t it? xx
    Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) recently posted…Playing outside in the WinterMy Profile

  • These are very gorgeous photos!
    Daughter one has a Winnie-the Pooh blanket (now known simply as blanket…) that was bought for her by an American friend when we lived in Jamaica. We had no idea at the time that the blanket was to become such a MAJOR part of her life. And ours of course. She sleeps with it every night and I was terrified for age that we would lose it. I tried to find a replica for just-in-case but have never managed to track it down. Luckily I only left it behind once, when she was about 2 or 3 and she actually coped without it!
    Daughter two goes through “special teddies” like no-one’s business. She is MUCH more fickle! At one point she did become very attached to a cat from IKEA so I bought two more just in case. She then discovered the spares so took to dragging all three of the wretched things around with her. At the moment she is sleeping with Little Reindeer, Kevin the Minion and Raimi the Peruvian doll made by fomerly-trafficked women…
    Clara recently posted…Depression and expat life: something we don’t talk about enoughMy Profile

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