Boat Trips {Seychelles Time}

This is the first ‘Seychelles Time’ post.  I’m going to start with the ultimate!  We have been lucky enough to get to go on some amazing boats and have had opportunities to do some fantastic boat trips.

We have yet to take Arthur on a boat trip but I imagine it won’t be too long!

Going on a boat trip is definitely one of the best ways to explore some of the beautiful little islands in the Seychelles, Praslin in particular has some amazing islands near by.  While you are there you can go snorkelling and get on to the islands to explore and check out the wildlife.

The islands of choice for the boat charter companies seem to be Coco, Félicitié, and the sister islands (Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur).

Félicité is a private island where some mega luxury apartments were being built but the project ran out of money and it was then abandoned leaving it looking a little bit like a James Bond villain’s lair!  Apparently, the project has started again now, so if you’ve got a spare few million pounds and you’re in the market for a place on a tropical island it might be your spot!!  As its private you can’t actually get onto the island (apart from the beach as all beaches in Seychelles are public property) but there is some AMAZING snorkelling to be had there!

Coco island was actually used in a Carling beer tv advert.  The one where the crab is running on a treadmill to keep the fridge cool!?  This is a beautiful island to explore and you will often have it to yourselves when you visit!!


Here are some pictures of the islands, and the fun things you find on these trips and of course some obligatory photos of us on these trips, just so you know we really have done them!!!

 I hope you enjoy some Seychelles Time

Boat trips Seychelles

Boat Trips Seychelles Grand Soeur island

Boat Trips Seychelles Coco Island

Boat Trips Seychelles

Boat Trips Seychelles snorkelling

Boat Trips Seychelles Hawksbill Turtle

Boat Trips Seychelles Snorkelling Felicite island

Boat Trips Fruit bat on Coco Island Seychelles



The best boat trips end with a beautiful sunset 🙂

Boat Trip sunset Seychelles

8 thoughts on “Boat Trips {Seychelles Time}

  1. Oh I would love to have boats as an ‘everyday’ thing. We don’t even have the sea anywhere near us – An hour and a half-ish in any direction x

    • Haha yes we are so spoilt, to be fair if we leave here we will NEVER be able to go on a beach holiday again now we’ve had this so we have really just ruined it for ourselves haha! X

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