Being a Seychelles mama (The good bits) 0-6 months

Thought I’d share a little bit about being a seychelles mama (the good bits):

Being a Seychelles mama (the good bits) 0-6 months

Getting Arthur dressed

is never really a chore he pretty much lives in bodysuits.  It’s too hot for anything else, so no layers required.  In fact often he is just in a nappy during the day.

He gets to be outdoors – a lot!

I always wanted to have kids somewhere where we could spend a lot of time outside, somewhere hot basically .  We definitely get this here.  I find it amazing how a walk in the fresh air can do a grumpy baby so much good (and a grumpy mama too!).  The view is obviously good too which is another bonus for us both!  At 6 months he’s just starting to get to an age where taking him to the beach is fun.  He can sit up by himself and so can have a good look round at everything.

Being a seychelles mama (the good bits)

Health and Safety hasn’t gone mad here.

I guess the most obvious example I can think of is how baby walkers are now so frowned at as they are ‘dangerous’ due to the injuries they can cause.  They have even been banned in Canada.  Now I bet that nearly all of us had baby walkers when we were little and we are all just fine!!!  Surely common sense needs to be used here, if the baby is supervised these things are perfectly safe!!  Sorry I’ll get off my soapbox now I just get cross when ‘health & safety’ steps in when a bit of common sense just needs to be used!!  Here people get along just fine without all of the health and safety overkill that happens elsewhere!

I don’t feel judged.

I’m not saying everyone feels this way in other places, but we really are pretty much left to it here.  We had a health visitor come round once for about 5 minutes and we go down to the clinic once a month to get him weighed.  His 6 month check up consisted of them asking if we had started feeding solids yet, seeing he could sit up already, seeing if he could crawl (he can’t).  We briefly spoke about his sleep and  that was pretty much it!  I can breastfeed wherever I like, without any weird looks or comments.

There’s no ‘x-box culture’.  

I guess this partly goes hand in hand with my second point.   I know Arthur is too young for this to be an issue yet.  It’s still it’s something that scares me and is one of the reasons we wanted to have a baby here!!


There is a small hotel thats a two minute walk from our house that we can Arthur swimming in all the time.  It’s my favourite thing to do with him.  He loves being in the water (just like me!).  We have started taking him to splash his feet in the Ocean too.  It’s rainy season here right now.   This means its a little chilly by Seychelles standards so we haven’t taken him in for a full dip but it won’t be long….I can’t wait.

Being a Seychelles mama (the good bits)

The expat community.

It’s been amazing how helpful people have been.  We had a lot of stuff given/loaned to us that has been so useful.  To name a few, a bumbo, a changing table and we even got our cot (actually this was from a Seychelleois family)…..Its at least 20 years old and handmade.  It was in a bit of a sorry state as had been kept outside and kind of used for storage so me and Mark did it up and now its beautiful.  We had to order a custom mattress as its an unusual size but it will last until Arthur is ready to go into a proper bed as its really big.  I even got thrown a baby shower which was just so lovely considering by that point we hadn’t even been here a year!

Baby love.

People here LOVE babies.  Everywhere you go people want to give Arthur cuddles, he gets a lot of fuss made of him!  If we go out for somewhere to eat there’s always been someone offering to hold him/play with him while we eat….amazing! Also there is more availability of baby things then there is anything else which is of course very useful!


There are also some challenges in being a Mama in Seychelles.   Read all about the harder bits of being a Seychelles Mama!

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32 thoughts on “Being a Seychelles mama (The good bits) 0-6 months

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    • Haha see you soon then 🙂
      There are some downsides believe it or not haha! I’ll share that post next week!!
      Thanks for stopping by lovely xx

  2. I think one of the worst things about having a baby in the UK was when we had a harsh winter in 2009 – when it snowed the baby groups (my lifeline) were cancelled and I was house bound with a collicky four month old – I could have done with some of your sunshine then! Pop over to The Truth about… linky when you decide to do your challenging bits 😉 Xx #sharewithme
    Sam recently posted…On piracy and other party themes…My Profile

  3. Arthur was such a cute baby! Which doesn’t surprise me as he is the sweetest little toddler ever! 🙂 Once again, I’m so jealous of your gorgeous surroundings Chantelle. What a beautiful lifestyle for little (and big!) people xxx

  4. What a fab and positive post. Your life there seems idyllic and Arthur is a MAJOR cutie – no wonder everyone wants to give him lots of scrummy cuddles 🙂 #sharewithme

  5. Lucas says – I would love to live near the beach and am REALLY jealous of Arthur who looks like a most awesome cool dude by the way. We went to Portugal on holiday and our house had its own swimming pool. I wanted to stay there but the Mother said something about going back to work. She’s such a spoilsport……………. I think the Mother enjoyed reading this too as she kept going ‘AAAHHHHHH’ over Arthur’s photo!!! he he #sharewithme
    kidGLloves recently posted…Mini Creations Wednesday 5th November 2014My Profile

  6. Oh it really is great to be a seychelles mama indeed. You just made me jealous. Arthur is so cute too. How fast has the time gone now they are so grown up. Love this. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me with an oldie. They are still goodies in my book. Love love…. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 40My Profile

  7. Oh my gosh Arthur looks adorable with that little hat on. This post makes ME want to be a seychelles mama too. It really does sound so chilled out, I remember visiting family in India and it was so similar, all outdoors and everyone really laid back about parenting. Apparently I had a walker for ages and was really speedy in it. I walk really normally 🙂
    ToInfinityAndIVF recently posted…When It Felt A Bit Like Breaking BadMy Profile

  8. I imagine the Seychelles to be an amazing place to raise kids. I had the pleasure of visitng when I was a travel journalist many years ago and I must say I’m very jealous (though as you say, it must have challenges too!). Glad to hear you have the support of a strong community and no doubt your little one will be a competent swimmer at a young age #brilliantblogposts
    John Adams recently posted…Bring In Your Parents Day; a mother’s candid opinionMy Profile

  9. Wow – lovely post, it’s really interesting to hear about what it’s like bringing up baby overseas. Are you British originally? It looks absolutely amazing. I have always wanted to do something just like that, but sadly it has all come down to practical things like schools and work for us, which we found the best combination for to be here in the UK. Am totally jealous of your beautiful pictures and smiley outdoors baby though!! xxxx
    Mackenzie recently posted…Playdough Leaf Printing and NomenclatureMy Profile

  10. What an interesting read! It must be amazing to be able to bring up a child in such an outdoorsy place. As we live smack-bang in the middle of Milan M is growing up to be a right little city kid and I don’t like it at all! There are more trams and train than you can shake a stick at though, which he definitely does like 😉
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