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Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

So it’s been about four months now since we received our gorgeous Baba&Boo cloth nappies, and since it was our first time using cloth I thought I’d do a review!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

*please note Ive not been paid or compensated in anyway in return for this review all opinions are my own!*

What I loved about Baba&Boo right from the very very beginning was how helpful and approachable everyone was.
Having never used cloth before I had lots of questions.
I was referred to the lovely Sue, who couldn’t be more reassuring, helpful and just lovely!  She made me feel really comfortable with making my selection.
Since the nappies would be coming such a long way to us here in Seychelles this was incredibly important to me, I really wanted to feel confident in what I needed to order!

For me personally, I think this made so much difference in taking the leap into starting with cloth nappies!

We were told that around 15-20 nappies would be good for full time use and to try a few bamboo inserts for night time boosting!

We ordered 15 nappies (each comes with two microfibre inserts), 6 bamboo inserts (for night time use) and 1 large nappy bag for storing dirties until wash time!  I loved that each nappy already came with inserts it made it very simple to order!

When our nappies arrived (baba&boo ship worldwide!) we were instantly excited!  The colours and patterns were so bright and funky we couldn’t wait to start using them!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review

As much as I wanted to get going straight away I was sensible and pre-washed them to help with absorbency.  I think I pre-washed them 4 times, back to back cycles and then line dried them.

So I was a little worried about getting this bit right.  Honestly I massively over complicated it all in my head before they arrived!
It was not difficult at all though.  There are lots of poppers on the baba&boo nappies but don’t let that scare you, you really don’t have to do too much!
There are essentially two stages:

Baba&Boo cloth nappies review how to use

Baba&boo cloth nappies review

When I put them on for the first time I realised when I got Arthur down off the changing table they were a little loose around the top so adjusted them quickly and really easily and he was good to go!!
This was a big reason I wanted to switch to cloth in the first place…..I found that all disposables, even ones that claimed you could readjust the tabs never worked as well if you didn’t get it bang on first time and then you had a poorly fitting nappy that would leak in no time!

I like that these are all poppers as it means you are going to get the same fit every time!!
Arthur is big enough now that we don’t pop any of the ‘height’ poppers shut.

As soon as Arthur had his nappy on, we were in LOVE!  He looks so so cute in them!!
Living here, Arthur pretty much lives in just a nappy year round and so it’s so nice to see him in a funky and fun nappy rather than an ugly disposable!!!
I really think that Baba&Boo have the best looking cloth nappies around!!

Baba&Boo cloth nappy review

Something I wasn’t sure about was whether he would still fit in his size shorts (when he does wear them!) or if we would have to go the next size up due to bulk!  We have not found this to be the case at all!
Actually we don’t really notice any difference as at the moment during the day Arthur just has one liner in and so they really are no more bulky then a disposable.
Even with two liners in we can’t really notice a difference under clothes!

I found that right from the first time we used them the nappies were a lot more absorbent then I thought they would be!  The bamboo liners took a little longer to reach their full absorbency but Sue had told us that this would be the case so we were prepared!
We found that after around 8-12 washes all our liners were great!

I think we waited around a week before we decided to take the plunge and try our Baba&Boo cloth nappies over night!  This was mainly due to having some disposables left over, but also as I was nervous about disrupting Arthur’s sleep!!

For a night time nappy we use one microfibre insert and two bamboo inserts!  It does 12 hours no problem!!!

I have been so pleased with how our Baba&Boo nappies wash up, they are still looking brand new!
Of course we are at an advantage living somewhere as warm as we do, however, they do dry nice and quick on the line!
To wash Baba & Boo nappies you take the liners out and chuck them all in the machine! Having the liners seperate to the nappy helps with the drying time!
With 15 nappies we are washing every other day which works totally fine for us.

So that’s my review of Baba&Boo nappies! As you can tell I’m pretty much in love with our Baba&Boo nappies!

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