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Arthur is 2 years old

This little gorgeous boy is now 2 years old!!
2 years old
These two years have certainly flown!  In a total parent cliche this day feels just like yesterday
Arthur is 2 years old

We have definitely squeezed in lots though!  They have been filled with love, “cuggles”, firsts, learning, adventures and plenty of challenges!  

Every day we fall more in love with him.  He is silly, funny, and most certainly cheeky!  

He is brave yet shy.

He is amazing at being around groups of people despite spending most of his time just with me!

He loves to run around as much as he loves a good “cuggle”

He’s most certainly a Cookie Monster but will just as likely ask for a “Papple” (apple), “manana” (banana) or grapes 

He loves to go for adventure walks and is unbelievably confident in the water.

Arthur is 2 years old
In his two years he’s been to three continents thanks to trip to the UK and Sri Lanka!  We couldn’t have asked for more from him on our travels, he was so adaptable and took it all in his stride!

He is such an affectionate boy, it amazes me every day how aware and caring he is of other people’s emotions.  Whether that is someone on TV, Mark and I, our friends or strangers!  He hates when people are sad!  

Arthur absolutely loves building things, making towers is definitely his favourite game!  He loves seeing how things work!  

Currently Peppa Pig is definitely his favourite thing to watch but he loves a bit of in the night garden before bed time with his milk! 

He can, without doubt throw some epic tantrums!!  They are hilarious and testing all at once!  

He has done so incredibly well with potty training, we’ve had no accidents in the house in weeks.  We are in no rush, but the next step is to master pants!

We have had our nap battles, but in general he really is a fantastic little sleeper! 

Bunny and blanket are so very special to him, but his talking Iggle Piggle has also become a very special part of his bed time routine!

He has always loved stories, I love how he chooses what we read him now.  I love that there are certain stories only Daddy can read and certain stories only I can read.
Arthur is 2 years old
I am amazed at how grown up he often appears while at the same time he is still our baby.  

I worry about how he will cope with having to share us when his baby brother arrives, but I know in time they will be as thick as theives!!  

We are so proud of our little island boy.  Of who he is becoming, for what he has already achieved and for the happiness he brings us every day! 

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