Another tale of a messy play fail!

Rubbish play doh

Once upon a time, a while before they were scared for life with the notorious messy play incident. The mummy and daddy were looking at ways to help their toddler have different sensory experiences and explore his creative side.

This is another tale of a messy play fail.

After trawling the internet for inspiration, the mummy decided she would make some home made Play Doh.
They had pots of Play Doh but the mummy was sure that if she made her own the toddler would love it even more, be eternally grateful for the effort she put in and generally grow up to be awesome.

“Arthur can help me make it too, he’d love that!” She thought
“It would create a special bond between them” She thought
“It would make a great blog post too!” She thought

The Mummy spent time online and realised that a secret ingredient to make perfect Play Doh was cream of tartar.
Since they couldn’t get cream of tartar she used a recipe that was ridiculously easy looking, what could go wrong?
The Mummy searched around the shops desperately for food colouring and managed to find some red.
She then sorted out her ingredients

1 cup of flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
A few drops of food colouring

The mummy attempted to take some visually appealing, blog worthy photos to illustrate how easy this recipe was.

She never was very good at these artsy pictures

Tale of a messy play fail
It would be ok though, some fancy text was sure to make it look great:

Tale of a messy play fail

Okay, it was that much better.

It didn’t matter, the results would speak for themselves and the wonderful sensory experience that the toddler would have would far outweigh the downside of the Mummy’s crappy photography skills.

So the Mummy set up in the kitchen, got a nice mixing bowl out and a toddler sized wooden spoon.

The toddler mixed together the dry ingredients, remarkably mess free.
Tale of a messy play fail
Then the Mummy poured in some water. ย Still mess free.

Tale of a messy play fail

“Isn’t this wonderful” she thought.

Next the Mummy added in a couple drops of the red food dye she had bought.

Tale of a messy play fail

Turns out the red food dye was yellow.

“crap, that doesn’t look so great” she thought.

It was clear the Toddler was a little confused as to what this was he had made with the Mummy.
Tale of a messy play fail
The Mummy was starting to doubt the ‘easy’ Play Doh recipe.


The Mummy kept a calm head, she had a science degree after all (yes okay it’s a degree in Surf Science but it has BSc at the end and you can’t take that away from her!!!) she could fix this. ย She added some more flour. ย It was now beginning to resemble some of the toddler’s less desirable nappies.

Tale of a messy play fail


“It’s okay” the Mummy tried to convince herself.

The toddler made his feelings quite clear and decided that he no longer wanted to be anywhere near the Play Doh they had created. In fact, he looked quite terrified.

Tale of a messy play fail

So from this tale of a messy play fail the Mummy learned:

Tale of a messy play fail


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