Once upon a time…..a tale about messy play

This is the tale of two parents and a toddler.  A tale about messy play.

So here we go, a tale about messy play…..

Once upon a time there was a little family living on a tropical island far far away. There was mama, dada and the toddler.  Now mama and dada thought that it would be a good idea to start letting the toddler do more and more messy activities

“It’s good to let him be creative” they said

“He will learn lots by being messy” they said

“A great sensory experience” they said

“Our house has no carpets, it’s easy to clean up any mess” they said


Those poor naive parents.

One day when dada went off to work, mama decided, after a couple of failed attempts at finger painting due to toddler wondering off after two minutes, that today she would try finger painting again. If she sat the toddler in his booster chair and tape the paper to the table he might be less distracted by other things and actually enjoy it.

And he did.

Oh the toddler had so much fun, squealing in delight as he dunked his squishy little hand into the pots of paint and smearing the paint onto the paper. Mama was delighted, she watched as the toddler took in all the sensory experiences.  She sent pictures to dada at work and onto the grandparents. She called toddler “my little Picasso”,  stuck the picture up on the fridge and posted it on Instagram.


Mama and toddler giggled at being covered in paint, and the sensory experiences carried on in the shower, as the water changed different colours as the paint came off.

The toddler, now all nice and clean, went for a lovely two hour nap. Mama wiped up the paint pots and the table in no time at all. Then spent a lovely hour doing yoga. She was happy.

That afternoon they played in the paddling pool splashing around in the water, pouring water out of the stacking cups, watching it trickle out of the tiny holes in the bottom of the different sized multi coloured cups.

The dada came home and was delighted to see the toddler’s art on the fridge. He was very proud.

After dinner the tired toddler showered and went to bed, almost certainly dreaming about the fun, educational, sensory filled day he had had. The mama and dada went to bed. Proud of their little Picasso. Life was good.

The next morning the mama and dada heard that the toddler was awake, they could hear he was happy playing in his cot. They left him playing for a little longer.

Mama then went to go and get her darling little boy out of bed to start the next day.  She put the light on nice and dim so as not to hurt his little eyes so early in the morning.

NOTHING could have prepared her for the scene she was about to witness.

In the faint light the mama could see the toddler stood up at the bars of his cot beaming at her, so happy to see her.

But wait, what’s this, he’s naked……he’s taken his nappy off.

She ran to the light switch and turned the light right up.

SHIT!!!!” She said.

The darling little toddler had had so much fun painting the day day before that he clearly couldn’t wait any longer and so he decided to *paint all of his cot, his toys and the wall behind. (*here paint means smear with an inhuman amount of shit!)

mama called for the dada to come and help.

“SHIT!!!!” He said.

Mama threw the toddler in to the shower trying not to puke everywhere while she scrubbed poo off of him and removed it from his hair.
Dada threw as much of the bedding and toys as he could straight into the washing machine, doing his best not to gag.
The little toddler found the whole thing hilarious.

Dada then had to get ready and go to work.
Mama managed to complete 3 loads of poo-y washing before 8am. This is where it came in very handy living on a tropical island….hot weather in October helped the washing to dry very quickly.


The toddlers bed room was put back together before his bed time and now you would never know anything had happened.


The little toddler slept soundly that night.
The mama and dada drank a large whiskey and a baileys.


The mama and dada learned two lessons that day:



The end.


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