21 months!

21 months

Arthur is now 21 months old!

We are now all moved in at our new house and we have been so proud of how Arthur made the transition to his big boy bed!
He’s still sleeping pretty much until 6 every day which has definitely been a pleasent surprise for us!!

I can’t believe we’ve only been in this house a month, we’ve settled so quickly and the madness that was the few weeks leading up to and including the move thankfully seems like a distant memory!!

We were worried that having stairs in our new place would be an issue but he’s handled them really well too!!  The first few days he was pretty excited about throwing toys down the stairs but he seems to be over that already thank goodness!!  He gets pretty distracted half way up (or down) most times as we have a big window there and he likes to stop and look out!  It’s cute but it can be a little bit tiring when you’re trying to get stuff done!  All in all though we are greatful that he’s being good with the stairs!!

Last month I mentioned how I felt like the countdown to 2 is definitely on!  I was so right!  We are having ridiculous tantrums left right and centre!!!
They are still generally pretty short lived but they are becoming more frequent!!
A lot of them seem to be centre around Arthur’s obsession with the fridge!!!

The fridge thing is seriously very annoying!  Even if he’s just eaten a huge amount of food he will decide he wants something from the fridge and will go crazy if you don’t give him anything!!  Or if he sees you go in there for anything he goes nuts too…the days of secret snacking for this mama are long gone!!!

Aside from the annoying fridge obsession, over all Arthur is eating really well!  I’m getting better at sneaking in lots of veggies into his foods too!!

Something really cute that’s happening now is Arthur is calling us ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’!  He used to say Dada a lot but never really said Mama unless I wasn’t around (which is really not very often!!)
But now he’s very excited to say Mummy and Daddy which we absolutely love!!

In general, Arthur is loving pointing out things and telling us what they are!  It’s amazing how much his speach has come on this month actually!  He’s picking up words left right and centre (we must be very careful with our choice of words now!!!)

Arthur continues to be a really affectionate little guy and is starting to say “cuddle” more of a “cuggle” so cute right!? He still loves to kiss my tummy and say “baby” I’m amazed at how interested he is! He also really loves to point out whenever he sees a baby!!

So another month has rolled on by so fast! We really are approaching 2 way too quickly! I wrote about trying to make the most of Arthur before his little brother or sister arrives and I will continue to do this!!

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