Make Some Extra Money Testing The Mail

I recently saw a tweet that said about being paid to receive test mail.  I clicked to learn more and found it really interesting.

As an expat receiving mail is such an exciting thing.  Obviously, thanks to the internet, we can keep in touch with the people we love every day. but there is definitely something special about receiving mail.  Therefore, anything that can help improve the quality of the mail service is definitely a good thing for me, plus to get paid for it as well is a lovely bonus!

I thought I’d share the information with you so you can see how you can earn some extra money testing the mail too!  So today, I’m handing you over to George from Quotas to tell you all about it!

 Make Some Extra Money Testing The Mail

make some extra money testing the mail

There are millions of people around the world who routinely check their mailbox everyday. Who love receiving mail from different countries and who collect stamps. Our survey participants get a reward for doing this.
Hello there, my name is George Payne.  I represent Quotas, a quality research institute based in Hamburg, Germany.
What we do as a company is not as exciting as bungee jumping off a cliff on a tropical island.  But, on the other hand does include heavy doses of caffeine and the feel good sensation that because of our work the average Margaret and Joe receive their mail on time. In other words, we send test mail.  Every week, thousands of pieces of test mail are sent out on our behalf from hundreds of cities. From countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Those letters reach participants from over 160 countries. We have participants in countries as big as Russia and China and as small as Seychelles. We have participants in Istanbul receiving letters from Vietnam one day and Argentina the next.

What Do I Earn By Becoming A Participant?

All our participants (who are not residents of Germany) are awarded an amount of points every month. These points, in most cases, may be awarded  in the following ways:

  • Paypal or Skrill money payments
  • Amazon or Globoforce gift voucher
  • Donated to doctors without borders.

You won’t become rich by taking part in our surveys, but you can surely save money for Christmas and birthday presents. It is also important to note that participation in our postal surveys is free of charge.
Rewards aside, if you collect stamps you will love our survey. We also offer our test letters and our entire communication with you in English, German, French and Spanish so if you are looking to practice any of those languages then go for it.

make some extra money testing the mail
How Do I Become A Participant?

The first step is to register on our website with the survey code GMS 1319. Please note carefully that the act of registering does not warrant you becoming a participant. Our clients provide us with very specific lists of postcodes and locations where we may recruit around the world. By all means, feel free to contact us at with your city, country and the survey code GMS 1319 and we will be more than happy to let you know if we are offering a postal survey in your area at the moment.
If that is the case, then we will send you an invitation with our offer. Then its just a short questionnaire about how you will receive and/or send your mail.

make some extra money testing the mail

How Can I Learn More About You?

Well, a good place to start would be our company website  as well as the website of our participants.

If you would like to see what other people have to say about us, then our Facebook page  is the place for you.
If you are a philatelist and want to get a taste then please do pay a visit to our blog and twitter.
I would like to express my gratitude for being able to post on this wonderful blog and to thank Seychelles Mama for her lovely internet hospitality. Seychelles, among other countries, has only recently been added to our panel of countries.

If you are interested in becoming a participant just register on our website (survey code GMS 1319) or send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Have a great day and kind regards from rainy Hamburg.
George Payne

Tree Change: Do I Need To Live Near The City?

Tree Change: Do I Need To Live Near The City?

We decided long ago that we did not want to live the city life so we decided to emigrate from the UK to the Seychelles.

Do you ever have days when you question if you should still be living in the city or if you should up sticks and move to the country?
There is no ‘one right answer’ to this question. A Large number of people have been going for ‘tree-change’ because of many reasons. However, it all depends on your choices and preferences

Tree Change: Do I need To Live Near The City

What is Tree Change?

The phenomenon of ‘tree-change’ has gained popularity as of late. This entails giving up on city life and moving to a countryside location.

There are varied reasons why different people opt for tree change, including:

  • Low cost of living
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Less pollution
  • Less traffic
  • Closeness to nature

Do I need to go for tree change or live near the city?

The answer for this question varies from person to person. Both, the supporters of tree change and those who prefer to live in the city, have their own reasons. Both types of lifestyles have their own pros and cons which need to be considered carefully before making a decision.

City Life

Life in big cities means dealing with different kinds of stress all the time. Also, as the population keeps on increasing, the competition for jobs for having a better living has increases day by day. The increasing population also causes an increase traffic, which ultimately causes more traffic jams and more pollution.

The cost of living in a metropolitan city is very high and for many families, it is becoming more and more difficult to sustain their lifestyle.

Living in a Countryside Location

Due to the natural beauty, less pollution, less traffic, a healthier environment, and the apparent low cost of living, countryside locations attract many people. As the phenomenon of tree-change has gained popularity, many people have been shifting to countryside locations in the hope of resolving their financial and health problems.

But, many people fail to realize that every style of living has its own issues and demands. Tree-change will not take away all your problems; it will just change their nature. While you will gain access to super fresh fruits and vegetables, clean air, and will not have to pay a huge amount of money in terms of home rent compared to the city, you have an increased threat of natural disasters, such as floods and bushfires, which are common in countryside areas. Not only do they cause property damage, they also can result in fatalities and the spread of various diseases.

What about travelling long distances everyday to reach your workplace? Living in a rural area sometimes means lesser opportunities, poor communication services, and poor infrastructure.

Have you thought about the healthcare facilities available in the countryside? Also, what about higher educational institutions?

Does your insurance company cover losses and health problems due to floods, bushfires, and other problems associated with rural living?

Life in the countryside has its own set of challenges and problems and it is really important to consider them before you decide to settle down in countryside.

Evaluate and Then Decide

Whether one needs to go for tree change or should live near the city depends on their lifestyles, preferences, and expectations. If you are considering tree-change, it is important that you consider and evaluate all the pros and cons associated with both types of living and then take the decision.

Also, before you decide to go for tree-change, make sure to consult your insurance company and ask to what extent it can cover a countryside life.


So do you think you’ll be moving away from the city anytime soon?

Playing Or Cleaning: Why Do Whales Breach?

Playing Or Cleaning: Why Do Whales Breach?

The popular theory of why whales breach is either because they find it to be fun, or because it is part of their cleaning ritual. People think that there is a specific reason why whales jump out of the water. The truth is that they don’t do it for one reason. Whales jump out of the water, whirl in the air, and then slam back in the ocean many times in a row; then, there are those times when they only do it once and then, you don’t see the whale jump out again. Here I am sharing the possible reasons why a whale jumps out of the water.

why do whales breach
Sending Messages

It is possible that the humpback whale uses this technique to communicate with the others. They might want other whales to know that they are going to change course, or an attempt to woo a potential partner. It is thought that the breaching is done because the environment under water is too noisy for the other whales to make out what the other whale is trying to say, especially if the other whale is too far away.


Breaching can be a routine case of the whale cleaning itself. It is possible that with cleaning, a whale is using motion to get rid of pesky parasites that are on its body. That is probably why it whirls once it gets out in to the open air.


Breaching is done by whales as a form of a territorial action. It means that a whale may be sensing an approaching intrusion or a threat. Breaching works as a good way to intimidate the intruder to retreat and therefore, the method of breaching also serves as the whale establishing its own turf. The whale may be trying to scare away a group of other sea animals, or a ship. It is also a way for them to chase away other predators from their prey.

Looking Around

Breaching may be done by the whales as a way of checking the surroundings. If a whale hears a noise that is bothersome, they might breach as a way of simply looking out over the horizon; it is as simple as that. If it is jumping out of the water only once, it is possible that they are doing it just to confirm what’s approaching, which could be a vessel.

For Its Own Entertainment

It is possible that a whale jumps out of the water for its personal entertainment. Many times, whale watchers notice that whales usually breach when they are all on their own. However, you also see two or three whales doing it on a landscape, which means that they might just be enjoying a play session.
Apart from breaching, a whale might even hit the top of the water with their heads, tails, or fins. Whale acrobatics is the undisputed star of whale watching.

Bambeado teething necklace review

When Arthur was a baby I never understood why people complained about teething. His teeth kinda just popped up with very little fuss!

So imagine our shock when Freddie started teething and he REALLY struggled!!  I won’t lie it’s been tough!

You can imagine how delighted I was when I was contacted by the fab people at Bambeado asking if I wanted to review one of their products.

Bambeado Teething Necklace Review

I checked out their website and they have a huge range of teething products.  It was their Silcone teething necklaces that I was immediately drawn to.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m really not a jewellery person.  I have always wanted to be, but never really thought anything looked all that nice on me. Added to that, I think since having the kids I never wanted to spend money on jewellery that the boys would just break or hurt themselves on.

Bambeado has SO many different styles and colours to choose from.  I live mostly in shorts and a vest top, so I wanted something that was going to look great dressed down but that I could dress up if I needed to.

I decided to choose the Black Seed Necklace.

bambeado teaching necklace review


Isn’t it pretty!?

We have been testing it out lots. The thing that I think I like about it most is that it’s not just for when your baby is teething. My boys at least, have always liked to play with other people’s necklaces when they are holding them.  So they have BOTH been loving having this one to twiddle with while we are cuddling!

Bambeado teething necklace review
I have found this a great distraction on the school run.  Freddie is always so keen to run after Arthur in to the classroom, but I’ve held him off with this.

So, Why Not Use A Normal Necklace?

Using a Bambeado silicone necklace means that you can know 100% that your necklace will be safe for your baby to bite and play with.  It’s super easy to keep clean and is 100% PVC and BPA free (that means no nasties!)  There is a safety clasp so if your little one pulls too hard, the necklace will open, not break!  If they really go to town, each bead is knotted individually so only one bead will come off.  Both Freddie (15 months) and Arthur (3 years) have had access to this and they’ve not managed to break it! A pretty good rest if you ask me!


As I am writing this post, my necklace is on the Bambeado website at $29.95 (around £24).  I would certainly not begrudge paying that for myself or a friend as a gift for a friend.  Speaking of gift, I think this is a great gift for a new Mama to be.  Something for Mama and baby is a definite bonus, don’t you think?!


We totally love our Bambeado teething necklace.  Thank you so much Bambeado for sending us this to review for you!


What do you think, would wear  a teething necklace?

bambeado teething necklace review