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Month: July 2016

Freddie is 11 months old

Freddie is 11 months old!  We are officially on coutdown to having a 1 year old! We are now pretty settled in to life with Arthur being at school, Freddie is still having a two hour nap in the mornings but he then has time […]

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Arthur is 3 years old

Arthur is 3 years old.

Arthur is 3 years old

Here comes the clichés (you’ve been warned):

The time has totally flown.  These past 12 months in particular has just felt like such a blur!

It truly doesn’t feel like any time ago that our tiny little baby Arthur arrived, and now he is not even a toddler any more!
Arthur is 3 years old

He’s a full blown pre-schooler!

Arthur has started school

This last year has seen so many changes for Arthur and to see how he’s taken it all in his stride has been unbelievable.  He became a big brother, he potty trained,  we moved house, he started going to school!  All huge events in a tiny persons life.
Now at 3 years old, Arthur is becoming more and more of a chatterbox, he comes home from school singing a different song pretty much every day too.

Arthur loves his brother and just wants to make him laugh and be around him all the time!  More than anyone it’s Freddie he asks about the most when he’s at school!  I hope that Arthur always has this much time for his baby brother!  Its amazing to think that we were ever worried about having another baby, Freddie makes Arthur so so happy!

Arthur is 3 years old. arthur and freddie

It’s not just Freddie though, Arthur really is a lover!  He is really affectionate with people he likes!  I’m getting stories from school of him giving hugs to all the girls in his class, such a smoothie!!

He is definitely cheeky though and knows how to get what he wants!  Its scary how often he outsmarts us all!!

When he wants to do something that he knows he’s not allowed to he will say “bye bye mummy” to try to get me to go away!!  He also rather cleverly will wait till I am changing Freddie’s nappy or something that means he doesn’t have my full attention to go and do something he knows he’s not meant to!!


We spent the weekend of Arthur’s birthday on La Digue where we had a leaving dinner for one of our best friends (more on that soon) and then Sunday was Arthur’s birthday.

Arthur is 3 years old

He was delighted to spend it with all our friends, who as far as he is concerned, are his friends not ours!

Arthur is 3 years old

We came home early afternoon so that we could do Skype with the grandparents!!  Unfortunately, Arthur fell asleep on the way back to the house, we left him for a nap but he was pretty grumpy when he woke up and wasn’t really into opening presents or performing for the camera!!



I can’t wait for this Summer in the UK, he is going to absolutely love everything about it, but particularly getting to spend time with our parents.  He will undoubtedly be spoiled rotten but he deserves it…..They have a year of spoiling to catch up on with him, he will be sure to take full advantage of that!!


arthur is 3 years old
Our beautiful, happy, silly, adventurous boy.  I wish I could express just how much happiness this amazing little person brings into our lives every single day.  I wish I was good at mushy emotive writing, but I’ll never be able to do justice to show just how amazing he is.

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Our first crop!!

It’s taken almost 4 years but we finally have had our first crop of Bananas!!
We have attempted to grow bananas once before but it failed.  Which is pretty impressive considering they grow wild here!

When we moved into this house there were already banana plants growing here so I don’t think we can take too much credit for these.  But hey, we didn’t kill them so I think we will take that for now!

About three months ago we noticed that one of our plants had flowered and there were teeny tiny little bananas growing.
After a quick search online we discovered we would be waiting for around 3 months until they would be ready to eat. It seemed like a really long time.  And if felt like there was a lot of time for something to go wrong!

This Friday, Mark came home from school and very excitedly proclaimed that there was a yellow banana so it was time to chop them down!
We had learned that you just have to wait for one banana to be yellow to chop them down, not all of them!

Our first crop of bananas

So we got the machete and the camera and we headed out to the garden-.  Yep, it’s totally normal to have a machete here!

Our first crop of bananas
The bananas here are about half the size of ones you get in the UK but with twice the flavour!! They are so so delicious and are a perfect size for baby led weaning! The boys absolutely love them!

Our first crop of bananas

Arthur has been giving a running commentary on the bananas pretty much every day since we first spotted them.  He has loved to tell us about the “green bananas”.  So it was cool to show him that they had now started turning yellow!
Our first crop of bananas

After they had been chopped down, we showered off the bananas to make sure there weren’t any beasties living on them.  Luckily there weren’t!   Arthur had the honour of having the first banana from our first crop.  We have all since had one and they are so good!

Bananas are super cheap to buy here so it’s not like having them will be saving us lots of money.  But, it’s definitely satisfying to know that these have grown in our garden!  It’s been fun to show Arthur how they grow (and for us to learn about it too)

There is already another lot of bananas growing in the garden.  We think they will be ready just in time for us coming back after the summer!!