Freddie is 10 months old

Freddie is 10 months old!

freddie is 10 months old

This little guy is most definitely becoming his own person this month.  He’s started to assert himself more and more.  He most certainly is not a baby any more (cue sobbing from this mama!!!)

Freddie is 10 months old

Freddie is now walking round all the furniture like a little pro!  We’ve had plenty of bangs and bumps though, but luckily nothing as bad as we had last month!

He is so chatty now, he loves to let us know how he’s feeling, particularly if he’s not happy about something!!  We have a most definite ‘Mama’ happening now which is so nice, although he generally uses it when he’s upset about something and wants my attention!

There’s been a pretty big shift in the household dynamic this month with Arthur starting school.  It’s the first time ever that Freddie and I have had any real consistent time just the two of us; he’s most definitely lapping it up!  We get back from dropping Arthur into school and we have been going for walks, reading stories and generally just having a nice time together!

In the last week Freddie picked up his first cold.  This can’t be a coincidence that it happens to be just after Arthur started school!  It’s been tough, he’s not slept well and has been a bit of a grump with it.  It’s been really hard as he’s always been so laid back.  He’s been sure to still give plenty of smiles to everyone at school though!
His grumps have caused him to be a little less tolerant of Arthur’s sometimes over-zealous affection which is kinda sad but maybe good to show Arthur that Freddie is not his dolly!!

Luckily Freddie is bouncing back well from his cold, and it’s nice to have our happy boy back again!

freddie is 10 months old

7 unique corporate party ideas that will impress clients

Since Mark became Headteacher we have definitely noticed a big step up in the amount of entertaining we are doing.  Whether this is for staff, board of governors or other influential people.  So when Sydney Princess Cruises got in touch with some of these unique corporate party ideas I thought it would be great to share them on here!  While we may not be able to do all of these things its definitely nice to have a spark of inspiration

7 Unique Corporate Party Ideas

That Will Impress Clients

So, you’ve landed the all-important job of organising a work-related party. Naturally, your boss wants you to ensure the event completely “wows” all your important clients. Talk about pressure! Get it right and you’ll be able to bask in the glory. Get it wrong? Well, it’s not worth thinking about, is it? Talking about getting it wrong, the worst thing you can do is decide on a regular dinner or drinks party. As that would likely be completely forgettable, whereas you want your corporate party to be a night clients talk about for weeks to come. The key is to think outside the box. Do something a little different. Make your event unique, and you’re more likely to impress. Here are 7 unique corporate party ideas to consider:

1. Eat with the fishes

Excite your clients or employees into submission by seating them next to a proper, real-life shark! Think outside the box and host a party where guests – instead of being surrounded by four boring walls all evening – are enveloped by a dramatic floor to ceiling aquarium setting.

unique corporate party ideas that will impress clients

From intimate dinners to more large scale events, a tour of the aquarium would also be a great thing to include in your event.

2. Make your party mobile

Show your clients an awesome time, while on the move! Think “party bus,” then add “luxury” and “high-end” to the experience and wham! You’ve got an awesome, unique night out that is sure to impress party-loving clients.How about a  luxurious “limo bus” can host between 15-45 people and features awesome lighting, and sound, including your own DJ to spin the tunes you like as you cruise the city streets.

3. Corporate Cruise

Delight your clients with amazing views and a novel yet quality experience they won’t forget easily. Take them on a specialised corporate cruise that offers a VIP service and excellent food. Sure to impress!

Unique corporate party ideas that will impress clients

4. Burlesque

Burlesque has become increasingly popular again in recent years. If you want to show your clients a provocative – but not sleazy – night out, then consider booking your event at a top burlesque club. Alternatively, you could hire a specialised burlesque or cabaret company that will bring their show to the venue of your choice.

5. Aerial artists

Hire professional acrobats to dazzle your clients with their amazing feats.

6. Game it up

Treat your guests to a reminder of their youth by turning your party venue into a games arcade compete with all the classics, like pinball and Space Invaders.

7. Get party-goers involved

Make your party a day or night to remember by involving the guests in a cool activity they’ll love.

unique corporate party ideas that will impress clients

Dependant on the profile and number of attendees you could consider a chef masterclass or chocolate making class, a quad biking trip, wine tasting, race car experience or treasure hunt party. The options are basically endless.

Ideas offered by  

My Expat Family 23

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Arthur has started school

The time is here, Arthur has started school.

Arthur has started school

We are so proud of how our little man has got on.

I have taken Arthur in to school to play at get used to it for a while now, but it has only ever been for an hour or so and never on his own.

So I’ve said before but the international school here on Praslin starts in reception 1 (3yrs old) right up to 6th form where they do A-levels (18yrs old).  Reception 1 is essentially nursery.  The school follows the British curriculum so kids are doing as they would be in the UK.

To help get the little ones settled they are allowed to start in Reception 1 in the half term that they turn 3 years old.  So Arthur is starting this last half term of the school year
We agreed with his teacher that Arthur would just come in for the mornings for now.  He will go full time in September.

So, on the 30th May Arthur got his little school uniform on and off we went to school.  I tried to get lots of obligatory first day of school pictures, Arthur was not all that interested in that though!!

Arthur has started school


Arthur has started school

It is a moment I’ve been trying to prepare myself for for what feels like ages now.  I won’t lie, I’ve got myself upset many times just thinking about it all!!

arthur has started school

arthur has started school

We walked into school and his teacher met us outside, she took Arthur to the classroom and off he went.  He gave me a kiss and said “bye bye mummy!”  I was so proud at how he took it all in his stride!

I managed to hold back my tears until I got to the car where I allowed myself to have a couple minutes before telling myself to get a grip!!!

We are in the amazing situation that we know everyone at school really well and everyone has known Arthur since he was born so I knew that there were so many people there looking out for him…..including of course Mark, being the headteacher!  I think he found a few extra reasons to pop down and have a little peek in the class for Arthur’s first day!!

I had lots of texts from different people, updating me through the morning letting me know what Arthur was up to which I loved!

Freddie and I had a nice quiet morning together, we had lots of stories and cuddles before his nap.  I then had a couple hours to myself for the first time in AGES!!  I didn’t really know what to do with myself and as a result wasn’t all that productive!!

When I went to pick Arthur up he was really happy to see me and Freddie but didn’t want to go home, a good sign for sure!!  We managed to get him in the car and then we had a lovely quiet and cuddley afternoon at home.

That evening, we got an email with lots of photos from Arthur’s first day by his teacher, it made my day to get a peek into what he had been up to that day!

Arthur has started school

Arthur has started school


Arthur has started school

After a couple of days we’ve got into the swing of it  now those couple of hours when Freddie is napping flies by as I get as much done as I possibly can – I had visions of being able to spend more time blogging, that REALLY hasn’t happened!!

It’s now been 2 weeks of school for Arthur and he’s absolutely loving it.  He is settling in so well, we really couldn’t be more proud of him.

His teacher tells us that he’s joining in with activities more and more every day which makes me really happy to hear.  Arthur comes home and sings songs he’s learned at school, it amazes us how quickly he’s picked things up!!

Arthur has been napping again in the afternoon most days after school, he comes home so happy but tired.

I know that starting school has been so good for him in so many ways but particularly for getting to socialise with other kids his own age!

For me its really nice to see him coming out of his shell with other people, he has always been quite shy around people he doesn’t know. I can see his confidence growing in even this short time.

I felt really sad at the ‘end of an era’ of having my now not so little guy at home with me every day, but seeing how happy he is and how good it has been for him has really helped me to get over that. We are now celebrating the start of the school era for Arthur!

My fitness in May 2016

My fitness in May
My fitness in May 2016
As you may have noticed there was a distinct lack of a fitness in post in April!

There was a few reasons behind this.  One was because I’ve been struggling to keep up with the blog.
The main reason though, is that there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  I went for 1 run, yep just 1!  I didn’t want to admit that I’ve fallen out of love with running, but I really have.

It’s now the end of May and I haven’t run once this month.  I don’t know what has happened, I’m not sure why I have stopped enjoying running, but whatever the reason, I’ve decided not to force myself to go.  I don’t want to force myself into exercise, I don’t see that it’s a positive thing to do.

So there we go, I’ve admitted my current dislike of running!  It wasn’t as hard as I thought after all!

On a more positive note, I’ve massively stepped up my yoga.  I am practicing pretty much every day now, and often twice a day.  I find that I get really grumpy if I don’t manage to squeeze in some yoga at some point in the day!

I am still going to my yoga class once a week which I really enjoy.  We have a new instructor now and he pushes us really hard which is great!!!

So there we have it, my fitness in May!  I like that I’ve taken the pressure off myself.  I am sure that at some point I will run again, but right now I want to focus on enjoying the exercise that I do!

With Arthur just starting nursery in the mornings I will be aiming to get out and about more with Freddie which will include lots of walks.  Freddie is getting pretty big now so having him in the Moby wrap will certainly be good exercise!

I’ll be back next month with another update!

Fit mamas club

Fit Mamas Club May 2016

Fit Mamas Club May 2016

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