Arthur is 35 months old

Arthur is 35 months old!  Our oh so nearly three year old, feels so weird to write that, I’ve only just settled in to calling him a 2 year old!

Arthur is 35 months old

As awful as it is to say it, this month has kinda been a bit of a countdown one.  We haven’t been able to help but focus our attention to the end of May – the 30th to be exact.  This is the date that Arthur starts going to school.  
To clear up any potential confusion, I mean nursery.  But the school here, like many international schools I believe, starts at 3yrs old right the way through to 18.  Everything he will be doing is the same as he’d be doing in any other nursery following a British curriculum!  

Now I’ve got that out the way.  Arthur’s official school start is September, however the school allows you to enrol your child the half term that they turn three.  As Arthur is a June baby he will be able to complete the last half term of this school year, starting May 30th.  He is just going to do mornings.  
Arthur has done little visits into school for a while now, but this month we have gone more frequently.  He absolutely loves it and is always asking to go to school.  

We have bought him his little tiny school uniform which consists of a green t-shirt (infants, juniors and secondary all have different colours) navy blue shorts and little black plimsoles.  It’s so cute.

Arthur is 35 months old.  First school uniform

I know he’s going to be amazing and have a great time, I am so excited for him, I will miss him so much though, think that’s a whole post in itself!

Aside from school it has kind of been a quiet month for us.  I’ve been struggling with some rather yucky skin and so haven’t been feeling like getting out too much!!

Quite a big thing for Arthur is that he’s just started to do stand up wees!  Up until now he’s always just sat down, and I’ll be honest I’ve not been in any hurry to change it.  
So stand up wees, they are pretty messy!!!!  Aim is definitely something we need to work on!

Arthur spends more and more time out in the garden, he loves to watch millipedes, geckos, skinks, snails and anything else he can find!  Him and Koopa can so often be found out exploring together!  

Arthur is 35 months old

We have bananas growing in the garden and he absolutely loves seeing that and takes anyone who comes round to see them.  Annoyingly I think our first lot will be ripe when we are in the UK this summer, I’m hoping I’m wrong though!!!

This month Arthur is really liking his Duplo.  His favourite movies right now are Planes and Cars and he has a Duplo plane and tractor.  Actually, he loves playing with any cars, or turning random things into a car!

Arthur’s speech continues to improve and everyone tells me to expect a ‘language explosion’ once he starts school too.  

I will be sure to update soon on how my 

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Freddie is 9 months old

Our little teeny tiny Freddie is 9 months old!!

Freddie is 9 months old

He really isn’t so teeny tiny any more but its a name that has definitely stuck for him, I’ll probably always call him that now, poor thing!!!

Freddie has well and truly mastered crawling this month, I can’t believe how fast he is! Its definitely making things a lot more challenging, especially when trying to keep an eye on Arthur as well.
He’s starting to cruise around the furniture a little bit now too, although he does still get upset trying to do it sometimes!
I think this month we will see Freddie being able to stand on his own, he’s definitely starting to try it for a couple of seconds here and there.

With Freddie being so keen to get around these days, bumps and bangs are coming thick and fast! We even had to do a trip to hospital after he got a nasty cut just above his eye from faceplanting the step into the shower. He was so very brave, but it looked nasty so wanted to get him checked out. No concussion or anything which was my main concern, but he did have to have a stitch in. Apparently they do not have butterfly stitches here in Seychelles, so it had to be a proper needle and thread stitch….no dissolvable stitches either so we had to go back to have it removed a week later my poor little guy. Seeing him in so much pain as they did it was horrendous; we had to pin him down, looking back on it still makes me feel sick!

Freddie is 9 months old
It has healed up very nicely though, and is already not very obvious which we are really thankful for!

A big thing for our little guy this month is that he is now in his own room. Well, actually we moved rooms and left him where he was, but you know what i mean! I remember when Arthur went into his own room and I had that exact same feeling of worry, sadness and separation. It didn’t take long for it to feel normal though and once I realised that I could definitely hear him when he woke up I was fine!

For me, the biggest thing that has happened this month – totally selfishly, is that Freddie is now sleeping through the night WOHOOOOO!! It’s been about 2 weeks now. I don’t think that its a coincidence that it has come around the time we moved rooms. It was the same with Arthur.
This does also mean that I have now finished breastfeeding. Like with Arthur though I kind of like that it happened like this, it’s been stopped by Freddie not by me!

Freddie has 2 bottles of formula a day now one first thing in the morning and one before bed. He’s eating three meals a day, and he really is eating too! This boy can put a serious amount of food away, its impressive! He’s got 5 teeth now (3 on top two on the bottom) and he’s definitely eating better as a result of it!

He continues to be the happiest little thing, and Arthur is definitely still the one to make him smile the most!  We are getting the 5 o’clock grumps though aka the witching hour!!  As soon as dinner is in front of him though he’s back to being happy again!


When your skin starts to fall off!

So I’m not going to include any pictures in this post, when your skin starts to fall off I don’t think any pics are required (or wanted!!)

Around two weeks ago now I noticed a weird thing on my leg.
This thing was around the size of a 10p piece, and looked like a burn. The skin had just come off. I hadn’t done anything to it, no cuts scrapes bangs etc I just had this weird thing on my leg!

I didn’t think too much of it, it didn’t hurt or anything so I just left it.

I happened to be at the hospital to have Freddie’s eye checked (more on that) and I asked the nurse to look at it. She said i should have it ‘dressed’ so she put some cream on and stuck a massive great big plaster on it (you know that old school red bandage tape stuff)

A couple hours later I took it off. i figured if i wanted this thing to heal it would need to dry out.

Well, turned out I was wrong. It didn’t dry out, it did’t do anything just stayed as a bit of a disgusting thing on my leg.

A few days later I had pretty savage allergic reaction to a kitten we had homed the day before; I came out in a huge hive type rash on my chest neck and arms that was burning my skin. We then of course had to give her back much to my dismay. Ive never had an allergic reaction before so I was pretty freaked out.

The next day it wasn’t looking any better despite having anti-histamine cream and tablets. So I took a trip to see the doctor at the hospital. (Just a regular GP I wasn’t being dramatic and taking myself off to hospital FYI!!)

He said that he could see there was an allergic reaction but that it also looked like I had a Staph infection. He was pretty confident that it was the case when I then showed him the thing on my leg.

So, he packed me off with some antibiotics and some creams and off I went.

Fast forward a week and my antibiotics have finished. The original sore has pretty much closed over but it has been joined by a bunch of new ones. The cat allergy rash had gone though so that was a bonus. I have realised that I can tell when a new sore is going to appear because that area of skin burns and goes very red, like a very small specific patch of sunburn. Then the skin just kinda falls off….nice!

I went back to the doctors on the 3rd, this time I saw a doctor who had once described my skin colour as ‘a bit yellow’ so my expectations weren’t high. I don’t think she initially understood that I had finished the antibiotics I was taking because she kept saying ‘but that is the treatment’. Very helpful.
Once she finally got that I’d finished the tablets she prescribed me more. Different antibiotics this time. So I’m currently on them for another week.

over the last few days the ‘cat rash’ seems to have made a return in random patches. I’m hoping that this is just been brought back out by the fact that I had around a 24 hour gap in antibiotics (between old and new).
It has made me wonder if it was indeed the cat that made me have this reaction in the first place since the cat has been gone for over a week now.


anyway it seems that it’s not all fully resolved yet, hopefully it will be by the end of the week!!

Arthur is 34 months old

Arthur is now 34 months old.
Arthur is 34 months old

This month has gone by like a flash.
The first half we had Mark home with us as it was school Easter holidays, Arthur always loves it when Daddy is off work!!

Daddy is big favourite to Arthur right now, he must say Daddy at least 100 times a day!

During the Easter holidays We had our amazing trip to Silhouette island where Arthur had an absolute blast.  He still talks about going to “our little house” now which I love!
Arthur is 34 months old. Silhouette island

Arthur is 34 months old. Arthur and Daddy

Arthur had an unplanned couple of hours at school this month as I had to take Freddie to hospital (he’s totally fine but more on that here!)
Mark took him into the class and apparently he was as good as gold and had a great time.  When I went to go and pick him up he was happy to see me but wasn’t ready to go home!!  I took that as a good sign for when he starts in June!

The following couple of days Arthur napped on the sofa at lunchtime!!  I was SO excited at the prospect of nap time returning but it seems it was just a random couple of days!!

I’ve been a little worried about Arthur’s eating recently.  He is pretty reluctant to eat a full meal most days and just wants to get on with playing (Mark’s mum tells me he was exactly the same!!) he seems happiest with smaller meals and snacks throughout the day.  Obviously I want to make sure he has enough to eat but at the same time I don’t want him to just snack all the time…. It’s pretty frustrating!

We had a couple weeks of at nighttime accidents.  Changing sheets every day grew thin quickly, but things seem to be back on track now.  Not really sure what caused it.  Apparently it’s really common up to 6 years old to not be dry at night so I need to remember just how good Arthur has been doing so far!!

Arthur has always been very shy with strangers and often will hide or pretend they aren’t there!!  We have noticed a little shift in Arthurs shyness this month, he has started to open up to people a little more, showing him the toy he’s playing with or something along those lines.  It’s not all the time and not with everyone but I have been really amazed and proud of him for it.  It may not be a big deal to everyone, but knowing just how painfully shy he can be it is a big deal for him!!

This month we’ve started to see Arthur testing and pushing boundaries quite a bit, doing things he knows he shouldn’t be and trying out new things!  There has been lots of “NO MUMMY” “NO DADDY” and running away if we tell him to stop doing something, or just outright ignoring us!
It’s been tough, but he’s quick to turn it all around with a big “cuggle” a kiss or even just a cheesy grin!

Arthur is 34 months old

Mark and I are definitely noticing that Arthur is becoming a lot braver with his little adventures whether that’s just in the garden, at the beach or anywhere really…he climbs a bit higher, wanders a bit further away, just generally gaining confidence with everything he does, it’s great but scary for us too!
Arthur is 34 months old. Arthur at anse lazioArthur is 34 months old. Splashing at anse lazio

He’s been a proper little parrot this month, I think he’s taking in lots of new words (so we’ve really had to watch what we say!!).  His speech continues to develop all the time and some of the things he comes out with really amazes me, and often makes us all laugh too!

I have had days where I have found it really tough to keep him entertained all day, for me it’s final confirmation that he really is ready to be in school!!   It’s really not long until he will be there now, so on those days that are tough I’ve been trying to remind myself to make the most of it all!