My fitness in March

I’m excited to be doing these monthly fitness update posts.  A roundup of my fitness journey.  This is where I will be totally accountable for any laziness and where I can be proud of my successes!!

I’m not one for worrying about what the scales say, I care much more about how my clothes fit.  I’m proud to say that I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes, thanks to a mixture of breastfeeding, exercise and of course I can’t rule out genetics too (thanks mum and dad!!).   Despite being happy with my size I still have things I want to work on.  I want to tone up more and I want to improve my over all fitness levels.

My fitness in March

After a pretty poor, OK very poor month in February, I am back on track! I set myself realistic targets that kept me motivated!

My fitness diary for March.

1st March: Yoga class
3rd March: Yoga at home
3rd March: 5k run

8th March: Yoga class
13th March: 5k run

15th March: Yoga class
19th March: Yoga at home
20th March: 5k run

21st March: Yoga at home x2
22nd March: Yoga class
27th March: 6.5k run

On the week starting 8th March I didn’t get round to doing any yoga at home, pretty poor really but I have tried to make up for it by doing it twice this week!
We have a new yoga instructor at our Yoga class and he’s amazing. I’m working harder than I have done before as he really pushes us, it’s great! It’s been inspiring me to do more at home too.

I’m really proud to have met my running target this month, after a little dip in motivation and form I feel like I’m back on track! 5k is feeling less of a slog and more of a steady distance now I’m settled into my new route, the hills are less daunting now too.
I managed my first run over 5k, it was surprisingly comfortable despite the extra distance including a really steep hill!

Targets for April.

Im upping my targets a little this month, it may be a bit ambitious but I’m feeling good so I’ll give it a shot!

*Continue going to yoga class once a week

*Practice yoga at home at least twice a week

*Run at least once a week, minimum 5k distance

*Run further than 5k twice

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Arthur is 33 months old

Arthur is 33 months old.  The double three this month is a big reminder that we are on the serious countdown to Him turning 3 years old!

Arthur is 33 months old

I have loved this month with Arthur, he has been an absolute pleasure to be around.  I really can’t say enough good things about him.  He seems to have developed loads of new interests, becomes funnier every day but is still our sweet natured gorgeous little boy.


His speech is developing at a rapid rate which is amazing and in turn, helping to reduce tantrums a little!


He loves playing in Freddie’s cot, takes all his soft toys in there and ‘puts them to bed’ tucking them all in with his blanket.  He’s also started to ‘change’ them by wiping their bums (or that general area depending on the toy!) it’s super cute!!  The best bit is that he always wants Freddie in there with him!


Arthur plays more and more with his toys, current favourites aside from the soft toys, are his cars.  I love watching him get lost in his own little world playing!


He shows less interest in TV all the time, and will very rarely now watch for more than 30mins before getting bored, whereas he used to happily sit through a film!  The exception being that he’s just developed a fascination with “racing cars”, much to Mark’s delight as it means we can now have the F1 on without there being a tantrum that it’s not Peppa Pig!!  He loves to tell us the different colour cars and that “they are fixing the cars” every time a car is in the pits!  They are apparently constantly crashing too, even when they are not!!  When there is an actual crash he thinks it’s the best!  The cutest thing about this though is that he has to get his cars out at the same time and they race too!


Another interest that’s emerging this month is cooking!  I bake bread at least twice a week and usually cookies at least once a week and Arthur loves to help me.  I pull up a stool to the kitchen counter and he sits along side me.  He loves when I explain everything that goes into what I’m making and repeats it all back like he’s storing it to memory!  I LOVE that he’s showing an interest in cooking and it’s something I definitely plan to encourage as much as possible!


With Arthur getting closer and closer to going to school I needed to start focusing on getting him to wear clothes, something this little island boy is not a fan of!  My first goal is to just get him to keep some pants on!  This little island boy likes to be au natural so it’s definitely a challenge, I think this might be a whole blog post in itself soon!


We are now in Easter holidays and so Mark is home with us for 2.5 weeks, Arthur absolutely adores having his Daddy home and I know there will be lots of fun for us all in this time.
I am very aware that after the Easter holidays there is only half a school term left before Arthur starts going to school, at least for a couple mornings a week.  I intend to cherish every second I have with our gorgeous messy haired little guy until then!!

33 months old


Fun ways to burn 100 calories

I was shown this infographic with 12 fun ways to burn 100 calories by the people from Chobani and I thought it would be a great thing to share with fit mamas club!

*Ill throw it out there straight away I’ve not been paid or anything to share this I just thought it was cool!*


Fun ways to burn 100 calories


What at I really liked about this is that there’s a really good mix of achievable activities, along with some more unusual ones like skiing!


It just shows that there’s no excuse not to be getting in that fitness time throughout your day!  It also shows that lots of stuff we do already burns more calories than we might have ever thought!


Obviously, with many of these things being activities already built into our day (hello cooking and cleaning) to improve our fitness we have to do more on top of that but I will try and use this as motivation to be less grumpy about doing the cleaning!!


I think this can also be useful for those who are calorie counting to see exactly what 100 calories looks like in different activities!


While I am not calorie counting, or trying to lose weight, I am focused on improving my fitness and I will definitely be keeping these activities in mind!  With me working towards my own personal goals each month, this is another little thing to help keep me motivated!  I was definitely pleasantly surprised to see that 100 calories get burned in only 9 minutes of jogging and 20 minutes of Yoga, with these being my fitness activities of choice it’s really motivating to know that I can burn 100 calories really quickly doing these!


Is there anything you’d add to this list?  Anything on there that surprised you?


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Freddie is 7 months old

Freddie is 7 months old.

Freddie is 7 months old

So we are officially in the back half of his first year!! The time so far has absolutely flown by and considering it only feels like 5 minutes ago that I had Arthur let alone Freddie I know it will continue to do so.


I think Freddie has decided against having any teeth now! I can’t believe he still doesn’t have any! (Arthur had 5 by this point!)


Our little guy is getting REALLY strong now. He can sit up no problem and he even stands up holding on to a coffee table or anything he can get hold of! He’s trying to pull himself up by himself too, and I know it won’t be long before he can do it!!

He’s not crawling yet – I think his plan is to skip crawling and just start walking so he can be just like his big brother!! He’s actually not far off this either, he want’s to go and can sometimes shuffle forward a little. He can pull himself all the way around just not really forwards yet! He’s also at that frustrating stage where he just flips over every time he tries to crawl properly. He gets very cross that he can’t do it!


Sleep. This month we have been working hard on sleep and for about a week things were looking golden; we had nights where he wasn’t being fed at all but then waking up at 4:30/5:00 to start the day. We then had some great nights where he was just having one feed and getting up around 5:30/6:00.

Freddie is 7 months old.
Then we all of a sudden we seem to have slipped back to 2 night feeds. It’s getting me down, but, I need to be more positive as this is still loads better than last month.

I’ve been comparing sleep to Arthur but I need to stop, as by this time I was in the process of switching to formula for Arthur and stopping breastfeeding completely. I’m not yet decided when I will stop breastfeeding this time around.
Also, with Arthur we had to do some real serious sleep training whereas its not been anything like as stressful with Freddie.

He is still having three naps a day, 1 hour at around 8am, 2 hours at about 11am and 45mins-1hour at about 3pm. Bed time is between 6:30pm and 7pm


Weaning is going well. We are now doing lots more baby led weaning and Freddie now gets a little annoyed if I try and get him to eat anything that involves me feeding him! He’s been chowing down on broccoli, carrot, apple, banana, porridge, pasta and homemade bread. I also have been starting him with some meat, I’ve been dicing up some chicken really finely and mixing in a creamy sauce with mash potato and spinach.
Freddie definitely has his eyes on everything we are eating and has pinched a couple of mini cheddars off Arthur here and there! You can’t sneak anything past this boy, he definitely knows if you’re eating something different to him and he wants to be involved!!


Freddie is still very much loving the water. They boys often have a cool down splash time together in a day and they have so much fun.  Arthur is still very much the one who Freddie loves the most!!  No one makes him laugh or smile like his big brother!  Its so amazing to watch!


I decided while I wrote this to have a little peak at my post for when Arthur was 7 months old.  It was lovely to have a read of it.  They are developmentally so similar, I kind of thought that Arthur was further ahead than Freddie but they really do sound spot on!

Arthur & Freddie {March 2016}

It’s that time again already, here are Arthur & Freddie in March 2016.

Arthur & Freddie {March 2016}

I’ve fallen out with my camera this last month as I continue to only be able to capture blurry shots. Of course it doesn’t help that I have two wriggly worms for sons!  This picture is one of the only ones I’ve taken this month that’s not really blurry!  It is a cute one though and kinda sums up their personalities right now!

I took loads of pictures this day and there are some really lovely ones of the two of them playing nicely together, but they are so so blurred I just can’t use them.

I’ll figure it out i’m sure.

Anyway, back to my boys. With Freddie now sitting up and being on the verge of crawling he is proving more and more interesting to Arthur every day. Arthur truly sees him as his play mate, and they love to be together.

At least once a day (on top of actual bath time in the evening) we get the shower running, fill up the baby bath and let the boys have a splash about in there. They love it. It’s a great way to keep them cool, as well as for them to have fun.

Aside from that the other way these two love to spend time is in Freddie’s cot. Arthur loves to take all his soft toys in there and play about in there. But Freddie has to be there too. I love that he wants to include him in his games and that he just wants to be around him.

As a bonus to me, I’m finding that if one is eating the other one wants to as well. Arthur is a bit of a pain for getting down from the table mid way through his food but now if Freddie is eating he tends to stick around a bit longer! If Arthur is eating anything, Freddie wants it! I need to get a bit more organised at having some more Freddie friendly snacks at hand for when Arthur is chomping on something at snack time! Freddie still doesn’t have any teeth so there’s lots he can’t have still!


We are so happy with the way these two are together.  Both so tolerant of each other and SO loving towards one another.  Each month I love to see their bond strengthen.  I’m such a proud mama!!

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Expat family guilt

Expat life can be AMAZING, but there are times, when expat life can be tough.  I think adding children into that mix can make the highs and lows even more extreme.

Expat family guilt

Without doubt we are really happy with our choice to have and live with our boys abroad; if you’re a regular reader of my blog I think that’s pretty obvious to see.  We love the life that we have here.

Expat Family guilt

We are lucky that we don’t really get external guilt put on to us by our families, its just the guilt we put on ourselves!  I know that some people’s families don’t hide their displeasure or disapproval at the expat life!

But the days when it is hard, it really is hard.  Well often it’s not even days, but moments, when the expat family guilt kicks in.

Moments where the difference in timezones mean I can’t just pick up the call for a chat.

Moments where our restricted internet means I can’t just video call if the boys are doing something fun!

Times where I’d love to send the boys off for an afternoon to spend time with their grandparents (and give me an afternoon off!!)

Times when I feel truly awful for how much our family is missing out on with the boys growing up so fast.

This month I’ve been feeling some serious expat guilt.  I think it comes from Arthur getting older and being able to communicate more.  I’m pretty sure that our upcoming trip to the UK this summer is  having an impact on it too.

It hit me really badly the other day when after a Skype chat with my Mum.  Arthur got really upset and said “see nana please mama.”  I can’t express how awful I felt.  I would have loved more than anything at that moment to be able to pop round to visit her so Arthur could see his Nana.

Arthur really likes planes and so I tell him whenever we send something to the UK or someone has sent something to us how it has been put on a plane.

I think he’s starting to comprehend that our family doesn’t live close by.  That we can’t just go and see them whenever we want.  When he asked to “see nana” the other day, it made me realise that his understanding is more than I had given him credit for.

The moments may be fleeting, often they are just thoughts that are coming to the forefront of my mind.  But it’s undeniable.  Expat family guilt is real.  The best way I have found to deal with it is to take advantage of something that you couldn’t do at ‘home’.  For us that can be something as simple as getting out in the garden and enjoying some sun for instant gratification, or take a walk to the beach or the pool.  Even just looking at some pictures of the boys and appreciating what opportunities they get here that they wouldn’t get elsewhere.

How do you do deal with your expat family guilt?

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