Fit Mamas Club January 2016

Fit Mamas Club January 2016

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Fit mamas club

My fitness in January

I’m very excited to start these new monthly posts.  A roundup of my fitness journey.  This is where I will be totally accountable for any laziness and where I can be proud of my successes!!

I’m not one for worrying about what the scales say, I care much more about how my clothes fit.  I’m proud to say that I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes, thanks to a mixture of breastfeeding, exercise and of course I can’t rule out genetics too (thanks mum and dad!!)

My fitness in January


I started running again when Freddie was about 8 weeks old.  I really enjoyed getting back into running and very quickly started getting into a routine of going around 3 times a week of up to 5k at a time.

Prior to that I have also been doing Dr.Joanna Helcke’s post-natal online Pilates programme….I highly recommend that by the way (a post coming on it soon!). I also did her pre-natal Pilates programmes which I reviewed if you want to check it out!

This month I have been absolutely LOVING my weekly yoga class at Raffles.  I go every Tuesday night and it’s amazing.  Some weeks it’s really tough and kicks my butt and then other times I’m so relaxed afterwards I fall asleep on the sofa super early!  I’m finding it to be a perfect addition to running.
I’m also back to doing yoga at home a couple nights a week.  I use an app called Yoga Studio and I think it’s great!

i treated myself to these awesome new yoga pants from Dharma Bums.

My fitness in January. New yoga pants

They are an Australian company I just discovered that I think I am a little bit in love with!!  There stuff is awesomely and im sure I’ll be buying from them again soon (not a sponsored link just think they are great!!)

I’ve been a little bit rubbish with my running this month, in fact I took a couple of weeks totally off.  Not deliberately, it just kind of happened.  I have to say that I kind of am the anti-new years resolution person.  I never make them and I almost sub-consciously rebel against January for that reason!!  The first week in Jan I was fine, it was easier though as Mark was still at home on Christmas holidays.  When he went back to work we’ve both been more tired and I haven’t been able to motivate myself to go as much!

Anyway, last week I picked myself back up (actually it was when I started writing this post that made me go so it’s working already as motivation!!) and went back out.  I felt really good on the way out, I went a bit too fast though, I made myself do a 5k even though when I got to 2k I knew I’d struggle on the way back!!  I did struggle, in fact I had to walk the last 50m or so, I was very annoyed with myself.

My plan for next month is to go running twice a week and continue with yoga.  Mark is going to London for 5 days in Feb so it won’t be possible for me to go then but I will make sure to do what I can at home.
We are moving house this weekend and so my running routes will change.  I would like to pus my distance a little last 5k this month too, even just a couple of times.

next month I will also record all my runs so I can see how far I’m going each month.  I think it will be a good motivator!

Fit mamas club

Using cloth nappies: 1 year on


Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

We’ve been using cloth nappies for just over a year now.  Arthur was 18 months old when we got them.

In that time Arthur has now fully potty trained (including night time) and now Freddie is in them!

I remember spending so long researching and being nervous about taking the plunge to use cloth nappies.  I’d started looking at it even before I’d had Arthur!  I, like most people I imagine, was nervous about investing a large amount of money in them and then them not working as well as disposables!

I can honestly say that since the day we got our fluffy delivery in the post, we have never looked back!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year later

Both Mark and I find them so easy to use.  We use Baba & Boo pocket nappies.  We have microfibre and bamboo liners that we use for them.  One of the biggest worries, especially for Mark, was that they would be…how can I put it nicely – messy!  They just aren’t!!

When we started out we had 15 nappies, which each came with 2 microfibre inserts, we also ordered an additional 6 bamboo liners, for night time use.

Because I am a worrier, I initially used more liners than I needed and then as my confidence in the nappies grew and I learned the capacities of the different liners I began to use less.

When we had Freddie we got an additional 5 nappies and an extra 10 bamboo liners.   We had the extra bamboo liners so that we could use them during the day as well, they are less bulky and more absorb ant then the microfibre liners.  Freddie was in his full time by 3 months old, this was only because he didn’t fit in them before that.  I’d forgotten just how many nappies teeny babies get through and it was shocking how much our rubbish increased just from disposable nappies!

I have never found our cloth nappies inconvenient when we are out of the house.  If we are going to be out for a while we just shove a plastic bag in our nappy bag.  You can buy proper little bags to put them in, we use a large one for in the house to store dirty nappies in between washes. I would definitely recommend getting one of those!

In regards to washing, we wash our nappies every other day.  The nappies themselves along with the microfibre inserts are very quick to dry.  The bamboo inserts take quite a bit longer.  On a normal day here (pretty hot) they can all be dry in around 4 hours.  If it’s a bit cloudier I tend to leave them out all day.
We also have a washing line that’s under cover for rainy days, if I do my wash first thing in the morning they can all generally still be dry by the end of the day, occasionally I leave overnight.

Aside from all the benefits of money saving and waste reduction, cloth nappies just look SO cute!

Using cloth nappies: 1 year on

I am so pleased we decided to make the switch to cloth nappies, I can’t imagine it being any other way now!

Arthur and Freddie {January 2016}

So this month Arthur and Freddie continue to be amazing together.  They can’t get enough of each other!  I know this all sounds really cheesy, and frankly a little unbelievable, but really these two are truly the best of friends.  Every day I am thankful for how much these two love each other, I spent so much of my pregnancy being worried about this!

Arthur and Freddie.

Freddie constantly smiles at Arthur.  His eyes really do light up when he sees him.

Arthur spends so much time cuddling, kissing, holding hands with Freddie it’s so amazing.

Arthur and Freddie

Freddie is laughing now and the majority of his laughs definitely go to Arthur.  He especially laughs when Arthur is eating!  We have just started weaning with Freddie, hopefully he will learn to enjoy that as much as he enjoys watching Arthur eat!

Arthur has stopped napping in the day now so we don’t get those extra special waking up snuggles but these two still have lots of snuggle time every day.
Often when we go and get Freddie from his cot when he wakes up from a nap Arthur goes and gets his bunny and blanket and has a nice cuddle with his brother.  He likes that Freddie has his own special cuddle toy (Ducky!) and blanket.
I had wondered if we would have any problems with that, like Arthur wanting to have Freddie’s Ducky or his blanket, especially as they both have ones from Aiden&Anais so they look the same.  But, nope, Arthur loves his and loves to give Freddie his own ones.  I’ve even seen Arthur give Freddie his bunny to snuggle up to, this was possible the nicest and sweetest thing I have ever seen!!

thats my update for this month!  I’m hoping to have lots more of the same this month, and I can enjoy watching their bond grow by the day!

Freddie is 5 months old!

Freddie is 5 months old!

Freddie is 5 months old


Freddie is still the happiest baby ever, he is so smiley and so content.
He is properly laughing now and it is amazing!!  Most of Freddie’s laughs go to Arthur, he totally adores his big brother!  Another sure way to get Freddie laughing is giving him kisses and raspberries under his chin!

Thankfully he has been illness free this month!  After last month’s scare we hope he’s not Ill again for quite some time!

We are just starting weaning with Freddie now, I let him have a little taste of the juice from Arthur’s baked beans the other day and he loved it!  It was only a tiny drop on the end of my finger, he wanted more!!  He’s been taking a big interest in food, loves watching Arthur eat!  I really enjoyed weaning Arthur so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it with Freddie just as much!
Freddie’s very first food, the same as Arthur, was a little bit of porridge.  He seemed to really enjoy it, I’m looking forward to trying him on some more exciting things very very soon!

Freddie hasn’t been sleeping so great this month, we’ve started regularly having more than 3 wake ups a night.  I’m really struggling with this as he’s always slept so well. I’ve written a post all about how baby sleep can question everything you know about parenting, and I truly believe that!  Nothing brings out the crazy mama in me like obsessing over sleep for my boys!

This month Freddie has had his first swim in the Ocean, that’s a big first for a little boy!!  He went in with Mark and was really relaxed, he seemed to really like it…..perfect really since his middle name is Ocean, would be a bit awkward if he grows up not to like it!!  It was quite a cloudy day, which is perfect for a beach trip with the boys!

Freddie's first ocean swim at 5 months old
Like his first swim in the pool, we took him out before he got upset.  But honestly I think he would have stayed in all day, he is such a chilled out little guy.

For this next month I’m hoping to get sleep back on track, and to start experimenting with lots of fun foods for Freddie!



Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

For the last few weeks I have started going to Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin.  I’m just going once a week right now but I am loving it.
The location is incredible.
You come down these beautiful steps to the spa.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

Then head into the yoga studio.  Take a look at that view!!  You can hear the waves crashing too, it’s amazing.

Yoga at Raffles hotel Praslin

The instructor is brilliant.  She has a great vibe about her without being a crazy yoga lady.  The class has varied each week, always good to keep it interesting!
The first class I went to was really relaxing with lots of stretching.  It was lovely, that night I was so relaxed I fell asleep on the sofa, even earlier than usual!
But my favourite classes are the ones where there’s been lots of strength building and I’ve been really aching afterwards!  I like to know that I’ve worked hard and this class has definitely left me feeling that way!

I’ve always loved yoga, but have tended to do it at home.  It’s been great to go to a class and experience it in such a different way.

Our instructor likes to use essential oils, it’s not something I would ever consider but it actually does add something special!

Another added benefit of actually going to a class is that it gives me a real break, some real ‘me time’.  I think it’s really important to be able to get that time to myself.  It’s also nice for Mark to get some time with the boys on his own too!

I started running again (more on that soon) in October, when Freddie was about 10 weeks old.  I’m finding that yoga really is the perfect companion to running in helping me regain my figure and my fitness after having Freddie!

I feel so lucky to have access to such a great class in a beautiful location.  Another amazing perk of our expat lives here in Seychelles.

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