29 months

Arthur is 29 months old.

29 months old

I feel like Arthur has changed and developed so much in this past month.

Something I’ll get out the way first is we had our first incident with Freddie this month.  I mentioned it briefly before, but Arthur bit Freddie.  It was twice in the same day.  Not hard, but enough that Freddie was upset.  I’ll be honest and say that I was probably more upset than Freddie.
Both times we put Arthur on the naughty step.  This is something we’ve started to try this month.  It seemed to have worked, we’ve not had any other incidents like it since then anyway.
Arthur absolutely adores Freddie, that is without doubt.  He understood that he’d made Freddie sad and he didn’t like that.

Moving on, Arthur has figured out this month that he can make Freddie smile and he thinks that’s amazing!!

Arthur’s speech is getting so good, I’m so proud of him.  He was definitely a little late getting started with it but he’s making up for it now that’s for sure!  He’s a total chatterbox!

We had a great trip out on a catermaran this month, Arthur had an absolute blast, he was a little unsure when we first got on board but within a couple of minutes he was in his element and now constantly asks if we are going on a boat whenever we go out anywhere!

Arthur had a few days this month where he refused to nap.  I had almost resigned myself to a life without him napping when he started again, much to my relief.  We definitely have to have a busy morning for him to go down though.

Arthur and Koopa are still having lots of fun together.  They tire each other out running round the garden.  We’ve had lots of rain this last month but it hasn’t stopped Arthur getting out in our garden, even when it’s completely underwater!

I have been on a bit of a anti-TV kick recently.  Not completely stopping it, but having more structure to when he can watch it, this has helped Arthur understand when I say it’s finished that it’s not going to go back on!  This has really helped with tantrums, in regards to the TV anyway!

Having structured TV time has kind of led into more reading time, which I love.  We have always read EVERY night before bed but not always during the day as well.  We are now, and it’s lovely.

We are really seeing Arthur’s imagination sparking this month.  He’s really enjoying playing with trains, cars and trucks.  I love playing these with him, or just sitting watching him in his own little world it’s really amazing!

Arthur has definitely learnt what the “terrible two’s” are all about.  He can ignore, refuse, do the opposite of what we say, and throw a epic tantrum like a pro.  But, this boy still makes me smile and laugh every single day.  He is such a softie and still loves a  great big “cuggle”.  He continues to surprise me every day and we wouldn’t change a thing about this cheeky little monkey!

29 months old.  bouncy castle

What Arthur’s loving this month 

So here is a round up of some of the things Arthur is loving this month!

This months favourite on the TV is Shrek, particularly the second one!

Stickers!  Arthur has this Peppa Pig sticker book and he’s loving playing with it.  He can never leave the stickers alone once he’s stuck them down so there’s lots ripped stickers and ones that have lost their stick, but he doesn’t care, he has lots of fun! Perfect for a beach loving Peppa fan!

Currently his favourite book is The Highway Rat.

Another amazing book by Julia Donaldson, we really recommend it!!

Arthur is really into playing with trucks, trains and cars.  He loves his cozy coupe, and loves pushing Koopa around in it too.  I’m sure he will have Freddie in it soon too!

I think thats about all for this month!  I’ll be back next month for another Arthur update!

Freddie is 3 months old

Freddie is three months old!  We fall more and more in love with this amazing little guy every day! He has well and truly stolen our hearts!

3 months old.
Weight: 6.2kg

Freddie is seriously the most smiley happy baby I’ve ever come across.  His smile is amazing, I don’t know if we can officially call it a laugh yet but he really does get so excited and it totally does sound like he’s laughing at us!!  Here is our little smiler at Halloween this year.  Can’t believe Arthur was in that same little skeleton costume 2 years ago, it’s gone by so fast!!

Freddie is 3 months old

We are using cloth nappies in the day time all the time now, he looks so cute in them!  Its nice to be using so much less disposables.  I’m sure we will switch to cloth at night time soon as well.

This last month Freddie has generally been waking up once in the night. We have been so impressed with his sleep.

He had his three month check up.  He’s putting on weight like a little trooper the nurse was super impressed with his size! Such a amazing feeling to know that my milk is doing him so much good.
He had to have his first injection too (well since the one he had at a couple days old in hospital).  It was not nice at all, poor little guy really screamed.  The good thing was that he didn’t seem to suffer too badly following it.  His fever was never really bad, something I remember Arthur had quite badly, but he was quite grumpy.  We kept him dosed up and his sleep wasn’t disrupted which was a relief!  It also didn’t take long to get our happy little man back!

Freddie was a super lucky baby this past month and had his first boat trip!  Not a bad first experience on a catamaran sailing on the Indian Ocean!!  I’ll be writing more about that soon!

Seychelles catamaran boat trip

Freddie and Arthur get closer each day, check out this months update on their relationship if you missed it!

I am so proud of how Freddie is fitting in with our little family it really is like he’s always been here. I’ll be back with another update next month!

Arthur and Freddie {November 2015}

I’m a couple of days late with this one, but here are my two little guys, Arthur and Freddie this month.

These pictures are from a random bed time that I decided to bring the camera in on.  Nothing particularly extraordinary about them but it does really show how these two are together all the time!!
Arthur and Freddie holding hands

There is still a whole lot of love going on with these two!  Arthur is still very into Freddie’s hands.  He loves holding hands with him.  We did however have our first ‘incident’ where Arthur bit Freddie’s hand, twice, in one day.  It was awful, my heart broke.  We were so worried that this was the start of things to come.  We put Arthur on the naughty step straight away both times, he’s not done it again or shown any inclination to do it again so fingers crossed we won’t get any more biting.  He has never been a biter anyway which I think made it all the more shocking for us.  I don’t know if it was an extension of his love of Freddie’s hands, a bit of jealousy or what, but it was no fun for anyone!!

Arthur and Freddie. BrothersAnyway, aside from that one day.  These two are still very much buddies!  There really is a whole lot of kisses and cuddles all the time.

Arthur and Freddie. BrothersArthur and Freddie. Brothers

Along with Freddie’s hands, Arthur also likes to point out his head, eyes, ears and toes!

Arthur and Freddie. Brothers

This last picture makes me laugh so much!  Arthur can definitely ‘over love’ Freddie and this is another example of that!  Freddie wasn’t upset or anything after this, I think he is definitely going to be a resilient little guy!

Arthur and Freddie. Brothers

dear beautiful

A new family walk

Since Koopa got introduced to the beach on his first walk we’ve been loving taking him there! It’s becoming a real special time for us all.

We jumped in the car one day last week and drove down the road to a beach near to where we used to live.

It was the end of the day, it was cooling down outside and the beach was lovely.  Mark had Freddie in the wrap and off we went!

family walk on the beach praslin seychelles

Arthur and Koopa are so cute, they were off in their own little world exploring together.

Family walk. Toddler and Puppy on the beach. Praslin Seychelles

How cute is this picture of Arthur’s footprints and Koopa’s paw prints in the sand!

Family walk on the beach. Footprints and paw prints. Praslin, Seychelles

Along the way Arthur stopped to throw some stones into the Ocean, definitely one of his favourite things to do!

Family walk. Throwing stones in the ocean

We walked until we found some trees that had fallen down.

Family walk Praslin Seychelles

We had so much fun playing around, climbing running and hiding in them.

Family walk on the beach Praslin Seychelles. Daddy and baby. Baby wearing Family walk on the beach, praslin seychelles Family walk on the beach. Praslin, Seychelles Family walk on the beach praslin seychelles family walk on the beach praslin seychelles

Arthur thought it was great and Koopa did too! It was lots of fun watching the two of them chasing each other around, enjoying each other’s company.

We were having such a lovely time that we hadn’t realised it was way past Arthur’s dinner time and we had to head home.

Family walk. Praslin Seychelles

Of course when a small boy is having so much fun, just going home is not always as easy as all that!!
Our little master of distractions found anything to take as long as possible to get home!!  He threw stones and seaweed into the sea, splashed around and generally just slowed right down to do anything but go home.

The thing is, he looks so cute while he’s doing it, it’s pretty hard to get angry!

In the end the only thing for it was a mama piggy back!!

Family walk on the beach. Piggy back. Praslin Seychelles

It became one of those magic moments.  Those unplanned, simple yet oh so beautiful moments.  The ones where we sit back and think yep, that’s why we live here!!  This is definitely a special place for us now and a lovely place to go for a family walk.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Life Unexpected

When it rains…

When you picture the Seychelles, I imagine you probably think of something like this


Well, it’s not always like that of course!!  We get some pretty spectacular rain here.
Generally I love it when it rains here.  However, since August we have had SO much rain, I’m getting sick of it!

It’s nothing to do with the temperature, it’s still very warm when it rains.  In fact, the slightly lower temperature is often very very welcomed!

The biggest problem is that we can’t get out of the house!!!
Apparently our house is built on an old lake so when it rains it’s very quick to flood…brilliant.
We are lucky that our house doesn’t flood but our whole garden does, I’m talking like completely underwater!

When it rains in Seychelles

That picture was taken in August, it’s generally dry at that time of year!
That wouldn’t be so bad on its own but the little path out to the road goes completely underwater too meaning that getting out with two kids is impossible!!  You can do it in a car but during the week Mark takes the car to work.

Initially Arthur was surprisingly cautious of it.  He didn’t go in it at all.  Until one day, actually it was the day my parents arrived in September, he got in and had a fantastic time! The water level had gone down a little from the photo above. He went in barefoot, true island boy style, but I was not too excited about that so I didn’t join the fun!

When it rains in Seychelles

Mum and Dad bought Arthur a new pair of George Pig welly boots and so Arthur now gets excited by the “puddles” and runs upstairs to get his welly boots on!

When we get a tiny bit of rain, or when the heavy rain starts.  The puddles are perfect for Arthur to splash around in.  Koopa likes to play around with him too!

When it rains in Seychelles When it rains in Seychelles When it rains in Seychelles

The morning after I took those photos Arthur wanted to go out in his boots again.  It had rained through the night.

When it rains in Seychelles

When it rains in Seychelles

When it rains in Seychelles
Arthur initially had lots of fun but when he got to the deepest part the water was higher then his wellies and he was not so impressed with that!

Notice the absence of Koopa in these pictures?  I tried to get our big brave guard dog to go out and play with Arthur but he was having none of it!!

When it rains. Puppy in the rain

As I write this our garden is underwater again, it rained a lot in the night!  It’s not raining right now though so fingers crossed it will drain away soon….that’s one of the benefits of island living, the soil is very sandy so water does tend to drain away quicker than you might normally expect!


Life Unexpected

Guest post: Seeking Expat Mamas for a PhD study

I’m sharing this post on behalf of Leah, a PhD student and British Expat Mama living in Sydney.

Seeking expat mamas for a PhD study

Please take a read and it would be great if you could help her out a little too!

Over to you Leah.

Hello, I’m Leah, I’m a British migrant, living in Sydney with my husband and my two sons.
Seeking expat mamas for a PhD study
I’ve always thought of myself more as a Londoner, than British, but that’s probably for another post. Anyway, I’m an expat mum and currently a full-time PhD student, which is where this guest post comes in.

I am studying migrant mothers and how we use online communities. The first part of my study is a survey open to migrant and expat mothers living anywhere in the world. I’m hoping to capture a wide range of experiences to inform the rest of my study. The study is about how and why mothers use online communities and networks as part of their migration and mothering experiences, and I hope the study will provide useful information about how women cope with these life-changing experiences.

So if you are:

· a woman aged 21-55

· the mother of at least one child under the age of 5

· living and raising your child in a country which is not the country of your birth/upbringing, and you have been living in that country for 10 years or less

then please complete the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MamasAway

The next stage of the study will be interviewing mothers living in Sydney, so if you happen to be one of those, feel free to get in touch! In the meantime, please do pass the survey link on to any of your friends who might be interested, or post it on your blog / Twitter / Facebook page etc.

I look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say!

Many thanks


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