37 weeks pregnant

I’m 37 weeks pregnant, that means I’m officially full term which is really exciting!!  If you missed my 36 week update be sure to check it out!

Weight 67.7 kg (that’s +1.1kg in one week eeek!!)

Here’s me this week

37 weeks pregnant bump shot

I’ve had my final midwife appointment on Praslin this week, all went fine.  I will have one final check up near to where we are staying on Mahe and then that will be it before I check in to hospital to meet baby boy!!

With going to Mahe this Sunday I think this may be my last bump update!!  I’m not so sure of our internet access there, if I can get one in next week then of course I will!  If not I’ll probably still write it and publish it when we get back to Praslin.  That will definitely be weird since we will have our little guy by then but it will be nice to look back on it later on!!

Bags are partly packed to go now, I’ve not packed anything for myself yet though!!   This week is rolling through so fast, I feel like I’ve got more time then I really do!!
We are going to get all toiletries for baby and me on Mahe so it’s one less thing to fly over with! But, as usual it’s pretty much been left to a last minute thing!!!

I am ridiculously uncomfortable most of the time now, and my energy is totally zapped!  I don’t know how I’d be coping if mark wasn’t home right now!!

Sleep is continuing to be really broken which is not ideal but I guess it’s preparing me for night feeds!!

I’ve had some really painful Braxton hicks contractions where they’ve literally stopped me in my path.  I never had anything like this with Arthur, I guess because he was breach where this little guy is head down so there’s more pressure!?
Anyway I try to remain calm when it happens, but I’m not gonna lie, I freak out a little each time!!

Arthur has been giving loads of kisses and cuddles to my tummy mostly accompanied with “ahhhhh baby” which is so cute!
He’s also been saying “touch” as in touch the baby because we’ve been telling him that the baby will be here soon and showing him where he will sleep and all the little clothes!!

So, here’s this week’s countdown to our Caesarian and meeting baby boy!!
37 weeks pregnant!  Countdown to Caesarian section

It’s actually closer to one week now, we are so excited!!

So, hopefully I can do one last bump update next week if not I’ll be back…..with a baby!!!


A perfect afternoon!

With Mark having finished work and being on major countdown to going to Mahe and then the arrival of the baby, we wanted to make sure we got in lots of wonderful family time before everything got crazy!

We’ve had lots of time at the beach, swimming in the  ocean, playing in the garden and generally just spending time together.  It has really been lovely!

My favorite afternoon so far though has been when we went for lunch at a gorgeous hotel and then had some pool time!  As cheesy at it is it really was a perfect afternoon!

Having access to lovely hotels is definitely a HUGE perk of expat life in Seychelles.  We have pools we go to often and get a drink and go for a swim but sometimes it’s nice to go for lunch and make a whole afternoon of it!

We got Arthur dressed up in a cute little shirt and off we went!

A perfect afternoon expat life Praslin Seychelles
We had lunch at the pool bar and it was delicious!

A perfect afternoon lunch at a hotel pool Praslin Seychelles

I’m not really one for taking pictures so there aren’t any, you’ll just have to take my word on that one!  Arthur did lots of exploring while we ordered and waited for our food to arrive.  Mark kept him company while I sat back and relaxed!

After lunch we found a spot by the pool and hung out there!  This pool is built around rocks in three layers, it’s gorgeous.
A perfect afternoon expat life Praslin Seychelles
Last time we went Arthur was really interested in the waterfall area and we spent lots of time looking at it.
This time around, looking wasn’t enough and he had to get involved!!
I think that the rocks there are actually artificial they are not smooth at all.  I guess this is to keep people from wanting to sit or stand on it as they are quite prickly (ooops Arthur ignored that!), or to make sure they aren’t slippery if you do…let’s go with that!
A Perfect afternoon.  Expat life Praslin Seychelles
A perfect afternoon!  Expat life Praslin Seychelles
A perfect afternoon Praslin Seychelles

We even got five minutes to sit down, mmm maybe not quite 5 minutes but it was nice while it lasted!!
A perfect afternoon!  Praslin Seychelles

This was one of those afternoons where everything just seemed amazing! Arthur was in a great mood, he was so well behaved! We had a yummy lunch, spent some lovely time together, it felt like we were on holiday!
So nice to have a little bit of calm before the storm, all be it that the storm will come in the form of a teeny tiny baby boy!!

Mummy and Monkeys

25 months old

Arthur has just turned 25 months old.

25 months old

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since his second birthday, that’s absolutely flown by!!

His speech is continuing to improve with what feels like new words appearing every day!!!
A new word that has definitely hugely influenced how he communicates with us is “show” as in ‘show you’.  He grabs us by the hand and says “show show”

Our nap battles have been continuing.  I can’t bring myself to give up trying.  He definitely still needs sleep and will still go to sleep often enough for me to still have some hope!!!  The days he doesn’t nap he often crashes out somewhere late on in the day, usually the car!

Tantrums continue, I do feel that as Arthur can comminicate better they are easier to resolve.  The days where Arthur doesn’t nap are always worse because he’s tired and grumpy!

This month Arthur has been absolutely loving painting.  It’s been pretty much every day this month!  We’ve had his lovely little easel outside so mess has (mostly) been contained to out there!
25 months old painting

We’ve also seen Arthur really enjoying sorting out colours.  I’ve been trying to help him learn his colours with this.

We’ve been making towers
25 months old colour sorting

Sorting foam letters into the right colour boxes.

25 months old colour sorting

Arthur has also enjoyed taking lids on and off the paintpots and putting them back on the right colour!

Potty training is going well, we’ve still not gone out the house without nappies aside from the odd trip home in the car from the beach!   We decided with such big changes coming soon we wouldn’t push our luck!

This month, unbeknownst to Arthur, has included some lasts for us!
The one that got me the most was halfway through Mark’s last day of school, I realised that this would be the last day just me and Arthur at home.   I got really sad when I realised this, and I’m ok to admit that I’m all teary writing this now too!  Of course, I’m beyond super excited about our little boy bump arriving in our family, but I still worry all the time about how he (okay, I mean we) will cope with our world turning upside down again!!

Since Mark finished work for summer we’ve been having an amazing time, we’ve had loads of time at the beach, at the pool, in the garden and just generally enjoying our time together!!

25 months old family time at the pool

With one week until we go to Mahe, and just over 2 weeks until little boy bump arrives the next update for Arthur will definitely be an interesting one….it will definitely have been a busy month for him, and us all!