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Month: May 2015

28 weeks pregnant

I’m 28 weeks pregnant!  That means I’m officially in the third trimester woohoo! If you missed last week, check out my 27 week update This week little boy bump is around 38cm long and is weighing just over a kilo (about as much as an […]

23 months

Arthur is 23 months old. Oh my gosh.  I am emotional about this.  I am aware that’s ridiculous, but I’m pregnant so give me a break!  I can’t believe that next month we will have a 2 year old!! This month has seen Arthur being […]

Expat pregnancy in the Seychelles

Expat pregnancy in Seychelles


As I’m days away from entering the third trimester in my second pregnancy, both of which have been while living in the Seychelles, I thought I’d write a little bit about what Expat pregnancy in the Seychelles is like!!

So let’s start at the beginning…. You think you might be pregnant and you want to take a test!  Where to go?
Well, you can pick up a pregnancy test in a pharmacy.  They are pretty small though and if you don’t already know where they are you’ll need to either ask someone or you can go to a doctors!

I’ve never seen a digital test or anything fancy, just really basic ones.  I think they cost around 100scr each (about £5)

Antenatal care
Once you have found out your pregnant (yay!) then you can get registered for your Antenatal care!

As an expat, you have to pay for the Antenatal package.  That costs 5000scr (about £250) the price has been the same for both of my pregnancies, but obviously that could change in the future
This price includes:
All of your Antenatal check ups (monthly from 12-26 weeks pregnant, they then become fortnightly from then until the last few weeks when they are weekly).  This includes all your blood tests and the always lovely Glucose test.
All of your scans (12, 20 and 32 weeks as standard but no extra cost if more scans are needed for any reason) *
Dental check up (usually expats pay for the dentist)
*with your scans if you don’t want to know the sex of your baby, be sure to let the sonographer know as they tend to just tell you since everyone here finds out!

Day to day in pregnancy.
I guess is the same wherever you are in the world!
Obviously here, it’s hot, really hot so that can be kinda hard some days. Especially if you’re pregnant in March/April time which is the hottest time of year!
Also there’s not really any maternity clothes around. Shopping here in general is pretty limited.  Although I do think that you can get some maternity wear in Victoria on Mahe there’s not a lot of choice like you would expect elsewhere in the world so you might want to get some sent out!!

I’ve always found people to be very friendly and smiley here while I’ve been pregnant.  People will always ask if you’re having a boy or a girl.  There is a strong gender preference for girls here!

Planning for the birth.
If this is your first baby, or you’re having a Caesarian you have to go to Victoria Hospital on Mahe to deliver.

It is not standard here to do a hospital visit like it is in other places.  However you can arrange this if you want to!  We did a visit in my first pregnancy, it was quite surreal.  

If you don’t live on Mahe, like me, that means sorting out somewhere to stay.  Prices of this vary depending on where you choose!  We chose a self catering apartment near Beau Vallon.  That’s not really close to the hospital but we wanted somewhere nice and quiet and to make a bit of a holiday out of being on Mahe before the baby arrived.

We were also a little cheeky and asked around places if they would consider giving a resident discount.  Surprisingly there were lots of places that offered it to us, particularly as we were going there to have a baby!

We were told for a natural birth that we would have to be on Mahe from when I was 37 weeks pregnant. So we booked somewhere to stay from that time for 6 weeks.

In the end it turned out I would have to have a Caesarian because Arthur was breach, so really could have spent less time but that’s the downside of having to book somewhere to stay in advance!  For our first baby though, it didn’t matter we could enjoy being in our little bubble before getting back to life!

This time around we know in advance I’ll be having another Caesarian so we can book to stay less time on Mahe.  It is more important for us to minimise our time on Mahe as we now have Arthur to think about too and we think it will be easier for him to be in “normal” life as much as possible!!

So all that’s left now is to have your baby!!
I’ll have another post on that soon for you!

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27 weeks pregnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant! If you missed last weeks update, check out my 26 week update! This week our little guy is around 37cm long and weighs around 900g (about the weight as a head of cauliflower apparently!!) He will have started opening and closing […]

Pregnancy fitness questions answered by Dr Joanna Helcké

As part of my review for the Dr Joanna Helcké pregnancy fitness programme I was given the chance to ask Jo some pregnancy fitness questions. It was great to be able to ask Jo questions and get answers from a real expert!  I thought I’d […]

Exciting #myexpatfamily news!

I am really happy to be sharing some exciting #myexpatfamily news with you!
Exciting #myexpatfamily news
There have been 10 #myexpatfamily blog link ups so far and I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s still going strong!!  A huge thank you to everyone for joining in with me each month!  I always enjoy everyone’s posts and it’s been so amazing getting to know you and your blogs!!

This month has seen the most people link up ever so another huge thank you for that!!

Okay, so back to the news!!

Along with the lovely Keri from Baby Globetrotters, #MyExpatFamily will be expanding into an interactive online community!  So there will be a chance to join in weekly chats on Twitter and share your expat family photos on Instagram throughout the month!!

We wanted to get some real conversations and connections going and we think this is the perfect way to do it!!

Of course, my monthly link ups will still be continuing!!

So, how can you get involved?

Starting from Monday 1st June Keri and I will be hosting twitter chats.
The first one will be 11am GST (8am British Summer Time / UTC+4) but we can change this for future chats if needs be!!
We would like to do a weekly theme to guide and get conversations going 🙂

So the first theme will be: “The Move” and we will have a couple of questions ready for you to get those tongues (errr fingers??) waggling!!

We have set up a new Twitter account @myexpatfamily and will continue to use the hashtag  #myexpatfamily – please come and connect with us now

We’ve also created a MyExpatFamily Instagram account and we’d love to share your pictures, just use the hashtag #myexpatfamily and we will re-post the best.

Don’t forget to drop me a request to join the Myexpatfamily Pinterest board too!


We would love to know what you think!  If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know!!

You can tweet us @chantellevr and @babyglobetrot and we will certainly be spreading the word across all our social media platforms!!

Excited to get started!!!

Exciting #myexpatfamily news
& Keri
Exciting #myexpatfamilynews

26 weeks pregnant

I’m 26 weeks pregnant. If you missed last week, check out my 25 week update This week our little guy is around 36 cm long and weighs around 760g (apparently the same weight as a red cabbage, who knew!?) That is more than 100g in […]