22 months

22 months

I’m a little late with this one, but Arthur is now 22 months old! 

Another month that has truly flown by! 

We had a tough week when Arthur was poorly.  I wrote about it, and it seemed at that time he was on the mend.  Then the next morning he came out in a rash all over.  He’s never had anything like that before, and had only ever had a temperature really from immunisations.  It was really difficult to see him suffering.  I definitely enjoyed the long sleepy cuddles though they were amazing! 

He has now well and truly bounced back from that though and is back to his usual bursting with energy self!!  I’m not sure if it’s just me getting more pregnant (and therefore more slow!) but his energy levels definitely seem to have stepped up a gear in the last month!  

We’ve had some testing tantrums this month too.  What makes them difficult now is that it won’t just be over one thing.  Something will get him annoyed and then basically everything will annoy him and it’s difficult to calm him down.  The good thing is that now we have upstairs we can take him up (or down) and be in a totally different environment which calms him down quickly usually without having given in to whatever it is he was stroppy about!!!

He is absolutely crazy for cheese! He asks for cheese when he’s at the table eating any meal!
There is still very much a fridge obsession too.

Arthur is continuing to say mummy and daddy all the time.  He particularly has a soft spot for daddy right now!!  Mark has just been home with us for three weeks as it was Easter holidays.  Every time that Mark has time off, he and Arthur get even closer it’s so nice to see! 
Mark went back to work this week and Arthur has been looking for him and saying ‘daddy’ all day till he comes home!!

I’m very happy to say that he is still such an affectionate boy.  He loves to give a cuddle or “cuggle” as he says (makes me melt every time!) and gives such cute little kisses!!

Bed time is starting to be pretty different!!!  These days Arthur is all about choosing the stories himself! He also is becoming the master of drawing bed time out!  He asks for more stories, runs around, basically anything to delay going to bed, he then gets upset when we start to tell him his lullaby which makes me sad as it’s what we’ve done with him for as long as I can remember. I hope that we don’t need to change that part of our bed time routine and this is just a little phase!!

This month coming Arthur will have my parents here for two weeks which I know he’s going to love!! They will spoil him rotten, give him way too much ice cream and run around like crazy with him…….he’s gonna have a blast! It’s been 9 months since they’ve seen him and so I’m sure they will notice huge differences in him!

I’ll be back next month with his 23 month update!!

What’s wrong with having two boys?!

So, it’s happened!

We told someone we know that we are having another boy and we got

What's wrong with having two boys!?

Accompanied with a sympathetic look and a hold of my hand.

I was totally stunned.

It wasn’t until I walked away that I got angry about it.

It’s not like I’ve been saying that I was desperate to have a girl.  Even if I had, why would anyone ever say that to someone?

Why is it that people feel you should have a boy and a girl, one of each, to be happy?  Like having two boys will mean our family is somehow incomplete.

It makes me sad that people think that way.

After all, what’s wrong with having two boys!?

We are so happy that Arthur will be having a little brother.  We hope that they will be buddies, that they will have adventures together, be there for each other.  We are looking forward to seeing their similarities and their differences!

The main thing for us, was that we wanted our kids to be quite close in age.  Being expats means that people will often come and go in our lives.  We may move to other countries ourselves in the future too.  So we wanted them to be close enough to always be able to play together and keep each other company.

It didn’t matter to us if it was a boy or a girl.

In the Seychelles, everyone wants to have a girl.  There really is an opinion that boys are lazy.  When I was pregnant with Arthur so many people said to us

What's wrong with having two boys!?

So I’m surprised, in a sense, that we’ve not had more comments like this yet!

I still find it hard to get used to a culture that is SO girl biased!  I’ve met plenty of Seychellois women who can not hide their disappointment at having a boy.
There really can’t be many places in the world where girls are so heavily preferred over boys!

As it’s been the Easter holidays I haven’t seen too many people since we found out we were having another boy, so I expect there will be more awkward half congratulations with a side of sympathy for us!!

I know we probably would have had comments like this wherever we were living, as having one of each, still seems, for some reason, to be the “ideal” family set up. I’m not sure that will ever change.

The advice I’m giving myself is to just smile and say we are happy.  Time will tell whether or not I’ll be able to follow that the whole time I’m pregnant, there could well be a follow up post to this where I’ve snapped at someone!!!!

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Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving in Seychelles

Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving in Seychelles

The Seychelles is a really beautiful place and there is lots to see and do! One of the biggest draws for visitors is of course the Ocean!

Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, it’s warm all year round, and it’s home to some amazing creatures!

So what’s the best way to see this underwater world?
Of course it’s lovely to see it from the beach, but if you REALLY want to see it you’re going to want to get in and explore!!
This infographic is all about Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving in Seychelles. Check it out, this should help you make your decision! Or perhaps it will make you want to do both!!

So what do you think? Both are pretty appealing aren’t they!?
I personally prefer Scuba Diving but it’s not for everyone!

*I just want to confirm that I’ve not been paid or compensated in anyway for this post*

23 weeks pregnant

I’m 23 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it, check out my last update
This week our little guy is the size of a large mango, mmmm yummy!!
He’s weighing over half a kilo now and is around 29cm long!
An exciting development this week is that his hearing is getting better and can hear more and more of the world!

Here’s me this week:
23 weeks pregnant

Bump Measurement: 39 inches (+1.5 inches in a week, biggest growth so far!)

This week with Arthur being poorly I’ve hardly had a minute to think about being pregnant!!
Luckily, little kicks are there to remind me!

I’m struggling with sleep this week.  I’m sure some this will be down to be worried about Arthur but Mark has reliably informed me it was about this time last time that sleep went down hill…..feels like a long way to go with rubbish sleep but I guess it’s preparing me for when little man arrives!!!!!

I’ve been getting dizzy spells the last couple of days.  I don’t remember having this before and it’s definitely not something I’m prone to outside of pregnancy.  I hope it’s not a symptom that sticks around it’s really not nice!

It could of course be down to it being SO hot here at the moment.  I mean really hot, and humid….. Not nice for a big pregnant mama!!!  You may have seen me moaning about that on twitter this week!

A couple of weeks ago I said that I thought the pregnancy cravings were over.  My Balsamic vinegar is still in full swing.  This week I made a paste out of white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to clean a stain on the sink (a Pinterest suggestion) and it took all my willpower not to eat it!!  I think it was just the smell of vinegar was so strong!….. The stain didn’t remove either by the way, very annoying!
I also had to refrain from drinking balsamic straight out the bottle!!

I have started my Online pregnancy fitness and I’m really enjoying it!  I’ll have a post up this week with some more info about it!

I’ll be back next week with my 24 week update.

TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review

The lovely people at TotsBots kindly sent us one of their award winning Easyfit v4 reuseable nappies to review.

Totsbots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review

We have the ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ design which is based on the nursery rhyme and it is very cute!!

Tots bots have the liner attached already and they come with an additional booster liner for extra absorbency use that pops on, very easy!  (A little more about the liners in a moment!)
TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy reviewPUTTING THE NAPPY ON

Putting this nappy on is super quick and easy!

There are poppers to adjust the height/length of the nappy.

At 22 months (and around 12kg) Arthur is big enough that we do not need to use any of the poppers (so he’s on the biggest setting)
The width of the nappy is adjusted with hook and loop (Velcro) and stretches and wraps round to give a lovely fit.  This makes doing it up as quick and easy as a disposable nappy, in fact TotsBots describe this nappy  “as close as cloth gets to disposable”.

The hook and loop fastening is much stronger than the tabs on disposable nappies though making it harder for your baby to remove their nappy (Arthur used to love taking his disposables off especially at night which can have messy consequences!!!)

Most of the time I’ve used the nappy just with the attached liner.  I’ve added the additonal liner a couple of times.  Obviously, with the additional liner in the nappy is bulkier.  I found it a little harder to get as good of a fit with the extra liner in but I think this would just be down to practice!

The TotsBots Easy fit v4 is a really lovely nappy and I love the design of the one we have been sent!  Makes me sing the nursery time every time I put it on Arthur!!!

The stretch and wrap means that the fit is really good which also ensures there’s no excess bulkiness!
They are generally more compact then our baba&boo nappies which adds to the lack of bulk of them, it could be a problem for particularly tall or big babies but at 22 months there’s still room to grow in them for Arthur so can’t see that it would be too much of an issue for most babies!!

Arthur is definitely super comfy running around in his nappy!

TotsBots Easyfit v4 reusable nappy review TotsBots Easyfit V4 reusable nappy review

I think my favourite feature of the TotsBots Easyfit V4 is their new ‘binky’ liners!  They are a combo of mega absorbent bamboo and soft fast drying minky!!
It’s nice to have these combined and they are very good!

So far I’ve only used our easy fit during the day so can’t comment on it’s overnight absorbency but I’m sure with the additional liner that comes with the nappy it would be totally fine!
Being as it’s so hot here Arthur sleeps just in a nappy 99% of the time.  With the fastening being Velcro style I’d be a little nervous of Arthur taking the nappy off in the middle of the night.  Obviously, this wouldn’t be a problem for most people as they’d have pjs on their little ones!!

There are little tabs on the Velcro fastening to make sure to make sure that it doesn’t stick to other things in the wash….they work great!
The nappy washes up perfectly.  The ‘Binky’ liner dries nice and quickly too!

So all in all I think that this is a really great nappy. For us, as I mentioned above, we will probably stick with it as a day time nappy, but it definitely is perfect for that!

DISCLOSURE: I was sent this nappy by TotsBots for the purpose of review, however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!

Poorly {The Ordinary Moments 15} #11

Arthur has been poorly this week.
Thursday I had a midwife appointment and while we were there I noticed he was quite warm.  He hadn’t eaten very much at breakfast time so I gave him a yogurt when we got home.
A little after that I gave him some calpol as his temperature was getting higher.

Then my poor little guy was sick, twice.

Arthur is never poorly and has never been sick like that, it was really sad.  He handled it so well though bless him.  I cleaned him up and then we snuggled up on the sofa.
He probably did not get much chance to get any benefit from the calpol before he was sick and his temperature did not really go down.

All he wanted was to be snuggled with me.
I’ll be honest, all I wanted was to be snuggled with him too, for him to be better.

We ended up having two days of mostly being on the sofa watching movies or in Arthur’s room reading stories.

Bed times were what I struggled with the most.  Our little bed time routine for Arthur is always such a lovely time for the three of us and things were just not right.

The first night he ate a little dinner and drank his milk.  Bed time routine was mostly the same.
When Mark and I went upstairs to bed we heard Arthur laughing so we went into his room he was totally delirious.  We gave him more calpol and cuddles and he was soon back off to sleep.
It was so hard to see him like that, just not with it at all.
The second night was perhaps worse.  He’d not had any calpol in the afternoon as his temp was down after nap time.  However by late afternoon it had crept back up.  We decided to wait till bed time to give him medicine so he could have a good nights sleep.  He didn’t touch his dinner and drank hardly any of his milk.  He then basically passed out on his bed after having his medicine.  His temperature was high all night and his sleep was a lot more broken.

Luckily by Saturday afternoon Arthur seemed to be a lot more himself.  He ate most of his dinner, which probably ended up being more than he’d eaten since Thursday!!
Bed time was a lot more “normal”.  We had stories and cuddles.
Arthur didn’t wake up until 8am Sunday morning which is I think the most he’s ever slept!!!!

It obviously did him the world of good as he’s got loads more energy today!  We even did a little beach trip this morning, had a splash around, looked at fish and built sandcastles!  He got tired faster than usual but we still had fun!

I’m so happy that Arthur is on the mend.  It’s been awful for Mark and I to see him so poorly.
We did get lots of lovely cuddles though and though he was very clingy, he was never upset or grumpy with it.  We were so surprised with how well he dealt with it all!
It did also serve as a good reminder that he really isn’t poorly very often though and so it’s definitely something to be thankful for!


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22 weeks pregnant

I’m now 22 weeks pregnant.
I totally forgot to do my pregnancy update last week!    But if you didn’t catch my 20 week update check it out!

This week baby boy is apparently the size of a spaghetti squash (nope, I don’t know what that is either!) but he is around 28cm head to toe and weighs about half a kilo!

Here’s me this week:

Bump Measurement: 37.5 inches (only +1 inch in three weeks which shocked me as I feel so much bigger!!)

Weight: 59.4kg (+3.2kg in one month Wow!!!!!)

Getting lots and lots of movement still from our little guy which is still amazing!  I love watching my tummy move from his kicks!

I had a midwife appointment this week and all was normal!  Nothing exciting to report there, booked in to see her again in a months time!

We’ve been out and about lots the last couple of weeks as Mark has been off work!  It’s been great to be doing lots of walking around and of course it’s good to have the energy to do that too at the moment!  It’s good timing before tiredness kicks in again in the third trimester!
One day last week we went to the island of La Digue and probably walked a little too far but I slept very well that night and was fine the next morning!
It’s been good to remind myself that I can (and should be) still be walking good distances!!
I’m also about to start an online pregnancy fitness programme which I’m really excited about!  I’ll be blogging more about that soon!!

April is the hottest time of year in Seychelles and it really has been hot!   It can be hard when it’s like this to drink enough water when you’re not pregnant so it definitely is harder to keep on top of it being pregnant (and running after a toddler)

This week I had my birthday so I took the opportunity to dress up a little which I never do these days so here’s me and the bump a little dolled up!

I thought I’d got over the cravings stage but this week I have not been able to get enough of grapefruit and lemonade together!  So yummy!!  I find it interesting that all my cravings have been for sharp tasting thigs!!

Still no name decisions have been made!!!

I’ll be back next week with my 23 week pregnancy update!

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