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Month: March 2015

Waaaa, twooo, weeee {The Ordinary Moments 15} #9

Arthur has always loved when we count, particularly going up and down stairs!   What’s really exciting is that now he has started counting too!  It started off with him saying “two” every time he went up and down any step…..I’m not so sure why […]

19 weeks pregnant and the big reveal!

I’m now 19 weeks pregnant! If you missed it check out last weeks update! This week Seychelles baba is as big as an heirloom  tomato (whatever that is!) which is more than 15cm crown to rump!  Also baby can apparently now start to hear my […]

21 months!

Arthur is now 21 months old! We are now all moved in at our new house and we have been so proud of how Arthur made the transition to his big boy bed! He’s still sleeping pretty much until 6 every day which has definitely […]

18 weeks pregnant

I’m now 18 weeks pregnant! Apparently little Seychelles baba is around the size of a bell pepper (over 14cm long crown to rump!) and is doing lots of arms and legs movement!! If you missed last week take a read of my 17 week pregnancy […]

Making the most of Arthur!

Today I spent a lot of time thinking just how soon Arthur will not be an only child any more. My pregnancy is flying by, I’m almost half way already.  This is, at least partly I’m sure, due to the fact that I have Arthur […]

17 weeks pregnant

I’m 17 weeks pregnant! If you missed it, check out my 16 weeks pregnant post! So this week Seychelles baba apparently weighs as much as a turnip (140g) and is around 13cm crown to rump!!  Also it can move all it’s joints and the little […]

How I know my son is an island baby!

How I know my son is an island baby! We are lucky enough to be raising Arthur in the Seychelles. Since he was born here this life is all he knows, but we know just how lucky he is!! I think if we had to […]