Waaaa, twooo, weeee {The Ordinary Moments 15} #9

Arthur has always loved when we count, particularly going up and down stairs!  

What’s really exciting is that now he has started counting too!  It started off with him saying “two” every time he went up and down any step…..I’m not so sure why he started with two but it made us laugh!
Another place it started was whenever Mark wore his ‘tour de France’ Tshirt as it has pictures of of the 4 different jerseys on there: yellow, white, spotty and green (Mark will be impressed that I remembered that!) he would point at them and say “two” and then get Mark to count along with him!  He loved it!!
The only pictures I have of this is really grainy but I’ll share them since it is so cute!  

Waaaa, twooo, weeee toddler counting

Now we have stairs at our house there has been a lot more counting going on!  I’m now unable to go up or down stairs without counting, even if I’m not with Arthur (hello crazy mama!) 

In the last week or so Arthur has started saying “one” although it’s a little more of a “waaaa” occasionally with a ‘n’ on the end! Then following it with a very lovely clear “two” and then sometimes we even get a “weeeee” (three!) 

Arthur thinks counting is a lot of fun, which we love!  He’s learning that there is lots more things to count then just stairs too!!  

So I think we will have lots of “Waaaa, twooo, weeee” to come 



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19 weeks pregnant and the big reveal!

I’m now 19 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it check out last weeks update!

This week Seychelles baba is as big as an heirloom  tomato (whatever that is!) which is more than 15cm crown to rump!  Also baby can apparently now start to hear my voice which I love!!

Here’s me this week:

19 weeks pregnant bump

Bump Measurement:

36.5 inches (+0.5 inches from last week)

This has been a big week for our little Seychelles baba!!

The kicks are getting crazy, I mean like kicks we can actually see them!  it’s amazing!!  

Yesterday we had our anomaly scan!!  Great news is that our little one is nice and healthy in there!!!

We also got to find out the sex

Drumroll please……….

It's a boy!  19 weeks pregnant

Yes, Arthur is going to have a baby brother!!!
We are really excited to have two little boys!  I hope that they will be best buddies!  
Mark has a sister and I have a brother and so I kind of assumed we would he having a girl so I was shocked when the Sonographer said it was a boy!
Mark has been saying all along that “he KNOWS it’s a boy” so he’s feeling pretty smug haha!

Arthur was as good as gold at the scan yesterday so we are very proud of him too!!

We are so happy to be able to start saying “he” now instead of “it”!  Feels like we can really start to bond with our little guy!
Now we just need to think of a name!!!!!!

I’ll be back next week with my 20 week update!


21 months!

21 months

Arthur is now 21 months old!

We are now all moved in at our new house and we have been so proud of how Arthur made the transition to his big boy bed!
He’s still sleeping pretty much until 6 every day which has definitely been a pleasent surprise for us!!

I can’t believe we’ve only been in this house a month, we’ve settled so quickly and the madness that was the few weeks leading up to and including the move thankfully seems like a distant memory!!

We were worried that having stairs in our new place would be an issue but he’s handled them really well too!!  The first few days he was pretty excited about throwing toys down the stairs but he seems to be over that already thank goodness!!  He gets pretty distracted half way up (or down) most times as we have a big window there and he likes to stop and look out!  It’s cute but it can be a little bit tiring when you’re trying to get stuff done!  All in all though we are greatful that he’s being good with the stairs!!

Last month I mentioned how I felt like the countdown to 2 is definitely on!  I was so right!  We are having ridiculous tantrums left right and centre!!!
They are still generally pretty short lived but they are becoming more frequent!!
A lot of them seem to be centre around Arthur’s obsession with the fridge!!!

The fridge thing is seriously very annoying!  Even if he’s just eaten a huge amount of food he will decide he wants something from the fridge and will go crazy if you don’t give him anything!!  Or if he sees you go in there for anything he goes nuts too…the days of secret snacking for this mama are long gone!!!

Aside from the annoying fridge obsession, over all Arthur is eating really well!  I’m getting better at sneaking in lots of veggies into his foods too!!

Something really cute that’s happening now is Arthur is calling us ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’!  He used to say Dada a lot but never really said Mama unless I wasn’t around (which is really not very often!!)
But now he’s very excited to say Mummy and Daddy which we absolutely love!!

In general, Arthur is loving pointing out things and telling us what they are!  It’s amazing how much his speach has come on this month actually!  He’s picking up words left right and centre (we must be very careful with our choice of words now!!!)

Arthur continues to be a really affectionate little guy and is starting to say “cuddle” more of a “cuggle” so cute right!? He still loves to kiss my tummy and say “baby” I’m amazed at how interested he is! He also really loves to point out whenever he sees a baby!!

So another month has rolled on by so fast! We really are approaching 2 way too quickly! I wrote about trying to make the most of Arthur before his little brother or sister arrives and I will continue to do this!!

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18 weeks pregnant

I’m now 18 weeks pregnant!
Apparently little Seychelles baba is around the size of a bell pepper (over 14cm long crown to rump!) and is doing lots of arms and legs movement!!
If you missed last week take a read of my 17 week pregnancy update

Here’s me this week:

18 weeks pregnant


Bump measurement:36 inches (+0.5 inches from last week)

Weight: 56.2 kg (plus 1.2kg) 


I’ve been feeling lots of movements this week which is so lovely!  I’m so happy to have reached this stage because feeling those kicks is just the best thing in the world!  It totally makes up for the less nice things about pregnancy!!

I’ve also been having a bit of pain in my c-section scar.  I’ve done some reading and spoke to my midwife (as well as some lovely people on twitter!) and all seems pretty normal, it’s just down to my growing bump! 

We are really excited as at my midwife appointment yesterday I was given my scan date,   it’s next Thursday!  We can’t wait to see our baby again and hopefully find out that all is well in there and fingers crossed be able to see if we are having a boy or a girl!!

I had a bit of a realisation yesterday too that I need to carry Arthur less!  We were out and about a lot yesterday and it ment lots of picking him up for me and by last night I was aching all over it was not nice!!!

We’ve not thought really any more about names.  We thought all along that we’d wait to look until we knew if we were having a boy or a girl!  I’m excited to start looking properly again next week!

That’s it for now! I’ll be back next week with my 18 week pregnancy update and the results of the scan!!


Making the most of Arthur!

Today I spent a lot of time thinking just how soon Arthur will not be an only child any more.

My pregnancy is flying by, I’m almost half way already.  This is, at least partly I’m sure, due to the fact that I have Arthur keeping me very busy!

I am writing this post, I guess, as a reminder to myself, to really make the most of enjoying Arthur as he is now.  My special little guy.  He’s growing so fast and as much as he, of course throws toddler tantrums he really is a lovely boy.  So affectionate and so funny.

I know that come August his little world is going to be turned upside down.

This makes me both excited and a little worried!

Every night we put Arthur to bed, Mark and I will always make some sort of comment about Arthur being awesome.  Not deliberately, like some weird mantra thing!  It just comes out!

I am excited that, after not so long he will have his own little play mate!  I know that he will be a wonderful big brother and will love the company!

I worry that he will feel left out when his little brother or sister arrives.  We will, of course, do all we can to make sure that’s not the case!

I also feel sad that I won’t be able to give all my attention to Arthur like he has now.  I already feel guilty for this.  I know really though that although it will be hard, it will be good for him to learn to be a little more independent, to learn to share me with someone else.

But for now, I want to count my lucky stars for the time I have already had, and the time I will have just Arthur and I.  For the time we spend as the three of us!

I’ll be sure that this time is spent making the most of Arthur!


Count Your Lucky Stars
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17 weeks pregnant

I’m 17 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it, check out my 16 weeks pregnant post!

So this week Seychelles baba apparently weighs as much as a turnip (140g) and is around 13cm crown to rump!!  Also it can move all it’s joints and the little skeleton is hardening into bone from cartilige!  (I can’t wait to be able to say he or she!)

Here’s me this week:

17 weeks pregnant

Excuse the toddler mess on the floor!!  I realise looking at this, that I also really should put a bit of make up on before sharing these bump shots haha!


Bump measurement:

35.5 inches (+1 inch from last week)

We have started to look at names!!!  We were planning on waiting until we know whether we are having a boy or a girl, but we found the baby name book we had for Arthur in the move!
We have really not got anywhere with it but it’s really exciting to start looking!


Movement!!!  Definitely!  Last week I was pretty sure I was starting to feel it, and this week it’s getting really strong!  Particularly after I eat chocolate, if that’s not an excuse to eat more I don’t know what is!!

Last night it was really really strong, I know this seems way too early for this to happen but Mark could actually feel it which was amazing!

I still have been getting pain in my leg, BUT, I actually had a couple nights without it this week which was amazing

I have a lovely “mask of pregnancy” blemish on my face, in exactly the same place I had it with Arthur!  Ahh the pregnancy glamour continues!!!!

Arthur continues to be wonderful with my bump, it really is so cute how excited he gets about it!!

No real cravings or dislikes this week!!

I have a midwife appointment on Thursday and I should be getting my date for my next scan which I’m really excited about!
I’ll be back next week with my 18 week pregnancy update.



How I know my son is an island baby!

How I know my son is an island baby! How I know my son is an island baby We are lucky enough to be raising Arthur in the Seychelles. Since he was born here this life is all he knows, but we know just how lucky he is!! I think if we had to move back to the UK tomorrow, there would be some fairly big differences in Arthur compared to other kids his age! So I thought I’d put together a little list on how I know my son is an island baby!

  • Amongst his first words are: Bat, beach, boat, fish, as well as his own special version of the word swimming.  If this doesn’t make him an island baby I don’t know what does!?
  • He is a little fish.  We’ve taken him swimming since he was 6 weeks old, at least once a week but usually more!  He is so confident and happy in the water.  Apart from when we took him to the UK to visit the grandparents he has only ever swam outside!
  • He walks around all day in just a nappy…..frankly anything more is too hot!!  Hell, if I could get away with walking around like that all day I would too!!
  • The closest he’s ever got to being cold was British summer time!
  • His hair is sun kissed and he has a perpetual tan despite my best efforts with the sun cream.  In fact his tan is better than mine!
  • He’s never been to any special baby class, there aren’t any!
  • His best friend is our neighbours cat!
  • Rain is a novelty to him and he’s very excited by it!
  • He hardly ever gets bitten by Mosquitos, when he does it doesn’t bother him at all!!  Everyone we know (including us) when they come to the Seychelles for the first time gets munched on by Mosquitos and the bites itch too!!
  • He’s happiest when he’s outside, preferably at the beach!!  Playing in the sand is the best!  We took him to the beach for the first time when he was 1 week old!!
  • Toys aren’t really that interesting to him….give him some stones, sticks or water to play with and he’s made up!!!
  • Arthur thinks his grandparents live in my iPad!  Thanks to the wonder that is Skype!!
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