20 months

20 months old

Arthur is 20 months old!  Wow, it really feels like the count down to 2 is really on now.

I realised while looking for a picture for this post that I have definitely not taken enough photos this month.

Looking back on this month, it honestly feels like a blur.  I say that quite a lot, but this month I feel like we have kind of struggled through in a way!

Mark was away for 5 days and that was the first time  he’s been away for more than a day!  So, Arthur and I had some time just the two of us!  While we enjoyed it we were both very happy to have a Daddy home again!

We are getting ready to move house this weekend, so the house is a sea of boxes, bags and junk everywhere…..of course Arthur is loving that and being ‘very helpful’ unpacking stuff, refusing to let me pack toys he’s not played with in forever, and switching stuff between boxes!!!!

We’ve also had the fun of a burst pipe inside a wall resulting in us having to have he water off 99% of the time.  This has caused me a lot of stress and poor Arthur has had to deal with a grumpy mummy!  Our landlord decided he wouldn’t fix it until we moved out as it would be messy and he didn’t know how long it would take…!!!

On brighter notes…….

I’ve been really enjoying watching Arthur grow closer to Mark.  He absolutely adores his Daddy and his face lights up whenever he’s around.  There’s lots of “Dada” love at the moment for sure!!

In fact, I have to say that Arthur has been very affectionate in general this month.  The biting that had started again last month has stopped (phew!) and has been replaced by lots of cuddles and kisses!!

Arthur even kissed someone else for the first time!!!  A little girl at school!  It was very sweet but also sad! He had never kissed anyone except Mark and I!  He has now also given our next door neighbour a kiss too much to her delight!!

You may remember in Arthur’s 19 month update that I said we had started to put the side of the cot down to get Arthur ready for a big boy bed!  Well, we have pretty much said goodbye to 6am wake ups now and hello to 5-5:30 am wake ups instead!!!  While Mark was away this even became 4:30am!  We are putting him straight back into bed and putting the side of the cot up to try and get him to understand that’s not a good time to get up so we will see where  that goes in the next month!!  I think when we get into the new house this weekend we are going to put him straight into a bed, this might prove to be a horrible idea, watch this space!!!

Food is still going well, I’ve been slipping in more and more veg since he’s becoming less fussy again and for the most part it’s going very well, hurrah!!

Arthur really is so chatty!  He’s added a few new words including beach and cheese (he’s a cheese fiend!!).  Unfortunately his favourite word seems to be ‘Noooooooooo’ he’s says it in such a funny and serious way we can’t help but laugh!
There are lots of half words flying about at the moment too.  I’m not sure why this is the case, we make sure we repeat back the full word to him but also let him know we’ve understood him, hopefully that’s the right thing to be doing!


Arthur is also loving mama’s baby bump which is super cute!  He gives loads of cuddles, says “baby” and kisses it!


Think thats all all for this moth!  Next month here’s hoping we are well and truly settled into our new home!

Kandy: Sri Lanka with a toddler

Kandy: Sri Lanka with a toddler

It has been a long time since I wrote my last post on our Sri Lanka.  It’s because I had to wait until we could make our little announcement!!!

So last time I wrote about our stay in Unawatuna.  From there, we hired a car and driver to take us back to Colombo and from there we took the train onto Kandy.

The weather had began to turn in Unawatuna and it continued to get worse throughout the rest of our trip!  Very unusual for that time of year apparently!  Everyone we spoke to apologised for the weather and was disappointed for us that we weren’t seeing Sri Lanka at it’s best.
It was a shame that the weather wasn’t good for the train journey because we travelled through some amazing mountains with some incredible views.  However, a lot of our views were obscured due to fog and heavy rain clouds. It was still pretty amazing going up through the mountains though!
train ride to Kandy Sri Lanka
While we had been in Colombo we booked our train tickets (a top tip as tickets sell like hot cakes).  It was really so cheap for the train.  We booked 1st class tickets and I think we paid £5 for us both….pretty amazing for a 3 hour journey!!!

We arrived in Kandy in the pouring rain, very dramatic!  Annoyingly, we thought we had the address for our hotel (learning from our mistake in Colombo) turns out we didn’t!!!  The hotel we stayed in is very new and no one knew where it is!  Luckily we managed to get it sorted after not too long and soon we arrived.

Our hotel was the amazing Secret Hotel.  Our special treat since we were staying there for Christmas and Mark’s 30th birthday!
It was tiny with only 5 rooms but it was gorgeous!!  What really made this place special though was the AMAZING staff who were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us.
The food was incredible too.
Unfortunately pregnancy symptoms were beginning to set in and I had no appetite for a lot of our stay.  Such a shame but Arthur and Mark definitely made the most of it!

So what did we get up to while we were in Kandy?

We visited the very famous temple of the tooth.  According to legend, one of the Buddah’s teeth is there.  It is a truly spiritual and important religious place for Buddhists world over.
Kandy Sri Lanka Temple of the Tooth
Like other Buddhist temples we had seen, the temple of the tooth was very ornate.  This place though was on a whole other level.  It was absolutely massive.  There were so many people lined up to give offerings, mostly flowers and food.
Kandy Sri Lanka Temple of the Tooth
The grounds of the temple were huge and it was such a shame that the weather was bad because they looked like they would be so lovely to walk around.  There are many museums within the grounds.  One dedicated entirely to a famous temple elephant, I didn’t want to go there because the elephant was there stuffed.  It didn’t appeal!

We visited the big shopping centre.  Coming from Seychelles, this was pretty exciting!!  It was huge, there wasn’t loads of international stores but there was a mothercare which we were very happy to visit!!
It was here we picked up a pregnancy test and found out our amazing news later that day!!

We hired a Tuk Tuk and driver for the day and went out to see the elephant orphanage.  On the way mark and Arthur fed bananas to wild monkeys!
Kandy Sri Lanka feeding wild monkey

There are actually two elephant places close to each other.
One is called Millenium, honestly we didn’t love it there that much.  It is set up mainly to give tourists elephant rides which we didn’t want to do.  The elephants there are all rescued from places where they had been working for a long time, I have to say that they all did look very healthy and well fed, and I do think the life they have there is better than the life they had before.  However, I didn’t like that they spent their days giving tourists rides up and down…..just wasn’t for us!

The second place we went to is much bigger, the elephant orphanage.  When we arrived the elephants were down in the river.  This was truly amazing to see, they looked so happy!  Arthur absolutely loved watching them, he was amazed!!  We watched from the restaurant balcony of a hotel, great shelter from the rain!
Kandy Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage
Kandy Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage
We watched the staff round them up, quite a task I can assure you and they all marched back up to the orphanage.  We followed shortly after.  This place has had a bad reputation in recent times, but from what we read it is improving there.  It looked quite like a zoo, but just for elephants!  There were places you could pay to feed the elephant or give milk to the babies….again this wasn’t for us!  There was a big area at the back where elephants were out and about, closely watched by the staff of course.  It was quite something to get so close.
Kandy Sri Lanka Elephant Orphanage
From there we were taken to a Spice Garden.  It was free entry and interesting to walk around but the guy was ALL about the hard sale of his products.  We kind of felt like we had to buy something so we ended up with some natural mosquito repellent balm.  Actually pretty useful for us here!

Christmas Eve there was a big special dinner at the hotel. I was so upset because all I could eat was the soup, Mark reliably informed me it was amazing though!!
We got dressed up for the occasion though which was nice to do! Arthur looked so cute dressed up in a shirt for the first time!
Christmas Eve dinner in  Kandy Sri Lanka
On Christmas day (wow that makes it feel so long ago, how are we almost in March already!?) there was a little break in the rain that morning so we went for a family walk with the intention of going round the lake in the middle of Kandy.  Unfortunately the rain soon returned and put a stop to that!!
We went back to our hotel and had a bit of a quiet rest of the day.  Skyped our parents watched a movie.  Opened the presents we had for Arthur.  It was really lovely.
Christmas day in Kandy Sri Lanka

We took a Tuk Tuk up to the big Buddah in the hill.
A nice view from up there and it’s a pretty impressive thing to look at!
Kandy Sri Lanka Big Buddah
The next day was Marks 30th birthday!!!!  I had arranged his birthday present back home in Seychelles (a Nespresso machine he’s wanted for ages!)

We got our Tuk Tuk driver from our day trip to take us to a few more sites.  He took us to this one place, a bit of a viewpoint called ‘Arthur’s Seat’ which was pretty cool! He didn’t know why it was called that but we liked it!
Kandy Sri Lanka Arthurs seat
We also went to the botanical gardens which were so pretty!!  I would definitely recommend a trip there! There was a lot of rare plants and trees from around the world. Including the very rare coco de mer tree which comes from our island Praslin!

It was then time to leave Kandy which was sad, we had a lovely time there!  Finding out we were having another baby there too means that Kandy will always be extra special to us!!

Arthur continued to be amazing throughout this part of our Sri Lanka trip, he had a lovely time in all the different places we visited! Again the pushchair was totally useless so it was all about the Moby wrap!

Our next, and final stop on our Sri Lanka trip was Sigyria!  Stay tuned for my post on that!

14 weeks pregnant

Im 14 weeks pregnant! This week our little Seychelles baba is around the size of a lemon approximately 9cm!! Apparently it can now suck it’s thumb and pee too….awesome! Here’s me this week!  Not a great shot again I know!  But I’ve given up on anything better until we move!! 14 weeks pregnant Thought I’d start doing some measurements which makes me a bit nervous sharing but will be good to look back on!!! I’ll update the weight after I’ve had a midwife appointment (every month at the moment) as I don’t have scales at home. Weight: 55kg (+2kg in 2 months weight at 1st midwife appt 53kg) Bump measurement: 32.5inches (round my tummy at my belly button.  Wish I had done this from the start but usually I’m somewhere between 26-28 inches here!) I had a midwife appointment yesterday.  Felt like a bit of a waste of time to be honest.  It wasn’t with my midwife (but it was the lady I had with Arthur…a proper battle axe).  She tried to tell me there wasn’t enough folic acid in pregnacare and that I should be taking more.  I wasn’t impressed with that, she had no idea clearly!!! Arthur is still giving lots of kisses and cuddles to my bump!  He’s also started giving it raspberries, cheeky monkey!


Metal taste has gone thank goodness!! I’ve had a few twinges of carpal tunnel…I had this, totally inexplicably to all doctors around 10 years ago and and to have it operated on both wrists which sucked.  I had it a little when pregnant with Arthur but not too bad.  I know it’s common in pregnancy but I really don’t want it to develop fully because it’s so horrible! For a couple weeks now I’ve had a pain in my left leg starting at my lower back it is really uncomfortable and no matter what I do I can’t get it to go!  Very annoying! Anyway that all sounds very miserable!  I’m not.  I’m enjoying my little bump!


Still wanting red onion…..specifically as part of a tuna melt!!! Diet coke!  I’ve always loved diet coke, but when I was pregnant with Arthur I was totally off it so I’m more than happy to be treating myself to the odd can!! Crumpets…still! In amazing and bad news all in one go, there are crumpets in the little international shop.  Actual Warburtons crumpets!  The bad news is that a pack of 6 cost me around £4!!  Ouch!!! In my opinion it may be the best £4 of Marks money I have ever spent, he disagrees!!!


Ummmm, not really any dislikes I can think of this week woohoo!

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Just the two of us {The Ordinary Moments 15} #7

On Tuesday Mark left to go to London to do some interviews for new teachers at the school.

This ment that Arthur and I would be by ourselves for 5 nights!

Now this might now seem like a big deal for many, after all a partner working away is not all that uncommon!  However, for us, this was the first time!
Since Arthur has been born I think Mark has been away for 1 night.  That’s it!  So 5 nights for us has been a pretty big deal!

I’ve been very anxious about it on the lead up to it!
It’s now Sunday morning, Mark is home in a few hours and if I do say so myself, we have done pretty good!!

Arthur and I have been swimming every day, both at the pool and at the beach!  He is such a water baby, he goes absolutely crazy, I love it!  I need to start taking the camera when we go swimming again and capture some of those moments! It’s been nice just to enjoy them first hand though and not worry about any of that stuff!!!

I have to say though, it’s been exhausting and I’ve really missed my team mate!!  Thursday in particular was really rough, Arthur was in an awful awful mood ALL day.
He threw tantrums left right and centre!
Looking back now though they are already kinda funny….
We went to the shop and they had strawberries (a special treat here) so I bought them for Arthur as he loves them.
We get home and I cut some up for him.  He went to the fridge to say he wanted a snack and when I gave him the strawberries he FREAKED out (because they hadn’t come from the fridge what a diva!!) I then made the mistake of trying to give him a drink…..
My lovely next door neighbours came to the back door to check all was ok and to give me a break.  Arthur saw them and their cat Smudge and was instantly all smiles and laughing.  So yeah, that felt good 🙁

Throughout the week we took silly selfies for Daddy, something we should do more!
Just the two of us
We’ve also had lots of snuggles, he’s been extra snuggley and loves to give cuddles to baby bump too!!

My friends have been amazing in making sure I’ve not felt isolated or too lonely I can’t thank them enough for that!

So it’s almost time for Mark to be home! Arthur and I are very excited! We’ve had a fun week just the two of us but I’m excited to get back to our family of three (plus bump of course!)




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13 weeks pregnant

Now I am 13 weeks pregnant! Apparently this week, our little Seychelles baba is as long as a pea pod (around 7cm) and has it’s own fingerprints! Here I am this week, looking pretty much the same I’d say although I’m feeling bigger! I know I said I was going to have a better picture this time, but Mark is away in London doing interviews and took the camera with him, so it’s actually gone backwards to a grainy iPad mirror selfie….!!! 13 weeks pregnant bump Arthur is becoming more and more attached to my little bump and Lifts up my top (or more embarrassingly my dress) to have a feel and to give a little kiss!!  He says “baby” as he does it which literally melts my heart every time!!! No midwife appointment or anything this week, but I do have one next week, I think, hmmm I’d better check that!


I’ve had a bit more energy this week.  It’s a good thing too with Mark being away, I’ve needed all my energy to handle Arthur by myself!! Because Arthur has been keeping me so busy I’ve not had much chance to focus on being pregnant, but I have to say the last couple of days I have really started to feel pregnant….in a good way!  For some reason it’s kind of hit home that it’s real!  This is of course very nice 🙂 I’ve had a metal taste in my mouth for weeks now, it’s been driving me mad!  I think I forgot to mention that in last week’s update.  Anyway it’s really annoying, but apparently totally normal!  Here’s hoping it goes soon!!


Balsamic vinegar and red onion and salad cream yummy!!!  Unfortunately I’ve now run out of the vinegar and salad cream….must top up! Mark, rather rudely, text me a picture of him sat outside McDonald’s so of course all I can think about is having that.  Which of course, is not possible in Seychelles!!! Other than that it’s pretty much been about eating as much as I can, all the time….. I’m always hungry at the moment!


Ummmm, no real dislikes this week.  Meat is fully back on the menu now, which of course is awesome!!


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Bunny and Blanket {The Ordinary Moments 15} #6

Bunny and Blanket have been with Arthur since he first left the hospital.  
In the little travel cot he had to call home while we stayed in Mahe 
Bunny and Blanket
Then once we got back home to our little house, and his big cot, in Praslin.
Bunny and Blanket

Bunny and Blanket

There’s not been a night where Arthur has been without them

We only have one Bunny, which frankly terrifies me!  It was a gift and we don’t know where it was from!!

There are actually two Blankets, and when I say blanket I mean Aiden and Anais large muslins.  One is blue and one is white with spotty patterns on.  I don’t know how we have got away with it but it seems to be no problem for us to change between the two of these! Blanket is never really used as an actual blanket any more. Arthur actually doesn’t like it if I try and put it over him, it’s just for cuddling!!

These days Bunny is definitely more of a grey colour and is looking a little rough around the edges.  I kind of like that, It shows how loved he is.  

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed that we are seeing more of Bunny and Blanket.
They have always been confined to snuggles in bed.  However, Arthur is now a pro and getting in and out if the cot wih the side down and as a result Bunny and Blanket have been out and about more too!!
Bunny and Blanket
Now we are preparing him for his big boy bed, he’s sleeping with the side of the cot down.  So in the morning (and sometimes in the middle of the night) he will come running in with Bunny and Blanket and jump into bed with us!

We will be doing something in the house and all of a sudden Arthur will run off and I will hear “ahhhhh” I know he’s grabbed Bunny and Blanket.  He will then come running back into the room with them, it’s very cute.
In fact he’s just done that now as I’m writing this, it’s 6am we are watching Toy Story 3.
Bunny and Blanket

For now, Arthur hasn’t really shown any interest in taking them out with us, and I’m happy to keep it that way for as long as possible.  The idea of them being lost, or getting dirty when it’s too late to wash and dry them for that night is just not worth thinking about!!!!

I got a bit teary eyed looking back at these pictures, it’s not until you look back on those tiny baby pics that you realise just how much has changed!!

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