19 months

19 months

19 months old!  I can’t believe how much and how fast Arthur is changing at the moment. 

Arthur turned 18 months in Sri Lanka and we had another week there before we headed back to Seychelles.  He was truly amazing while we were away.  I’ve said that before, but we really were so proud of him!

We got back and had a few days to get into the swing of Seychelles life before Mark had to go back to work.
The rest of this month has gone by in an absolute blur.

Arthur had his 18 month jabs and polio drops.  He was really very poorly after this, it was awful.  He had a bad fever was sick and slept awfully which was hard on us all.
Almost straight off the back of that Arthur picked up a bug at school from our little weekly Tuesday visits. Again, he had a fever.  This time it was accompanied by a runny nose and a cough which he still hasn’t shaken off.  
It’s been really difficult to see our little guy being poorly as he really really never is ill at all.

We are starting to get Arthur ready for his first big boy bed.  We’ve started leaving the side of the cot down so he can get in and out himself.  So far this has been successful in that he goes to bed without a fuss and we don’t hear from him until he comes running into our room excitedly at around 6am.  It’s really cute hearing his little feet coming and he’s always so happy to see us!!
We also are now into full swing with our cloth nappies, even using them at night.  I’ll be doing a review of the baba&boo nappies we bought so look at for that soon!

We seem to be mostly back on track with eating, although, Arthur has definitely discovered that it’s more fun to snack and carry on playing then sitting up the table which is proving to be a bit annoying but he’s eating loads and so at least I know he’s getting what he needs!

He’s becoming more and more chatty and I think this month we will start to see a lot more words appearing.  
He’s started saying car and gives lots of “broom brooms”, down, more, ball, and a few others I can’t think of right now (bad mama)….oh “pa pa” for peppa pig as he shoves the TV remote in my face!!
He’s on the edge of lots of words too saying the first half of them! 

There are still plenty of tantrums to keep me on my toes, mostly they seem to be related to him wanting to snack some more despite insisting he wants to get down from the table!!  Luckily, these are still very short lived and it takes very little for him to get over it!

Arthur has also started biting me again, only me thank goodness, but it really hurts.  I’m hoping it’s just a phase.  Unfortunately, he seems to find it quite funny (little toad).  
On the other hand he is also now giving me proper little kisses which is possibly the best and most lovely thing ever ever ever!!!!

Something that continues to surprise me, is how independent he is.  He’s very happy to wonder around, especially outside or if we are at school and explore on his own, make his own entertainment.  Considering Arthur spends most of his time with just me, it makes me really proud that he’s confident enough to do this.

How to watch TV like a toddler {The Ordinary Moments 15} #4

This week we are back inside for the ordinary moments.

Despite living in the Seychelles, we still have days where we slob around being lazy, snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV.

I’ve gone through cycles of beating myself over Arthur watching TV.  I’m feeling comfortable with it these days (for now anyway).  I know we do lots of other stuff and we spend lots of time outside so watching some TV isn’t the end of the world.

Anyway, I am starting to notice that there something different in how a toddler watches TV to how we watch TV.

So if you fancy giving it a go, I have a little guide for you
How to watch TV like a toddler

  1. 1st of all you have to shove the remote in Mummy or Daddy’s face, if they don’t respond straight away whack them with it*
  2. If you’re not allowed to watch TV, have a tantrum and throw yourself to the ground in rage.
  3. Sit in the least comfy place on the sofaHow to watch TV like a toddler
  4. Pull all the cushions off the sofa and sit in the middle How to watch TV like a toddler
  5. Stack cushions and sit precariously close to the TV How to watch TV like a toddler
  6. Empty a wash basket and insist that you watch TV whilst being sat in it How to watch TV like a toddler
  7. Watch while being upside down, preferably in downward dog yoga pose! How to watch TV like a toddler

* I am currently sporting a bruise or two from this!

What do you think? Anyone got any to add to this list?

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Sandcastles {The Ordinary Moments 15} #3

This weekend, as we often do, we took a trip to the beach. Just a couple of hours sat under a tree in the shade. Enjoying watching people go by and the waves crashing.

It wasn’t a day that Arthur could swim really, so instead we played in the sand.

We built sandcastles.
Well I say we built sandcastles. What I mean is Mark built sandcastles, Arthur took unbelievable delight in smashing them down and demanding more, and I sat there laughing at them both!!

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

Sandcastles Anse Lazio

This was the first time Arthur has shown such an interest in sandcastles (well, at least the destruction of them!). He’s smashed a couple before but this time he was literally squealing with delight about it! I think he would have had Mark build sandcastles for the rest of the day if he could!!

To me, playing in the sand and building sandcastles is one of the best childhood memories for a kid! Such simple, yet endless fun!!

The beach we were at is called Anse Lazio, it’s actually the furthest beach for us to drive to on our island (takes about 30 mins) but I love the fact that you can sit under the shade there at any time of day. It makes it perfect for Arthur to run around without the worry of him burning!

This is how our ‘Seychelles time’ looks with an 18 month old! I know it’s super cheesy, but, it was one of those ‘ordinary’ moments that was exactly how I dreamed our life would be as expat parents!




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Country Kids by Fiona at Coombe Mill
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Unawatuna: Sri Lanka with a toddler

After a fun couple of days in Colombo we headed down to our next stop, Unawatuna, a little town near to Galle. This time we stayed half board in a hotel.

We took a coach from Colombo down to Galle. This is a really cheap way to get down there, it cost us 1000 rupees (about £5) for the trip. If we had taken a taxi it probably would have cost around £50. The coach was air conditioned and our seats had plenty of space, I would totally recommend to travel this way.

We arrived at our hotel, I’ll be honest, my first impressions were a little “meh”. It all seemed rather dated, especially our little chalet. It was a lovely room but I will never understand why places keep dated pictures on the wall or use frilly mosquito nets round a 4 poster bed….not my thing at all!
However, the room was really clean, the bed was comfy and the bathroom was actually very nice which is always a way to win me over!!

Arthur had a lovely cot, again like Colombo, not just an old travel cot!!

It didn’t really take us long to come round to our new place. The staff there were so nice!
Arthur loved the swimming pool and the fish tanks, and the food was amazing.

A rather unfortunate thing happened to us while we were there though. While we were out one day, Mark had gone for a dive and so had taken his wedding ring off (it’s wooden so not good to wear in the water), we came back to the room and it had been stolen. The manager initially told us that it was sure it had just been lost but he would refund is the cost of the ring if it didn’t turn up. He later came to us, very apologetic and said that he had spoken to the cleaners and that he was certain it had been stolen. He had sacked the two on the spot. Apparently they were new staff. I almost didn’t write about this in this blog post because overall our memories of the place are positive ones but I’ve decided to include it but not write the name of the hotel. If the manager had not been so helpful clearly the reviews I would be giving would certainly name and shame! We are now in the process of ordering a new ring so hopefully it will all be forgotten by then!

While we were in Unawatuna we got up to loads of fun stuff.

Mark and I both went diving (separately obviously so someone was with Arthur) on shipwrecks. We have never done a ship wreck dive before and It was amazing!! I even had to face my ridiculous but very real jellyfish phobia as I had to descend and then ascend through a swam. I got stung but I was brave…I know that sounds pathetic, but honestly I’m very proud of myself!!!

Unawatuna diving

Unawatuna diving

Unawatuna diving

I got to go to a really lovely spa, called Sanctuary Spa I’d really recommend it!

We did a walk over to Jungle Beach (twice actually) once just to have a look and visit the gorgeous peace pagoda.
Unawatuna peace pagoda

Unawatuna Peace pagoda

Unawatuna peace pagoda

Unawatuna peace pagoda

We also had our first look at wild monkeys
Unawatuna wild monkeys jungle beach

The second time we went for a little swim and play on the beach!

Unawatuna jungle beach
We also took a couple trips to Galle fort, we loved it there a really lovely place to walk around. This first picture I really like as you can see a Church, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple all within walking distance of each other!




Walking round Unawatuna itself is also really lovely. The village has a really hippy vibe, very chilled out and very friendly.



So despite having Mark’s wedding ring stolen we still have wonderful memories of Unawatuna and would definitely go back!!

Again, the moby wrap was definitely the way to transport Arthur around. We found the push chair totally useless there although we did see a couple people using them I wouldn’t recommend it!

Next stop on our Sri Lanka Trip was Kandy for Christmas and Mark’s 30th birthday!

Our new cloth nappies {The Ordinary Moments 15} #2

So I wrote a post a little while ago about wanting to switch to Cloth nappies.   After lots of research and recommends from some lovely bloggers, we took the plunge! We ordered our nappies with Baba & Boo and they arrived this week!

It has been a few days of using them now and I am honestly so happy we have switched to cloth…I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner!  In a way, it already feels like we have been using them forever!

First of all, and of course most importantly, Arthur seems really really comfy and happy in them. This was the main reason we wanted them. We’ve has problems with disposables for a while now due to the heat, so we are so happy that the switch seems to be helping!  We went down to the beach to have a little run around, they even appear to be splash proof!!!!

Baba&Boo Cloth Nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Second of all, he looks ridiculously cute in them!

Baba&Boo cloth nappies

Thirdly, we don’t need to worry about whether or not we will be able to get the disposables we want (it has been an issue for us here!)

And lastly, they are not scary, at all!! They are super easy to use and to wash. I was honestly a bit scared about dealing with a dirty one but it’s totally fine, really!! We’ve even done over night, and no leaks (phew!).

As regular readers of my blog will know, Arthur pretty much lives in just a nappy and so I’m so happy that now he will be in these little beauties instead of just normal disposables! I love our new cloth nappies!!!

This is definitely a very ordinary moment, because let’s be honest, we are talking about nappies here!!! But, at the same time I think it is going to make a huge difference to us!!


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Why Colombo is a great place to visit, even with a toddler!

We spent just a few days in Colombo but we absolutely loved it! Take a read to see why Colombo is a great place to visit, even with a toddler!

Why Colombo is a great place to visit, even with a toddler

It gets a little bit of a bad rep as a tourist destination, but for us it was super exciting! Coming from our little island in the Seychelles and never having been to Asia before, Colombo had a lot to offer us!

Compared to the rest of the places we booked for our Sri Lanka trip, accommodation in Colombo was fairly pricey (but still so cheap compared to the Seychelles).
For this reason we opted to stay in a guest house, self catering.
This ended up being perfect for us, it really made us get out and explore our options and see the real Colombo not just a nice shiny hotel.
We stayed at the Cheritan Residences and it was really very lovely.  A recently refurbished colonial house, our room was huge, and very reasonably priced.
Why Colombo is great to visit even with a toddler!

We were in a very safe part of town, in walking distance of banks (good reliable places to exchange money!), the lovely Viharamahadevi park, the very pretty town hall, art gallery and national museum.


A couple of recommends for restaurants in Colombo:
Upalis: a Sri Lankan restaurant. I’m almost loathed to recommend this as our service was very poor compared to any we received throughout our whole Sri Lanka trip (our only negative experience with this) but the food was truly delicious. We had the sampler dish where we got to try lots of the different traditional dishes.

The Mango Tree: a North Indian restaurant. We had this as a take away after we had been to the cricket, Arthur was very tired and needed to get home to bed. The food was absolutely amazing. We loved it. Mark picked it up from the restaurant and said that it looked very nice to sit down and eat too.

Barefoot Cafe: This place is awesome, a hotspot for tourists and locals alike!  Food was great and the atmosphere was cool and relaxed!  Sunday afternoons they have live music, a must visit!  The outside eating area was great for Arthur to run around in. The Barefoot shop is amazing too, they sell really lovely stuff!!
Barefoot Cafe, Colombo Sri Lanka

Something that pleasantly surprised me every day was just how friendly the Sri Lankan people were. I think Arthur was a big help with this, everyone loved him! We didn’t really notice a lot of tourists, particularly in the area we were staying. I think a lot of westerners tend to avoid Colombo as they feel there’s not much to offer, possibly another reason why people were so friendly to us!?The few tourists that we did see were all there for the Cricket. England were playing Sri Lanka for the last match of a 1 day cricket tour. We had tickets to see that too. I don’t like cricket but after going I TOTALLY get the appeal of going to see it live. We had so much fun!



I’m aware this is such a ‘Mum’ thing to say but being able to easily use a pushchair was fantastic, pavements are 100 x better than we are used to in Seychelles.

Tuk Tuk drivers. Where to start? These guys may be the biggest reason why I loved Colombo so much. The traffic there is definitely crazy, but these guys cut through it like a hot knife through butter!! They find gaps that every time I was sure we would never fit through, there was definitely more than one occasion where I just had to put my hands over my eyes because I was sure we were going to hit someone! Seriously these guys have got balls, there’s no patiently waiting, it’s GO GO GO all the time!!
Tuk Tuk Colombo Sri Lanka
Arthur absolutely LOVED going in Tuk Tuk’s. We would put him in the Moby wrap whenever we went in one so that he was nice and secure!
Tuk Tuk In Colomb

I think what I loved best was the drivers trying to push their luck with the prices. Apparently you are supposed to use a meter in Colombo but not all did and we learned very quickly that the prices they set were easily knocked down….we found it quite addictive and found ourselves often haggling over 50 rupees, which is about 25p!! It wasn’t the price that really mattered to us it was the fun in the bargaining!!

There is lots to see and do in Colombo, in the short time we were there as well as what I’ve already mentioned we also squeezed in:

Two Buddhist temples: Gangaramaya a massive temple and Buddhist museum. A rather amazing place with some gorgeous and some rather strange things inside, overall the best description we decided on is ‘Wonderfully Kitsch’

Gangaramaya temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Gangaramaya temple Colombo, Sri Lanka

The other temple we went to was the beautiful Seema Malaka, the temple on the water. This place was really peaceful, I loved it. Well I did, until I got pooed on by a Crow, then I liked it less!

Seema Malaka Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Seema Malaka Buddhist Temple, Colombo, Sri Lanka

In both the temples Arthur stayed in the moby wrap. He definitely wasn’t bored at either one, lots of unusual things to look at!

The Dutch Hospital: a lovely place to eat and do a bit of shopping

The Pettah: a huge outdoor market selling a wide variety of very random things. It’s crazy there, really noisy! In the Moby wrap, Arthur slept through the whole lot!

Of course we did lots of wondering around and just taking in the sites.


After Colombo we headed to Unawatuna near to Galle on the south coast! I’ll write soon about how we got on there!

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