5 more minutes {The Ordinary Moments} #31

I’ve accidentally created a new ordinary moment in our day.

5 more minutes

We’ve always been rigid fairly rigid with Arthur’s nap time and bed time. I know it’s not something everyone agrees with but it works for us and more importantly it works for Arthur!

Anyway, ever since I did Arthur’s first hair cut (Well around this time, I’m pretty sure the haircut hasn’t caused this!!) a new little routine has kind of sneaked in. Arthur was starting to be really grumpy when he first woke up and so I think it’s evolved from that really.

When it’s time to go get Arthur from his nap. I go I to his room, stick the air con back on get him out of his cot and we have a cuddle. A lovely sleepy cuddle.

There is something so perfect about a sleeping baby, sorry, toddler (I still can’t believe that’s the case!) I think to myself:

“Just 5 more minutes!”

Sometimes Arthur will wake up for cuddles but mostly he’s somewhere in between asleep and awake.

It’s not a long time, maybe 5-15 mins but it’s such a lovely time. Just me and my boy. I get transported back to time spent like this when he was a newborn and I realise just how fast he’s grown! So I spend this time just enjoying our little snuggles knowing that there will come a day where he won’t want sleepy cuddles with Mama any more!
It’s not totally self-indulgent though, Arthur does seem to be a lot happier after this (most days) as opposed to him just being woken up or waking up himself.

I have to say that my picture this week was actually taken on a day when Arthur refused to go to sleep except on me, I think he was over tired from playing at nursery which is why I had the iPad, I don’t normally take it in with me for our ‘Just 5 more minutes’ cuddles!





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17 months

17 months I’m a little late on this, again! This month has absolutely flown by! Isn’t it amazing how so much can change in just a month! I wondered when it would happen, but it’s here, Arthur is now saying “no” or actually more of a “na na na” I think I preferred it when everything was “yes”! I’m going to go ahead and blame Julia Donaldson for this one, we’ve been reading a lot of Monkey Puzzle where there is a lot of “no no no”….so thanks Julia!! Something cute that he’s trying to say at the moment is “same” he does it whenever we are eating the same thing, he gets really excited! We’ve been really getting out and about lots, especially on the weekends! Loads of beach time but mostly all time together which is so lovely! Arthur is blowing kisses, waving goodbye and giving lovely kisses! He really is a busy busy boy making me a busy busy mama, he’s climbing everywhere and anywhere he can, mostly our dining table seems to be a favourite! Tantrums are becoming a very very common occurance, but only in the house, we’ve yet to have anything when he’s outside (see, he really is our little Mowgli, he just wants to be outside!!). Mostly they are just a flash in the pan and over pretty quickly! One particularly funny one was when he threw himself onto the floor and then looked up to check we were watching him before shouting some more!!! I feel like we are on the edge of him saying more words and he’s frustrated and not being able to communicate with us!! We are still going into school once a week and he’s having so much fun there! He’s absolutely crazy about stories at the moment, we will often spend an hour reading together which is lovely! When we read the Gruffalo (which is at least once a day!!) he’s starting to point out different parts, like his toes and his nose!! He’s also pointing out his head!! On a side note I’m hoping him being able to point to his head might be how we start to get him to wear a hat!! We are well and truly back into fussy eating again. It is honestly, miserable!! Arthur has stopped eating so many different things that he used to love. What I find frustrating is that now he will just look at something and decide he doesn’t want to eat it before he’s even tried it. The other day he screamed and screamed and screamed at an omelette!!! I think one of the problems is that he just wants to be down from the table after a couple of minutes, he’d much rather snack and play (can’t blame him I suppose!). We aren’t really too sure how to sort this one but hopefully it will be a short phase!!! I feel like there’s a bit of a negative tone to this post with the tantrums and fussy eating! I don’t mean it to be because Arthur is truly amazing at the moment and so so much fun!! Next month Arthur will be turning 18 months, which is just crazy to me! On the same day Mark will be turning 30!!! We will be in Sri Lanka for that which we are so excited about!! For now I’m going to love our time with our little guy at 17 months old!! Continue to try and see the funny side of his tantrums, enjoy his cuddles, read LOTS of stories and have lots of silly fun together!!

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Cloth nappies

Using cloth nappies is something I’ve gone back and forth in my head about since before Arthur was born.

Now almost 17 months later, I wish we had invested from the start!

The reason we never did it was, it is such a pain to get stuff delivered here. Let alone expensive, and we had no idea where to start. We were worried we would not get on with them!!

Also, we already had no idea what we were doing with a baby let alone trying to get our head around all the options and decisions for cloth nappies too!!

However, looking back now, I am pretty cross at myself for not taking the plunge sooner.
It’s so hot and humid here, I think about just how much nicer it would have been for our little guy having all natural materials instead of plastic. I’m sure the disposables cause nappy rash because of the heat.

Of course, another benefit is how much cuter he’d looking roaming around in a little cloth nappy, there are such lovely colours and patterns available!!

Living on a small island, rubbish is an issue! Right now in Seychelles, rubbish is disposed in a landfill. Switching to cloth nappies would obviously be a way for me to lessen our household contribution to this!!

I am seriously looking at going down the cloth route now, I am not sure if it will make any financial sense now, but surely it will be better for Arthur?!!

If you have any advice or recommends about starting with cloth nappies for toddlers I’d love to hear!!

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The unfinished sandwich {Wicked Wednesdays}

 Recipe for a delicious unfinished sandwich:

Take one delicious sandwich (or any delicious lunch item!)
Sit down for the first time all day while the darling child sleeps
Stick something good on TV
Have a bite or two….mmmmmmm it’s yummy!
Darling child now wakes up early from nap, about 30 minutes or more for best results!

And there you have it, a lovely lunch cut short aka the unfinished sandwich!!
The unfinished sandwich

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Playing on Rocks {The Ordinary Moments} #30

The rocks here in Seychelles are genuinely amazing, I’m aware that this is kind of a weird thing to say!  But they really are very cool!

Playing on Rocks coco island seychelles

Mark reliably (HUGE Geography Geek) informs me that they are Granitic.

All I know is that they are massive and everywhere, and all Arthur knows is that they are fun to play on!


So this weeks Ordinary Moment is about Playing on Rocks!!

We have been back down on Anse Georgette again, this time we went we ended up spending most of time in and around the rocks.

Arthur had lots of fun exploring.Playing on rocks, exploring anse georgette seychelles

playing on rocks looking under rocks seychelles

playing on rocks Anse Georgette Praslin Seychelles

He thought Daddy was pretty cool jumping off rocksplaying on rocks jumping off rocks Anse Georgette Seychelles

So Daddy had to jump off rocks with him too! This was lots of fun!
playing on rocks with Daddy Anse Georgette Seychelles

Arthur even led us to the Gruffalo’s cave…..you know, his holiday cave in the Seychelles!
Playing on rocks Anse Georgette Seychelles


I love how much fun we can have, for free just getting out and about and exploring!!!

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Country Kids by Fiona at Coombe Mill
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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Learning french Rosetta Stone update 1

Learning French Rosetta Stone update 1

So it’s been a little over a month since I started learning french with my Rosetta Stone french course. I have to say straight away that I’ve not been able to do as much as I have wanted due to massive internet issues this end (one of the woes of tropical island life!!) Aside from the issues we had with the internet, when I have been able to get on and do some french I’ve really been enjoying it!! I’m also finding that it’s giving me more confidence when I go to my French Lesson once a week at school. The course really focuses on reading and speaking which for me is perfect! Being able to write in French is definitely lower down on my priority. The units are each broken down into 4 lessons which are 30 minutes long….this is perfect for me to get some practice in during Arthur’s nap time! Learning french update 1 Rosetta stone The whole thing is really visual and simple to use with nice big pictures and so far, you either have to click to select the right answer or speak to say the right answer (this can be reading off the screen or from memory depending on the type of question). Learning french update 1 Rosetta Stone click answer Learning french update 1 Rosetta Stone speak answer The last segment of each unit is a review which is broken down Into a story scenario which you again click and talk your way through. I’ve been amazed and impressed each time how much I remember (particularly since I’ve not been able to use as often as I’d like up to now!) I literally only figured out yesterday that there are also even smaller sections you can break it down into this includes a writing section. To me this is the one area that could do with some improvement. You can just type your answer straight in until you need to either use capital letters or accents such as è or é when you then need to start clicking the on screen keyboard. It’s just not the most user friendly part of the programme. Learning french update 1 writing To be honest though, this is such a small part of it that it doesn’t effect it for me at all. Particularly as my focus really is the speaking and reading. I have yet to schedule a live chat with a french speaker through Rosetta Stone, mostly because of the internet issues we’ve had last month but more recently due to not being able to find a suitable time slot but I’ll get there with that! I’m now able to get on more regularly since we have sorted out our internet and I’m really enjoying it! I really can tell that there’s an improvement in my French after even a short time! I’ll be back in a month for another update! If you want to give learning a language a go then check out the Rosetta Stone website there is also a free demo on there for you to have a go yourself!!       **I’ve been given the use of Rosetta Stone for free for the purpose of review but all the opinions and thoughts are my own! **

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