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Month: November 2014

5 more minutes {The Ordinary Moments} #31

I’ve accidentally created a new ordinary moment in our day. We’ve always been rigid fairly rigid with Arthur’s nap time and bed time. I know it’s not something everyone agrees with but it works for us and more importantly it works for Arthur! Anyway, ever […]

17 months

I’m a little late on this, again! This month has absolutely flown by! Isn’t it amazing how so much can change in just a month! I wondered when it would happen, but it’s here, Arthur is now saying “no” or actually more of a “na […]

Cloth nappies

Using cloth nappies is something I’ve gone back and forth in my head about since before Arthur was born. Now almost 17 months later, I wish we had invested from the start! The reason we never did it was, it is such a pain to […]

The unfinished sandwich {Wicked Wednesdays}

┬áRecipe for a delicious unfinished sandwich: Take one delicious sandwich (or any delicious lunch item!) Sit down for the first time all day while the darling child sleeps Stick something good on TV Have a bite or two….mmmmmmm it’s yummy! Darling child now wakes up […]

Playing on Rocks {The Ordinary Moments} #30

The rocks here in Seychelles are genuinely amazing, I’m aware that this is kind of a weird thing to say! ┬áBut they really are very cool! Mark reliably (HUGE Geography Geek) informs me that they are Granitic. All I know is that they are massive […]

Learning french Rosetta Stone update 1

Learning French Rosetta Stone update 1 So it’s been a little over a month since I started learning french with my Rosetta Stone french course. I have to say straight away that I’ve not been able to do as much as I have wanted due […]

Finger painting ‘fun’ {Wicked Wednesdays}

Ahhh the fun of finger painting! Joining brummymummyof2 for wicked Wednesdays