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Month: October 2014

Ice cream! {Wicked Wednesdays}

This is cheating a bit as this is a picture from the summer, but I love this picture so much!! I’m not so sure what that face is about but it makes me laugh! Normally ice cream makes him so happy!! Joining brummymummyof2 for wicked […]

16 months

Arthur is now 16 months old, we have loved this month with him. He is changing so much right now I wish I could bottle up every moment! I love how much he says yes accompanied with full body nodding. The other day when he […]

Anse Georgette {The Ordinary Moments} #26

It’s been half term this week here and it’s been lovely to really get out and make the most of living here in the Seychelles as a family!

I particularly enjoyed our trip to Anse Georgette. This beach is so close to us and it’s ridiculously gorgeous.

On this trip in particular the ocean was like a bath, so warm and calm.

There were lots of pretty fish everywhere and even a baby lemon shark (we’ve seen two baby sharks this week while we’ve been swimming!)

My friend had brought her paddle board round and so we had a little play on that!

Arthur definitely enjoyed it!

What’s not to enjoy though!

Anse Georgette


Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette

Anse Georgette

Anse GeorgetteAnse Georgette

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Another tale of a messy play fail!

Rubbish play doh Once upon a time, a while before they were scared for life with the notorious messy play incident. The mummy and daddy were looking at ways to help their toddler have different sensory experiences and explore his creative side. This is another […]

Bed head {Wicked Wednesdays}

Bed head….Not his best look Joining brummymummyof2 for wicked Wednesdays

Raising a beach bum {The Ordinary Moments} #25

With being born and now growing up (very fast) in the Seychelles, Arthur was destined to love the beach. We are well and truly raising a beach bum!

He was first introduced to the beach at 1 week old.
Beach bum at 1 week old

He’s been a regular little beach bum ever since! It makes us so happy and proud to see him be confident on the beach and near the ocean.

We even spent Christmas morning on the beach!
Christmas Beach Bum

Now he’s walking around, our trips to the beach have certainly changed, they are a lot more busy, but A LOT more fun! We run in and out of the ocean lapping the shore. We clamber on rocks and go exploring. We hang out in the shade under trees playing with the seeds, the leaves and any other treasures we can get our hands on.

With it being very hot during the day we tend to go early in the morning or later in the afternoon when it’s a little cooler. When you go in the morning you are pretty much guaranteed the beach to yourself, which is just heaven!
These pictures were taken at 8:30 this morning at the beach at the end of our road, it was just us, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot. ┬áHonestly it was perfection.
Early morning beach bum

Ocean loving beach bum

Mama and her beach bum

The beach bum explorer

Beach bum

I know we are totally spoilt, but this really is an ordinary moment for us. Don’t get me wrong we are truly grateful. We love where we live and that Arthur gets to spend so much time outside and at the beach.


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Cushions {Wicked Wednesdays}

Sofa cushions are clearly much more fun on the floor. But of course, it has to be all of them! That way it becomes cushion mountain!!!! I’m loving brummymummyof2 wicked wednesdays link up, it’s fun to show that life is not perfect!! These will be […]