13 months old

Today Arthur you are 13 months old!!!


I’ve not actually had Arthur weighed this month we normally get it done the time we travelled. I can confirm he’s still a chunk!
Teeth: 10…I think, frankly I’m too scared to put my finger in to get a good old look!

This has been a bit of a random month. After all the excitement of Arthur’s first birthday last month things should have calmed down a little. But of course that’s not the case, there has been lots of sorting and preparing to come away!!

Something that’s started in the last week or so is that when we say ‘no’ to Arthur he’s started shaking his head copying us shaking our heads, which is the cutest thing. Initially he still carried on doing what he was doing but he’s starting to stop now. This is actually a pretty big deal I reckon, since this shows he’s really developing the understanding of the word ‘no’ which is obviously pretty important!

We’ve had a bit of a bite-y phase. I’ve been on the receiving end of a few to many of Arthur’s bites. It seems like it’s an affectionate thing, he does it when he’s giving a big squeezy cuddle but it really hurts!! It’s been coming and going in phases but I’m hoping that now we have started to get our ‘no’ sussed out we can start to use that to stop the bites!

Arthur has left the Seychelles for the first time and travelled 5,300 miles to the UK.

Since we’ve arrived here I have continued to be so proud of Arthur, he’s already seen so many new faces and been to lots of new places and he’s taken it all in his stride. He has really loved it.

In being here he’s experienced lots of “strange” things already such as carpets, stairs indoors, baths.


Wearing socks, pjs, fleece-y onesie, and long sleeves are also new experiences for him!

Marks sister is staying back with us at their parents house while we are here and she’s brought her bunnies (they were ours but when we moved we gave them to her) and Arthur is having lots of fun with them which is good because he’s probably missing next door’s cat Smudge a lot!

Arthur continues to be a very chatty little guy, lots of noise all the time. We are definitely getting Dada or variations of for Mark. There’s a sound he makes that’s the same when he wants a drink, not so sure how to describe it but it’d always the same noise.
‘At’ is the cat but now it seems that any animal is an ‘at’ as the bunnies and dogs also get that sound!!
When he points at something there’s a definite ‘dat’ sound so we say ‘that’s a …….’

With the much longer and lighter evenings Arthur has been going to bed later, unfortunately he’s not been sleeping later as it also gets light very early so I’m considering shortening his nap a little although he seems happy so not totally decided on that yet.

I think that’s all for now. This whole next month will be spent in the UK so it will definitely be a busy one packed with lots and lots of fun things for Arthur!

Seychelles to Birmingham-We’re here!!!

It’s travel day!!! Obligatory airport selfie shot


As I’m writing this we are about an hour into our flight (6 hours to go!) from Dubai so we successfully completed Arthur’s first commercial flight (Seychelles to Dubai!)

The first flight was around 4.5 hours long and I have been nothing but impressed. Arthur has been so adaptable so far. He’s definitely having an adventure.
The Emirates staff have been so wonderful. He’s had lots of attention and the food he’s been getting has been fantastic. He’s even had some cuddly toys and his own special blanket to keep. I’ve also been given a baby changing pack with wipes, a bib, baby lotion, nappy bin and a little matt to put on the change table….I think this is brilliant. Will be great for taking out and about with us too.

We’ve been lucky with both of these flights that there has been loads of empty seats, and we have had a whole row to ourselves on both flights making things a lot easier for us.


Perhaps the best bit is that on this plane they are showing Frozen…..guaranteed quiet for a while yippee! Arthur won’t keep the headphones on but he’s got them near enough that he can hear.


Anyway this isn’t meant to be a plug for Emirates but I really have been impressed so far!

The two hour stop in Dubai was just the right amount of time to get our first McDonald’s in 2 years!! Arthur had a chicken nugget (bad mama!) he wasn’t very hungry so didn’t eat much but he definitely loved it (who wouldn’t!?)

I’m lovin’ it!

I took a break, so now we are in the UK hurrah!!! I can confirm that the rest of the flight was absolutely fine!  I am so proud of how good Arthur was and happy to sit still for all that time.
He slept for about an hour on both flights. The last hour to Birmingham he got a bit ratty as he wanted to sleep but there was lots of announcements from the pilot that kept waking him up.

We got back to Marks parents’ house and did his usual bed time routine although at about 9:30 (00:30 our time!) he went to sleep really quickly…..

….unfortunately he woke up at 03:30 and was very very awake and ready to play.

Anyway we are here, safe and sound and that’s the main thing!  We are freezing going to have to buy some more warm stuff!


I’m going to stop here, I fear this may be very ramble-y apologies for that I’m very tired.  Luckily I’ll be able to fuel myself on STARBUCKS woooohooooo!!


Mummy’s little ‘helper’ {The Ordinary Moments} #18

It’s time for the Ordinary Moments.

I’m seeing more and more Arthur wanting to do what we are doing. I absolutely love watching him copying us and him being Mummy’s little ‘helper’.

He absolutely loves going round with the broom, something Mummy and Daddy do a lot of is sweeping!!




Here he is ‘helping’ Mummy bake! (Photo taken just before the mess appeared!!)



He’s also very ‘helpful’ with clearing out cupboards.



He he is also super ‘helpful’ when we hang out the washing.  I’ve not got a picture of this yet I’ll be sure to do that!

In case you didn’t get it, ‘helping’ or any form of the word in this post refers to being not at all helpful!!  The thing is, is that his little concentration face is so pouty and just gorgeous that I don’t care if something ends up taking all day or not getting done at all I love watching him.  He is always so proud of himself too when I tell him he’s helping Mummy or Daddy.

I will definitely enjoy Mummy’s little ‘helper’ for as long as I can I’m sure it will be no time before he doesn’t want to help any more.  It’s a little ordinary moment in our day that I love.

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Organisation {word of the week}



This week has had to be all about Organisation. We’ve had guests staying with us (they are going to be house sitting for us while we are away) and of course we have the big trip to the UK coming up.

Mark and I have been staying in Arthur’s room so we had to try and move stuff out of our room. Poor Arthur has had his room changed into bedroom for three/packing area.

Having 5 people living in our house has been a little bit cozy, our house really isn’t that big so I’ve been trying to stay in top of everything as much as possible (I find that difficult enough when there’s just the three of us!).

I’ve used a broom for my picture as that is truly the Seychellois best friend in keeping a tidy, organised house.   houses here all have hard floors and hardly any one uses a vacuum cleaner.  It’s all about the broom, and my how I’ve needed it.  The house gets swept every day (amazing how much sand and dust comes in the house in just 24 hours) anyway but this week it’s been twice a day….that’s a lot of sweeping!

I have to say that I’ve been impressed with our organisation this week.

As we leave to catch a flight to Mahe island on Monday, Organisation will have to continue to be the word that sums us up this week……Packing WILL be a calm and organised affair, (packing is usually where my pre-trip panic usually truly sets in!!) and we will head of to Mahe on Monday fully prepared for our trip.*

I’m joining up with Jocelyn over at the reading residence for the first time.

The Reading Residence

*if I say this enough will it make it come true?!

My expat family

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Things we do here that we wouldn’t get to do in the UK

So as a proud owner of a 1 year old island baby I thought I’d reflect on some things that we do here that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t happen if we were in the UK.

Firstly, Arthur spends most of the time in just a nappy. Way too hot and humid for anything else most of the time. As he’s getting a little older I am starting to throw on a little pair of lightweight shorts on him when he’s outside but generally that’s it!

He’s pretty much a free range kid. Great weather and living in such a quiet place means that he really can just go outside as and when he desires, which, at the moment is ALL the time. I always wanted a little baby like Mowgli from the jungle book and it turns out I’m getting just that!!


There is no roof where we swim! When we swim it’s either in a hotel pool or in the Ocean. Always warm, always quiet!


I would definitely have had to go back to work by now if we were in the UK. I’m actually not able to work here (visa stuff) and so I get to stay home with Arthur!

A trip to the beach can happen in minutes, they are clean and quiet perfect for a toddling 1 year old! They also happen A LOT. We don’t really have any kids play areas or anything here but the beach can provide plenty of entertainment!


We go for family walks round a World Heritage Site, the Vallee de Mai. Walking through an ancient palm forest is definitely not something we would be doing in the UK.



So that’s some of the highlights of the things that Arthur does here that we wouldn’t doing we were in the UK, what’s the best  stuff you get to do in your new home with your expat family?

Seychelles Mama
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Our UK trip (things are coming together)

Okay so it’s now one week till we are in the UK (eeeeek!!). Things seem to be coming together now and currently I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it all!

We had a busy weekend with some commitments at the school but we also did a big clean up of the house and loads of washing.
The people who are looking after the house for us while we are away arrived yesterday. They are staying with us until Thursday and then they are in a guest house until we leave.

Until Thursday, Mark and I are in with Arthur. He woke up at 5 which he hasn’t done for quite a while and then wouldn’t go back to sleep because he was very excited we were in his room haha!

On Monday evening we fly to Mahe and stay in a little guest house near the airport. Our flights for that have now been booked so that’s one less thing to worry about. Our flight is Tuesday morning so being close to the airport is ideal!

Digging out suitcases made us realise just how many “just in case” warm clothes we brought over here with us, so we are taking the opportunity to take to all back with us and get rid because it really isn’t needed…ever!!

We have booked our seats on the plane which is a big relief too. I was really impressed with the Emirates website it was really easy to book seats, see meal arrangements etc.

In terms of things for Arthur that seems like it’s all coming together too. I had a lot of lovely comments last week reassuring me that I didn’t need to worry to much about that anyway as I can buy everything I could possibly need there!!!

Packing (apart from the warm clothes) hasn’t really progressed but that’s fine I’ll get that sorted from Thursday when there’s a little more space in the house again.

Now, don’t let this sense of calm I’m portraying fool you, the pre-trip panic will, without doubt, return. For now, Mark is ensuring there is a good rum supply in the house in an attempt to keep it at bay!!