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Month: June 2014

1st birthday!! {The Ordinary Moments} #16

This week we celebrated Arthur’s 1st birthday, meaning that ‘ordinary’ moments were a little thin on the ground as we geared ourselves up for, and then celebrated the big day! Arthur’s birthday was on Thursday. The day started off with a beach walk for Arthur and […]

Flashback to my favourite bump shots!!

As Arthur’s birthday is drawing nearer and nearer I have found myself feeling very nostalgic and looking back over lots of pictures, not only from the last year but also through some bump pictures! So, I thought i’d share some of my favourite bump shots!! […]

Mama’s make up bag {the ordinary moments} #15

It’s time to link up with Katie for the ordinary moments.

Arthur is really into emptying bags and boxes and filling them back up again at the moment. The one that he enjoys the most, more than all his toys is my make up bag.

Since living here my make up bag is on the extreme minimal side (will be topped up this summer that’s for sure!) but even so, I can understand why it’s so interesting to him, lots of different shapes and colours, liquids, solids and all the inbetweens!

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t find this scene


I love watching the concentration on his little face as he goes about his very important task of emptying everything out, taking lids off everything and putting it all back in again (minus the lids).

As I don’t wear make up hardly ever here (the poor people of the Seychelles, I know!) he hasn’t yet started to copy and attempt to put any of it on which I am greatful for, not because he’s a boy but because it’s difficult to get anything decent here to replace it, no popping down to boots!

Another one of the ordinary moments that make up our day!

I’ve just right now realised as I was about to hit ‘publish’ that this is also the last  ‘the ordinary moments’ post I will do where Arthur is under 1, his birthday is on Thursday.  What a reality check of how fast things have gone, and how pleased I am that I join in on these posts!!!  The ordinary moments change so fast things that were once ordinary become replaced so incredibly quickly, I’m so happy I have these little moments recorded!

Happy Sunday


First night with a babysitter-The Dinner Dance

Last weekend Arthur had his first night with a babysitter (that wasn’t my mum and dad!), we had a girl that Mark teaches over to watch him for us, a pretty big deal for us all! Once a year the school puts on a dinner […]

Homemade chilli oil recipe

I thought I would share this simple homemade chilli oil recipe.   I have been meaning to make some chilli oil for a long time and as we are doing our best to save for the summer I figured that it would make a great […]

Introducing cow’s milk

Today marks the start of a new era! We are saying bye bye to formula (plus it’s awful smell and counting scoops) and introducing cow’s milk. 20140612-120143-43303094.jpg A couple of weeks ago when we were out on our food shop we were stocking up on formula and I decided that would be the last tin we buy.  We are close enough to Arthur’s first birthday, (2 weeks today!) in my opinion to get him started on it!  The one thing that is kind of a bummer about cow’s milk here is that we can’t get any fresh, only long life. He had his first cup of it today, I was pretty excited and the whole not having to make it up ahead of time is a pretty big win in my opinion!  Arthur seemed to notice no difference which is obviously a bonus! I’m hoping that we won’t be using bottles by the time we get to the UK in the Summer.  Currently we are giving Arthur 2 bottles a day (first in the morning and bed time) and he has a sipy cup of milk before his nap.  I guess the bed time one will be the last to go, he loves to ‘boing’ the teat of the bottle at bed time (we have to say boing every time he does it!), its kind of a ritual (introduced by my Dad over Easter!). So, I thought I’d write all this down while Arthur is having a nap and as I’m writing I realise that in a way it’s actually kind of a big milestone.  Introducing cow’s milk to Arthur is another step away from him being a baby.  He had 6 months of exclusive breast feeding, 2 months of slowly introducing formula followed by 4 months of formula and honestly it has gone by in a milky blur!!  Soon he will be drinking from proper cups and loving the milk moustaches that come with that, for now I will continue to enjoy our snuggly bottle time!!

Family walk

  Now Arthur is walking we were excited to take him to the Vallee de Mai for our first proper family walk together! It’s an amazing place to go and we are so so lucky that we get to go there for free with our […]