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Month: May 2014

Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

So now we have been here for almost 2 years something I’ve realised is that it really is a great place for little kids, I mean, honestly little kids don’t need too much to entertain them…..days at the beach and swimming is perfect fun for […]

11 months old

Today my little guy is 11 months old! This months stats: Weight: 9.41kg Teeth: 6 (2 more on the way) I say this every month but I really can’t believe Arthur is 11 months old!!  This month has gone by so fast but there have been […]

Our Seychelles Garden

Here is our garden   I’m okay with admitting that it is a state!!  The grass is very very patchy there are weird mounds dotted around the place and the soil is mostly sand! We have decided that we are going to attempt to do […]

Changing the nap routine

This week we are trying out a change in Arthur’s routine.   We are going to test it out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes! Arthur is almost 11 months now.  His bed time is around 6:30pm and he goes to sleep […]

Stacking cups & bricks {The Ordinary Moments} #13

Its Sunday, time to link up with Katie at mummydaddyme for this weeks Ordinary Moments   This week Arthur I have noticed that Arthur has really started playing with his stacking cups. We got him them for Christmas and he has always enjoyed playing with […]

Traveling with a 1 year old-getting organised

So it is just over 2 months until we head back to the UK for the summer.  It will be our first flight with Arthur (apart from the inter island flights on the little prop planes).  I’m pretty nervous about it and so I am […]

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share! A couple months back I was contacted by a lady called Chrissann, she runs a site called Women Who Live On Rocks.  It’s all about, well, women who live on rocks…….ok, Tropical islands to be more precise!  These […]