Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

So now we have been here for almost 2 years something I’ve realised is that it really is a great place for little kids, I mean, honestly little kids don’t need too much to entertain them…..days at the beach and swimming is perfect fun for them!!!

I thought I’d share some tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles.

Tips for taking babies or toddlers to the Seychelles

It’s really hot!!

1. There’s lots of lovely swimming to be had for a cool down, but not always shade! Get some UV swimwear for your kiddies!  It’s a great place to take your baby swimming in the Ocean, the water is always warm and more often then not very flat and calm.  Check out my post on the best beaches to take babies and toddlers in the Seychelles

2. You’re going to want to cover up your baby outside of the water too, think loose and light clothing, even when its cloudy!  The Seychelles is just south of the equator and so the sun is a lot more powerful than you think, it’s easy to get caught out!

3.  Don’t forget that you will almost certainly have air conditioning in your bedrooms wherever you are staying, so it will be wise to bring something a little warmer for your babies bed time.

4.  I would recommend bringing your own sunscreen with you (both for yourself and your baby), it is available here but not always that easy to get hold of.  It also often more expensive than you would pay at home.  It also means you can get a brand name that you are used to using.

When it rains, it pours:

5. Being a tropical island, you may also experience the rain as well as the lovely sun! It’s pretty torrential and is a spectacle in it’s own right! It can last anywhere from 10 minutes to all day. If the rain has set in, you’re not gonna be going anywhere so maybe bring a movie or some games you can play indoors to keep the little ones occupied!


6. Formula milk is readily available here however there’s very limited choices in terms of brands. You may want to bring you’re own if your baby is partial to a specific brand.

7. I have never been able to buy fresh cows milk. This is something that the big hotels will almost certainly be able to provide however if you are staying self catering or in a smaller hotel you may only be able to get long life milk. If your baby drinks cows milk, maybe try your baby on some of this before you get here so it’s not a shock for them.

8. If your baby is a fussy eater you may want to bring some of the food they like with you. Saying that, you can often get jars of baby food of familiar brands if you need them.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask. Just because a restaurant doesn’t have a specific menu for kids, ask, you will almost certainly be able to get something made up as a child’s portion!  We have never had any issues with this when we have been out to eat here, every one has been very accommodating.  Quite often you will find people in restaurants will offer to take your baby while you are eating too!!


10. I couldn’t do without our pushchair but I have to say it’s not very easy to use them here. There are a lot of roads that do not have payments so you may feel safer using a baby carrier while out and about.

11. You can’t take a pushchair on the bus (or luggage). As a side note, the busses are very regular and very cheap which is great but they don’t run at night.

And finally:

12. Most importantly I would say to remember you are coming to a tropical island, things may not be the same as you get at home, of even if you were going on holiday somewhere more “westernised” but Seychellois really love children, they will do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and happy being here with your baby!


If you are thinking about coming to the Seychelles with your baby or toddler and have any questions please let me know, I’ll do my best to answer any that you have!




11 months old

Today my little guy is 11 months old!

This months stats:

Weight: 9.41kg

Teeth: 6 (2 more on the way)

I say this every month but I really can’t believe Arthur is 11 months old!!  This month has gone by so fast but there have been so many huge changes!

Arthur has had 6 teeth for a long time now but he is currently teething again, he has two more teeth coming at the bottom.  I hope they cut through soon because teething really is just awful.

We’ve changed around Arthur’s nap routine a little bit this month to try and crack his early morning wakings, we’re having a bit of success although you know it’s bad if I’m considering 5:30 wake ups a ‘success’!! It’s still early days though so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Arthur is now standing all by himself and he has also been taking his first steps, I can’t believe I have a walking baby!!  He’s taking up to around 10 steps in the house at a time.  Outside he’s not as confident but he’s getting more and more brave as each day passes! I love how proud of himself he is every time he reaches somewhere new, he turns around and gives the biggest smile.  If he’s walking to one of us when he gets there he smiles, gives a little squeal of delight (so do we!) buries his head into our chest and gives a giant cuddle.  I think he loves how excited we get about it!  I was always in denial that Arthur would walk before he was one but honestly I guess I’m not so surprised, with hard floors everywhere I would want to start walking quickly too to give my knees  and hands a break!

Da dah!

Da dah!

We’ve noticed that Arthur is really starting to play with his stacking cups and his bricks and he’s also now taking a big interest in throwing!!  At the moment the throwing has been restricted to a bouncy ball and toys in the shower, in the pool or in the sea but I’m sure it won’t be long till we have bricks, remotes, phones or whatever he can get his hands on thrown our way!!!

He’s started clapping this month too.  It really is very cute, it must be such a fun thing to learn to do.  He’s so happy every time he does it!!

Arthur is getting very chatty, still a lot of random sounds and no definite words yet but he really makes it clear what he wants (and doesn’t want!)

We had a bit of an incident with our TV…..Arthur pulled it down and broke the screen!  My parents have now taken to calling him ‘wreck it ralph’.  We were lucky that Arthur wasn’t hurt at all, but obviously buying a new TV was not ideal!!!  We’ve moved things around a little in the front room so he can’t reach it any more.  It’s something that I guess I should have thought about a lot more initially but I would never have imagined he would have been strong enough to pull it over….little monkey!


He is still eating really well, which is something I am really thankful for.  This month Arthur has been enjoying home made fishcakes a lot as well as picking up peas, his favourite is still spag bol though!

This next month will be a busy one with sorting out Arthur’s birthday.  We will be getting a babysitter for the first time ever as we have the school’s dinner dance to go to in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited but nervous to be leaving Arthur with someone thats not family (the only time he ever slept without us was when he stayed with my parents).  I think it will be really good for us, I hope Arthur is good!!  I feel relatively comfortable with it knowing that Arthur sleeps through from bed time (even though he wakes up too early!)

I’ll be making sure to enjoy having my 11 month old as much as possible, only a month left until the big day!!

Our Seychelles Garden (part 1)

Here is our garden

A blank canvas!

A blank canvas!


I’m okay with admitting that it is a state!!  The grass is very very patchy there are weird mounds dotted around the place and the soil is mostly sand!

We have decided that we are going to attempt to do something about it.

In the UK we had a teeny tiny garden in our terraced house that had a little planter running down the side, we grew our own vegetables in there and we loved it

Since we moved here we have wanted to grow our own bananas and for one reason or another, mainly laziness, we haven’t done it.  However that changed this week.

One of our neighbours grow bananas so we got a ‘banana sucker’ from her.

Turns out bananas don’t actually grow on trees, they just look like trees!  They are in fact plants.  So they shoot up what looks like a trunk, grow a bunch of bananas and then that shoot dies, in the mean time other shoots will have (should have) appeared and the new fruit will grow from that!

We have a passionfruit bush growing down the side of the fence which is actually pretty nice and smells gorgeous when it fruits.  It could do with a bit of a tidy up though


As for the rest of our plans.

We will, at some point, be getting some chickens and so will need to build a coop for them.

Also we want to get back to having some of our own vegetables again.  We have some seeds from the UK that we will plant.  I really would like to grow some salad but no idea where to start with that!

Thats it for now, I’ll keep you updated with our banana plant and the rest of our garden improvements 🙂

I’m linking up with mammasauraus for her how does your garden grow linky. Go take a look, you will probably find some people who know what they are talking about and definitely some pretty gardens 🙂

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Changing the nap routine

This week we are trying out a change in Arthur’s routine.   We are going to test it out for a couple of weeks and see how it goes!

Arthur is almost 11 months now.  His bed time is around 6:30pm and he goes to sleep really well but for around 2 months now he has been waking up between 4-5am most days and won’t go back to sleep.  He has been having 2 naps a day which recently have been getting shorter, around 45 minutes at a time.  This reduced from anything from 1 to up to 3 hours!

We have tried putting him to bed later and it has made no impact on his wake up times.

The other day Arthur had his first sleep and slept for around an hour.  He then wouldn’t go to sleep in the afternoon so we kept him up and put him to bed at his usual time.  He slept until 6!  So we have decided that we are going to try changing the nap routine to one nap a day and see how he gets on.

Interestingly he has still been waking up after 45 mins-1 hour but if we lay him back down he then goes back off for another hour.  To me it seems to make more sense that he has one really good sleep a day rather than 2 not so good ones.  It also has an added bonus for me of a good chunk of time to get lots of stuff done!

Today we are on our 4th day.  Its going pretty well.  He has been waking up at half 5 which is still not great but it is a big improvement on 4am!

We have been getting Arthur to 10am and by that time he’s really tired so he goes to sleep in seconds.  He’s then getting up around 12 and then going until bed time at 6:30.  It’s not perfect right now because clearly he is really tired by nap time and bed time but I’m hoping that it will then mean that he starts sleeping until later in the morning.  We may be at a phase where 2 naps are just that little too much but 1 is not quite enough!

This may be a bit of a dead end and a lot of wishful thinking on my part but I guess its worth a try!!

Have you tried anything similar to this?  Did you have any luck? Or is this a no hoper?!

Stacking cups & bricks {The Ordinary Moments} #13

Its Sunday, time to link up with Katie at mummydaddyme for this weeks Ordinary Moments


This week Arthur I have noticed that Arthur has really started playing with his stacking cups. We got him them for Christmas and he has always enjoyed playing with them individually and watching us build them up so he can smash them down. Now though he’s starting to stack them inside each other and trying to stack them up on top of each other.



He’s also starting to stack the little bricks from his brick trolly up top!


These new stacking skills are definitely things he’s still working on, it takes him a little while to do it and he hasn’t yet stacked anything more than one on top of another.  He also gets pretty cross when it doesn’t go how he wants it to go.  I can’t help but find it funny seeing him get frustrated when he can’t do it because he definitely got that trait from me, poor little guy!!

It’s really nice watching this skill developing, such a simple little thing but really it is a huge development for him!  A big change for play time but something we will be spending lots of time doing for a long while to come!


Happy Sunday


Traveling with a 1 year old-getting organised

So it is just over 2 months until we head back to the UK for the summer.  It will be our first flight with Arthur (apart from the inter island flights on the little prop planes).  I’m pretty nervous about it and so I am trying to be as organised and prepared as possible.  I’m known to fret quite a bit before we travel anywhere at all so I’m hoping that by being ahead of the game I will be less of a nightmare to travel with!  Although if we are traveling with a 1 year old and I’m the worst part of it then that will be pretty good going!!


Our flights were booked for us through Mark’s school.  We will be flying with Emirates which I am really happy about as I know they are a good airline.  I want to be as comfortable as possible for the long flights!


I had been um’ing and ah’ing about taking our pushchair back with us  despite Mark’s parents having got one for us.  I wanted to make sure that things would be as easy at the airport as possible.  I recently read that at Dubai airport (where we have a stop over) they give you a pushchair!  So this problem was sorted, we can leave our push chair here and we only have to deal with not having it for one part of the journey!


The Emirates website has lots of information about what they do to help traveling with children which I found really useful.  I read that they can provide a bassinet for babies up to 11kg (Arthur is 9kg right now so I’m banking on him being less than 11kg by that time!).  Arthur will be almost 13 months when we fly so we are going to have to be sure that we have lots to keep him busy.  If he carries on the way he is right now he will almost certainly be walking but either way all he’s going to want to do is go up and down the isles so I’ve resigned myself to the fact that everyone on the plane will hate us but I think I’ll let him do it, best that he’s doing that and he’s happy then forcing him to sit on our laps the whole time and him be screaming!!


Yesterday I phoned up the Seychelles Emirates office and booked the bassinet and the lady said that she would put in a request so that Mark and I will be sat together also.  She has also arranged for baby food to be provided.  I’m really pleased that I’ve done this it has taken a big weight off my mind.


Next up we need to start planning our time while we are there.  Although we will be there for almost 6 weeks I know the time will absolutely fly.  We need to make sure that we get to do what we want to do but also that our family and friends get to do what they want to (mostly this will be things with Arthur, not us!!).  We will be heading to Mark’s parents first and then down to mine.


I’ve started doing a little sorting of big things we will need for Arthur.  Mark’s parents have already got Arthur a car seat and a push chair.  My best friend, Hannah is going to lend us a travel cot for when we are with my parents so we need to sort one out for while we are at Mark’s.  Then we need to figure out what we will do for stair gates and a high chair.


I also need to start sorting out what we are going to do for clothes.  Mostly Arthur just wears a pair of shorts or maybe a little vest but its too hot to dress him fully, even at night.  Mum bought a nice cozy outfit for Arthur to wear on the plane  and we have a few things we can take for him but I’m definitely going to have to do some online shopping to have a few things waiting for him when we get there (honestly i’m very exited about this!!)


So thats it for now I think.  If you have any suggestions on things we will need for summer in the UK, or any tips on traveling with a 1 year old please let me know 🙂

Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share! A couple months back I was contacted by a lady called Chrissann, she runs a site called Women Who Live On Rocks.  It’s all about, well, women who live on rocks…….ok, Tropical islands to be more precise!  These Tropical Island dwelling ladies get together to blog about ‘the charming eccentricities of island living’ i.e the stuff that would seem pretty strange to anyone else! So Chrissann liked my blog and asks if I’d like to get involved and contribute to hers!  I was really excited as it would be a chance to write in a slightly different way to how I do on this blog, talk about more of the weird stuff that goes on here in Seychelles, outside of my little Mummy bubble.  It was really fun to start writing for this, as having lived here almost two years now, I realised that some of the oddities seemed a whole lot less odd to me these days.  It was good to take a fresh look at the things that go on! My first post has just been published, so I’m officially now a ‘woman on a rock’ and I’d love if you would check it out and let me know what you think!  Here’s the link It’s a really good blog there’s some really funny posts and it’s a great insite into island living so take a look around and check out a few of the other posts on there!  It may just make you feel a little less jealous of the tropical life!   copy-cropped-WWLOR_final-logo-full_KCN2