Diving (Seychelles Time)

Living somewhere where you can go diving regularly is amazing we are really lucky to have that, now Arthur is a little older it’s something I’ll be able to take advantage of again!

When you go diving here you consistently get to see really pretty reef fish, sharks, turtles, and rays!

Diving Seychelles reef shark

This year for my birthday my present from Mark was my PADI advanced open water dive course.  I had it as an early present as my Mum wanted to do hers too so we got to do lots of diving together!  It was my first time getting to dive with Mum and Dad, it’s so cool that I got to do that with them!

The course was made up of 5 dives:

  • Night dive
  • Deep dive
  • Nitrox dive
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Fish Identification


The Night dive was pretty intense.  I had never really considered doing this before, it is something that is totally outside my comfort zone.  I get a little nervous just walking around in the dark let alone being in the water at night!  It was a really eerie experience, this sounds cheesy but it really felt alien!  The visibility was good but you could only properly see what your torch was shining on.  It was just myself, my Mum & Dad and our instructor out there.  I don’t mind admitting that I was pretty terrified the whole way around, I found it hard to relax into it!  I was so proud of myself though and on reflection I think its something I will make myself do again as it was amazing (once I take the fear thing out of it!).  The best part was at the end we turned our torches off and you could see the bioluminescence from the plankton (when you move around it all lights up like fireflies its really pretty!)

For the Deep dive we had to go to 30m (prior to taking this course the maximum we were allowed to go was 18m so quite a big difference).  From around 30m you start to feel the effects of Nitrogen Narcosis.  This basically feels like your a bit drunk!!  We had to do a little test on the boat on the way out: letters were all scrambled and we had to order them, this was timed.  We then had to do it at 30m to see if we were effected by Nitrogen Narcosis.  I was affected the most, although that doesn’t surprise me, I’m a big lightweight when drinking so why would any thing else be different!!!

The Nitrox dive was a regular dive but breathing air with a higher Oxygen level then usual….it didn’t feel any differen.

Underwater Navigator involved using a compass and basically swimming in a square underwater.  I was surprisingly alright at this.  I’m terrible with directions of any sort but it was not so bad!

Diving Seychelles PADI advanced course

Sure I know how to use a compass!!!

The best dive we had was for our fish identification course.  We got to go to a dive site I had not been to before called Marianne it is the most beautiful place!  Sooooooooo many fish but even aside from that just the whole area is amazing, so much to see!

Diving Seychelles Diving Seychelles

Diving Seychelles

Me & Dad- underwater selfies 🙂

Diving Seychelles

Me and Mum


Thats it for now!  Hope you enjoyed some Seychelles Time!  Thanks for stopping by!

Ohh, quick thanks to my Dad for taking all these pictures 🙂 xx

The brick trolly {The Ordinary Moments} #12

It’s Sunday and so it’s time for the Ordinary Moments!  As always linking up with Katie!

This week I’m writing about Arthur’s new favourite toy!  The Brick Trolly.  My mum and dad brought this out for Arthur and it’s now his absolute favourite!!


Its a really lovely wooden one that came with lots of little wooden blocks that go in the trolly part that are also lots of fun to play with.  It definitely has a classic timeless look to it.

What is amazing for me is how quickly he got confident using it!  We were holding him initially as he stumbled along but within a day he was going along by himself, slowly, but still going.  Within a couple of days he was getting pretty cocky, lifting a hand up ‘waving’ as he was going along, looking around the room making sure everyone was watching.  Obviously as a result of that he had a couple of falls but he kept getting back up and once he reached the wall or anything else that was in his way he was demanding to be turned around so he could get going again.

He’s so good on it now that last weekend we decided we were going to let him have a go at taking it outside on the little track out the front of our house.  He would be able to go a good distance on his own without needing us to turn him around.  Its a little bumpy out there though so we weren’t sure how it would go!

IMG_0015 IMG_0014 IMG_0010


Arthur absolutely loved it, he was not only going up and down the path but over the grass too.  It’s so cute seeing him ‘walking’ up and down out the front of the house, it made him look pretty tiny!!  I’m pretty sure that using this is whats given him the confidence to start taking steps between bits of furniture!!  Don’t think it will be too long before he really is walking!


Happy Sunday


Arthur is now 10 months old!

Today my little guy is 10 months old!


I didn't eat any sand Mummy!

I didn’t eat any sand Mummy!


This months stats

Weight 8.92kg (19.7lbs)

Teeth: 6

I can’t believe he’s now 10 month’s old!  This month has been amazing!  Most of it was spent having Mum and Dad here and seeing Arthur getting close to them has been the best thing ever.  Mark was home from work too and Arthur loved having him around more.

He’s into everything and gets absolutely everywhere, a real handful but he really is so much fun!

Hes babbling so much, his favourite sound is definitely ‘dada’ but we are getting lots of ‘baba’ and lots and lots of shouting, he’s definitely enjoying the sound of his own voice!  We get ‘mama’s’ when he’s upset (typical!)

Arthur really loves being outside, he absolutely loves next door’s cat and so he spends a lot of time chasing after her!  Having had mum and dad here we’ve spent lots of time at the beach with him and he thinks crawling around in the sand is awesome….eating seems pretty fun too!

Still sleeping through the night which is of course lovely, he still unfortunately wakes up around 5, we’ve had far too many 4:30 wake up’s for my liking too!  We are going to try and make his bed time a little later.  We’ve tried this before but not for more than a night or two, maybe if we stick at it for a week or so it might convince him to sleep in a little longer (fingers crossed!!!)

He had a couple of sleepovers with my Mum and Dad while they were here, he had lots of fun and was a good boy for them (they said so anyway!) it was nice for Mark and I to get some lie in’s too, one of which was on my birthday which was wonderful!

Our little guy LOVES eating, pretty much everything!  I made him scrabbled eggs and thats the first thing he really turned his nose up at, to be fair it looked disgusting I had never made it before (I don’t eat eggs!) and so i’m not sure it was meant to look like that!

We have dropped the afternoon bottle so he is just on 3 a day now, 1 first thing in the morning, 1 late morning and one at bed time.  This has been achieved with thanks to ‘snacky nana’ my mum was given that nickname as she was constantly giving him lots of yummy snacks, his favourite is definitely raisins!

This month we will be getting back into more of a normal routine with Mark being back at work and Mum and Dad back in the UK 🙁 but I’m feeling more confident about taking Arthur down to the beach by myself now so we will definitely be getting out and about a lot.

He really looks so much like Mark his eyes are identical and his hair is becoming really curly too!  Its a little lighter then Mark’s though I think his hair colour will be more like mine.

All of a sudden now he’s 10 months we realise how close he is to turning 1.  Amazing and terrifying!  Its a good reality check for us to make sure we savour every second of our time with Arthur as a baby!

My new home!

This is my new home!  Ive been thinking about going self hosted for quite a while now and I decided to take the plunge!

Things right now all look quite similar right now but I’m hoping once I get to grips with all the different things I can do on here I’ll be able to personalise things and generally just make it better 🙂

The hosting site I used in the end is iPage, mainly due to the fact that there was a great offer on!  It was relatively easy to do, I did the transfer of everything myself but it really wasn’t difficult at all. (although please tell me if something is obviously missing!!)

So, get comfy, slap on some suncream, and take a look around!



ps Any hints or tips you would like to share would be REALLY welcome as I have no idea what I’m doing 🙂

My Birthday at Raffles

Last week was my 28th birthday!

I was treated to a lie in as Arthur had gone for a sleepover at my Mum and Dad’s apartment.  I say lie in but we are talking 7am, yes that is a lie in for me, sad isn’t it!!

My present from Mark this year was my PADI advanced divers course, i’ll talk about that in a separate post!

Mum and dad got me a pretty play suit and an iPad mini and my brother got me a lovely case for it.

Daddy   Arthur got me some earrings I had my eye on!

So I had been suitably spoiled!


We then went out to a mystery location for my birthday lunch which turned out to be Raffles!  I had been wanting to go for ages so I was delighted when we pulled up!

We went to the pool bar it was gorgeous!


The waiter asked if we lived here……What!?  Don’t we look like we belong in Raffles, what gave us away???!

We had a starter of Sushi and a mixed platter with things like samosas and mozzarella sticks….yum!

For lunch my dad had a smoked Marlin wrap which he said was delicious but honestly I think he made a bit of an error because the rest of us had the burger and it was the best……….I’m not talking any burger here though this was a Wagyu burger.

I can now write this like I know what I’m talking about, I don’t, but I looked it up and apparently it means something along the lines of the cow was fed Beer and Sake and it gets regularly massaged, lucky cow!

So anyway the burger tasted awesome, it was massive and cooked how I wanted and it came with chips, what more could a girl want on her birthday?


Cocktail and burger, they don’t come classier then me!

Oh right, yeah, cocktails of course!! It’s kind of obligatory to have some kind of ‘sling’ cocktail since it was Raffles who invented the Singapore Sling (the Raffles in Singapore obviously!).  I went for the Paris sling, but I of course also tried my Mum’s Singapore sling, oh and we had to have a Margarita, it’s kind of our thing!


After lunch it was swim time.  Where we had so much fun splashing around (only partly cocktail induced), jumping in-between the two layers of infinity pools, making a built in sun bed thing into a slide.  Arthur slept until Mark decided to do a bomb into the pool!!

At around 4 it all clouded over and the heavens opened, we took it as our cue to leave!

The evening was spent having sandwiches and a big yummy birthday cake! All in all it was an awesome day!

A real family get together {The Ordinary Moments} #11

I’m back from being a little MIA and it’s time to link up with Katie again for this weeks Ordinary Moments.


You may have read my first Ordinary Moments post about our Skype family get togethers. Well, we’ve had a month of real life family time with my mum and dad being here and it was amazing.



I went to meet them at the airport with Arthur and he definitely didn’t act like he was meeting strangers so I really do think all that skype time helped!!

It was so lovely to see Arthur get to know my mum and dad and for them to get to know him. These moments became ‘ordinary’ for a month but we all enjoyed every second as unfortunately it’s not always the case!

Of course they spoiled Arthur rotten and he absolutely loved all the fuss that was made of him, he became really close with them.  It was the first time I have seen him be like that with anyone outside of me and Mark.  He was so relaxed around them.

Having them here was really good for me too, it made me relax.  At the same time Mark was off work for Easter holidays so for me it was amazing having all that help with Arthur when usually it’s just me while Mark is working.

We had loads of time swimming, being at the beach, BBQing and just generally spending good time together.

They left on Friday Morning and we’ve already had a quick video chat! We are going to the UK in the summer and I already can’t wait, I know they can’t wait either!


Happy Sunday (oo its Easter, happy Easter!)


La Digue (Seychelles time)

It’s been a little while but it’s Seychelles Time again!

La Digue is the third most populated island in the Seychelles.  From Praslin it is a 15 minute ferry trip.  Going to La Digue really is like going back in time, its so quiet and life is slow there!

We recently took Arthur for the first time with Mum and Dad.  This was Arthur’s first time on a boat, he was really good and loved looking overboard, particularly at the boats wake.

La Digue is a Awesome place to hire bikes, its the best way to get around the island and its really safe as there are hardly any cars at all.  We decided not to this time as we wanted to be able to keep Arthur in the shade so the push chair was the best for that.  We walked around the North side of the island which is nice and quiet, a really beautiful walk.

 La Digue

 La Digue Seychelles



We followed the road around to the George Camile gallery, Arthur had lots of fun crawling around there, although I think thats more due to the fact the floor was nice and cool rather than him being particularly interested in the art!  To be honest he kinda took over the place!!!

La Digue Seychelles George Camille Gallary


Dad bought a nice Embossed copper picture in there, they had been looking forward to visiting his gallery as his stuff had caught their eye on Mahe, last time they were visiting in the Summer.  Mark and I house sat for George Camile over new year so it is nice that they now own some of his work.  If you would like to check out his website take a look here 

This time we didn’t walk round to the Coconut plantation where the gorgeous Anse Source d’Argent beach is as it was a little far to go without bikes and plus the walk around the North coast took us longer than expected!  Anyway here is a picture from a previous trip as its really pretty so you might want to see 🙂  It’s in the National Geographic top 10 beaches in the world so it can’t be half bad right!!

Anse Source D'Argent La Digue Seychelles


So thats it for now!  Hope you enjoyed a little bit of Seychelles time, see you next time!