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Month: February 2014

8 months

Today my little guy is 8 months old! This months stats Weighs 8.295 kg (18lb 5oz) Teeth: 6 This has been a big month of change in Arthur’s life.  He is now crawling around all over the place and every day he gets faster!  He […]

A trip to hospital (A bad mama moment)

Sunday started off as such a lovely day, we had a nice big breakfast had a bit of a lazy morning and then we went for a family swim at the pool. It was really hot even by mid afternoon so Arthur and I were […]

The Paddling Pool {The Ordinary Moments} #7

Its Sunday so I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments again! On Friday Mark came home from work with a paddling pool for Arthur.  I was so excited as I’ve been desperate for him to have one!  I know we are […]

Blog your heart out

Okay so I have been a bit rubbish and have sat on this for ages but here it is! I’ve been nominated by both mummyprobs and Mummy’stodolist to be involved with this so thank you ladies 🙂 I have answered the five questions and below […]

The Dentist {The Ordinary Moments} #6

I’m a little late for this one but I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for the Ordinary Moments again! Today (Monday), Arthur had his monthly weight check.  The nurse asked me if we had seen the dentist yet.  I explained that I had asked […]

My birth story

In the Seychelles, if it’s your first baby you go to Mahe (the main island) to have your baby (we live on Praslin island) three weeks before the due date.  Now for most people this isn’t too much of an issue, as they will have […]

Love is…..

Ive been tagged by both my petit canard (who came up with this lovely new tag) and YouBabyMeMummy to share my definition of what love is 🙂 So here it is 🙂 Love is…….. Family time; an evening walk on the beach, swimming, or a […]