The not yet ordinary {The Ordinary Moments} #4

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me with my fourth post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’.

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

This week has been big for Arthur.

He has stood up by himself (well against the table but without me!)

image  (Excuse the horrible shorts but he’s had heat rash this week so was trying to keep his as cool as possible)

Even bigger then that he is now crawling!!!  We started getting a little forward shuffle in this last week or so but no real distance travelled, but on Thursday he made a break for it and went from his mat over to the tower (i’m pretty good at stacking cups these days!) and then over to the chairs.  Okay so its not particularly graceful yet but he did it.  Very proud he was too!

I do dress him nicely sometimes, honest!

I do dress him nicely sometimes, honest!

These things will soon become “ordinary moments” but two things in one week and particularly the crawling (at 7 months!) has blown my mind and changed our world, that floor is gonna have to be swept like every 5 minutes else he will be constantly covered in sand and dust and real ‘baby proofing’ is going to have to start happening now that so much is within his reach!!

Happy Sunday


Ice ice baby.

As you can probably imagine living in the Seychelles is pretty hot and humid, all the time (for example yesterday afternoon it was 34°C in our house!)  Ceiling fans are okay but quite often it just feels like they are pushing around hot air.  It can be pretty uncomfortable, particularly at night as it doesn’t cool down in the evenings here.

When I was pregnant my land lord asked if we would be interested in having air con installed.   We were so excited.  He wanted us to pay for the installation.  We agreed that should be fine but we wanted to know the price first.  Anyway we have a couple of back and forth’s and no price is ever given and we soon give up on the idea that air con is going to happen.  We didn’t want to pester him too much as he had just installed a water tank for us which meant we would have water at all times (there is quite often drought in Seychelles).

Fast forward to this weekend (Arthur is now 7 months so this is almost a year later), our next door neighbours come round and said that the landlord had offered air con for 1500sr (about £75) and that he had two units but next door (us) didn’t want it .  We immediately text him and said that we did of course want it!  Turns out we should have pestered him after all!

The next day he comes round and delivers these little beauties!


Yesterday I spoke to my Mum and said that I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be fitted this week as I hadn’t heard anything and then a couple of hours later (just as I was about to eat my lunch and watch the first episode of Sherlock!) they turned up!  Arthur was asleep so I had to wake him up (having just got him back to sleep after the washing machine woke him!) but I couldn’t be mad we were getting air con!!!!

About 3 and a half hours later it was done and we were basking in the luxury of cold air ahhhhhhhhh!!


It is going to make such a huge difference for us.  It will make napping during the day so much more comfortable for Arthur and it will be so nice to  have on for an hour before bed to cool the house down a little bit.  Arthur has developed a horrible heat rash this week so the timing is pretty good, it will hopefully help with that, or at least stop him developing another in the future.

The Baby Bath {The Ordinary Moments} #3

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me with my third post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’.

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

The baby bath was one of the last things we bought for Arthur.  I wasn’t that excited about it, just something we needed.

Arthur’s first few bath’s were in hospital.  He screamed every time, the nurse was pretty rough with him (or so it looked like through my brand new mummy eyes) and he just wasn’t very happy.

We actually gave Arthur his first bath together in the apartment we were staying in on Mahe before we took Arthur home to Praslin.  He loved it, he looked so happy in there (even though he was only a few days old!).  By the time we got him home to Praslin Arthur was around 2 weeks old and already a bath lover, he then got to go in the proper baby bath where he had room to really like down and have a good soak!  He looked so so tiny in there.

Bath time very quickly became a family favourite time of day.  We had read it was good to build it as part of a bed time routine, which suited us down to the ground, it meant Mark would be able to get involved every day (as he would be home from work) and I didn’t have to do it on my own!

Over time, bath time has changed.  Once Arthur started sitting up, the ‘fun’ really began, he started splashing around properly and we could even give him a couple of bath toys to play with.  After 7 months bath time is still our favourite time of day with Arthur, we absolutely love it.  It truly has become a special ‘ordinary moment’ of our daily life as a family.

Now Arthur is almost too big for his little baby bath as he keeps trying to pull himself up to standing in it and he can’t really lie down in there any more.  It will be an end of an era as we do not have a bathtub only a shower.  I will be sad when this special little family bed time ritual ends so I am enjoying every second of each and every bath time we have left.

Happy Sunday


Arthur is 7 months old

Tomorrow (Jan 26th) my little boy turns 7 months old!


This months Stats:

Weighs 8.01kg (17lb 11oz) 

Teeth: 5

At 7 months Arthur now rolls around all over the place so I’m in the process of opening those eyes in the back of my head!  He is also obsessed with being stood up, he absolutely loves it.  He’s desperate to be crawling and we are just beginning to get some forward shuffling!  Arthur is also loving getting around in his walker.


3 teeth have appeared this month!!  The front top two have come through with a big gap in the middle, its really cute!  My great nannie had a gap in her teeth I wonder if his will stay or close up.

This month has been about getting back to ‘normal’ with Mark going back to work after having 4 weeks off for Christmas, however there has been quite a lot of change in the last month for our little guy and I must say he’s coped really really well.  Firstly he’s moved into his own room.  We have also started introducing bottle feeds, he’s gradually been having more and more and we are now at the point where I am only feeding him once a day (for the night feed which hopefully won’t last too much longer!).  He is on three solid meals a day and we’ve started introducing meat, so far he’s had chicken  and beef (spag bol, yum!).  As a result of all these things he’s been sleeping so much better.  He is now only having one night feed (before it was up to 6 but usually around 3) which is pretty amazing  for all of us!

We have been getting a lot more noises with squeals of delight and shouts of displeasure!  No real ‘sounds’ as such, we get the occasional ‘muuummmmmm’ but that only tends to be when he’s grumpy (typical!).  Its fun hearing him expressing himself in his own way, he clearly enjoys it too.  We took a video of him laughing (at his bricks being dropped on the floor?!) and its really fun to show it back to him as he laughs at himself.

Here’s to a healthy and happy next month!

A Thank You To My Husband

Arthur has been a little bit “Mamacentric” recently and so I wanted to write a little something about how lucky I am to have an amazing husband and how great he is as a daddy!  I don’t tell Mark enough how great I think he is and how thankful I am for everything he does!  So here it is, a little soppy but sometimes thats ok 🙂

Bed Time stories. Since he was tiny you have read Arthur a bed time story every night & he loves it!  He looks in wonder as you do silly actions and laughs at the funny voices!

The way you look at him.  The way you look at Arthur makes me melt.  The love you have for him is clear for all to see, its a beautiful thing.

His smile when you get home from work.  Arthur really does miss you during the day (the poor little guy is stuck with me all day!) and although it might not be long at the moment before he gets wriggly and wants to come back to me, the way his little face lights up when you come home is so lovely!

Seeing you together.   When you two are together there is no sight in the world that makes me happier.  My two favourite people snuggled up, playing, reading, or walking along (Arthur in the baby carrier).

You keep me sane.  I have developed a tendency to become obsessive over everything Arthur related, particularly his sleep.  You have made sure I don’t become a recluse and continue to make me realise that a night here and there where his routine is changed isn’t going to hurt him!  Sometimes you drag me out kicking and screaming but in the end we always have had a good time and Arthur has (mostly) behaved.

Your words.  Every single day you tell me what a great Mum I am, and you mean it!

Your actions.  We are a great team!  We each have our things that we do for Arthur and I know I couldn’t be anywhere near the Mum to him that I am without you.  I don’t say thank you enough for the things that you do and I’m sorry for that!

Look where we are!!!  Because of you we have been able to have Arthur in the Seychelles!  I’ve always wanted to have a baby somewhere like this, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we have that thanks to you.

Thank you, for everything!

My two favourites!

My two favourites!

Laughter at the end of a tough week {The Ordinary Moments} #2

It’s Sunday so that means I’m linking up with Katie at Mummy Daddy Me again with my second post for ‘The Ordinary Moments’

I want to remember the little things not just the Kodak moments.  

It was Friday, the end of Marks 2nd week back at work after Christmas and it had felt like a long one for both of us!

I’d had a few tough few days with Arthur.

His two top front teeth had cut through pretty much simultaneously and he’d been really grumpy!  With the last two teeth the grumpiness stopped as soon as they had broken through the skin……this was not the case this time!!

Also he’s really got into two fun new things the last few weeks

  • Rolling: making nappy changes pretty challenging (to put it lightly!)
  • Standing up (assisted): he wants to be stood up ALL the time!!!

Anyway, cut back to Friday and I’m done, totally exhausted, and grumpy.  I’m doing a nappy change he’s kicking off and I want to cry!  A walk is needed, I can’t get the pram out the door fast enough and within minutes  Arthur sleeps!  We get back, Mark goes for a run and Arthur kicks off on a grump again 🙁 we limp to half past 5 and it’s his dinner time.

He pretty much inhaled his dinner as he usually does at this time!  “Wow good job” I say, and then something simple but wonderful happened, he cracks up laughing.  The three of us then laugh continuously for a good 5 minutes, so much so Arthur gave himself hiccups!  It was like something straight out of the end of a Peppa Pig episode.

I don’t know how much longer it will take so little to change Arthur’s mood so dramatically, or how long he will find me funny but I would love to keep that moment of us all of being so so happy in such an ordinary moment forever.

Happy Sunday


Being a Seychelles mama (The good bits) 0-6 months

Thought I’d share a little bit about being a seychelles mama (the good bits):

Being a Seychelles mama (the good bits) 0-6 months

Getting Arthur dressed

is never really a chore he pretty much lives in bodysuits.  It’s too hot for anything else, so no layers required.  In fact often he is just in a nappy during the day.

He gets to be outdoors – a lot!

I always wanted to have kids somewhere where we could spend a lot of time outside, somewhere hot basically .  We definitely get this here.  I find it amazing how a walk in the fresh air can do a grumpy baby so much good (and a grumpy mama too!).  The view is obviously good too which is another bonus for us both!  At 6 months he’s just starting to get to an age where taking him to the beach is fun.  He can sit up by himself and so can have a good look round at everything.

Being a seychelles mama (the good bits)

Health and Safety hasn’t gone mad here.

I guess the most obvious example I can think of is how baby walkers are now so frowned at as they are ‘dangerous’ due to the injuries they can cause.  They have even been banned in Canada.  Now I bet that nearly all of us had baby walkers when we were little and we are all just fine!!!  Surely common sense needs to be used here, if the baby is supervised these things are perfectly safe!!  Sorry I’ll get off my soapbox now I just get cross when ‘health & safety’ steps in when a bit of common sense just needs to be used!!  Here people get along just fine without all of the health and safety overkill that happens elsewhere!

I don’t feel judged.

I’m not saying everyone feels this way in other places, but we really are pretty much left to it here.  We had a health visitor come round once for about 5 minutes and we go down to the clinic once a month to get him weighed.  His 6 month check up consisted of them asking if we had started feeding solids yet, seeing he could sit up already, seeing if he could crawl (he can’t).  We briefly spoke about his sleep and  that was pretty much it!  I can breastfeed wherever I like, without any weird looks or comments.

There’s no ‘x-box culture’.  

I guess this partly goes hand in hand with my second point.   I know Arthur is too young for this to be an issue yet.  It’s still it’s something that scares me and is one of the reasons we wanted to have a baby here!!


There is a small hotel thats a two minute walk from our house that we can Arthur swimming in all the time.  It’s my favourite thing to do with him.  He loves being in the water (just like me!).  We have started taking him to splash his feet in the Ocean too.  It’s rainy season here right now.   This means its a little chilly by Seychelles standards so we haven’t taken him in for a full dip but it won’t be long….I can’t wait.

Being a Seychelles mama (the good bits)

The expat community.

It’s been amazing how helpful people have been.  We had a lot of stuff given/loaned to us that has been so useful.  To name a few, a bumbo, a changing table and we even got our cot (actually this was from a Seychelleois family)…..Its at least 20 years old and handmade.  It was in a bit of a sorry state as had been kept outside and kind of used for storage so me and Mark did it up and now its beautiful.  We had to order a custom mattress as its an unusual size but it will last until Arthur is ready to go into a proper bed as its really big.  I even got thrown a baby shower which was just so lovely considering by that point we hadn’t even been here a year!

Baby love.

People here LOVE babies.  Everywhere you go people want to give Arthur cuddles, he gets a lot of fuss made of him!  If we go out for somewhere to eat there’s always been someone offering to hold him/play with him while we eat….amazing! Also there is more availability of baby things then there is anything else which is of course very useful!


There are also some challenges in being a Mama in Seychelles.   Read all about the harder bits of being a Seychelles Mama!

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