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20 weeks pregnant (halfway there!)

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant!  Halfway woohoo! This post is a day late, I totally lost track of days with Mark being off for Easter holidays!!
If you missed last week, check out my 19 week update!!

So up to now measurements for little boy bump have been done crown to rump but from now on measurements are done head to toe!!

Our little guy is around 26cm long head to toe, around the size of a banana!!

Here’s me this week:
20 weeks pregnant bump shot

My tummy is feeling nice and hard now, I’m definitely looking pregnant!
I’m still clinging on to a couple pairs of my pre-pregnancy shorts with the help of the waist expander mum sent me when I was pregnant with Arthur!  So I’m living in those and stretchy vest tops!
I’d love to have access to lots of fab maternity wear, I have a few things I was sent last time from my parents and marks parents.  To be honest though, life here is definitely no fashion show and it’s way too hot to be in anything more than shorts and a vest top!  I’m also loving light and floaty beach dresses!
With Mark being off for Easter holidays we’ve had more beach and pool outings then usual and I love being pregnant in a bikini, It’s kinda liberating!  When I was pregnant with Arthur I was wearing bikinis until the day before I went into hospital to have him so I’m hoping to feel confident enough to do the same again this time!

We are absolutely loving being able to refer to our little bump as ‘he’ now, although we are still no closer to a name for him!!!

My energy levels have been good this week.  I’m sure that having Mark home for Easter holidays are having a lot to do with that!!!

I am still loving baby kicks, they are becoming more frequent throughout the day and so I need to start keeping track!

I think I’m past the craving stage now but I am loving diet coke! So happy it’s available here right now (there are often times when we can’t get it!)

No real major pregnancy niggles this week, I’ve not had a night without waking up at least once for a while now but I’m kinda used to it and it doesn’t tend to take me too long to get back off again!
Still getting pain in my leg too but it’s not every day which is a huge relief!

Think that’s it for this week! I’ll be back next week with my 21 week update!

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