19 weeks pregnant and the big reveal!

I’m now 19 weeks pregnant!
If you missed it check out last weeks update!

This week Seychelles baba is as big as an heirloom  tomato (whatever that is!) which is more than 15cm crown to rump!  Also baby can apparently now start to hear my voice which I love!!

Here’s me this week:

19 weeks pregnant bump

Bump Measurement:

36.5 inches (+0.5 inches from last week)

This has been a big week for our little Seychelles baba!!

The kicks are getting crazy, I mean like kicks we can actually see them!  it’s amazing!!  

Yesterday we had our anomaly scan!!  Great news is that our little one is nice and healthy in there!!!

We also got to find out the sex

Drumroll please……….

It's a boy!  19 weeks pregnant

Yes, Arthur is going to have a baby brother!!!
We are really excited to have two little boys!  I hope that they will be best buddies!  
Mark has a sister and I have a brother and so I kind of assumed we would he having a girl so I was shocked when the Sonographer said it was a boy!
Mark has been saying all along that “he KNOWS it’s a boy” so he’s feeling pretty smug haha!

Arthur was as good as gold at the scan yesterday so we are very proud of him too!!

We are so happy to be able to start saying “he” now instead of “it”!  Feels like we can really start to bond with our little guy!
Now we just need to think of a name!!!!!!

I’ll be back next week with my 20 week update!


35 thoughts on “19 weeks pregnant and the big reveal!

  1. Congratulations! Brothers are great! There’s 2 and a half years between my boys and though they have moments where they fight like hell when they’re apart they miss each other loads. It’s also interesting how different they are from each other. They have some similar traits but from the time they were both babies I could see jacob (2nd born) had way more confidence, strength and cheekiness!
    Becky Brown recently posted…A First Sign Of Spring – Vide GreniersMy Profile

    • Thanks Donna we are so excited 🙂
      I’m sure it will be a handful but I know it will be lots of fun 🙂 xx

    • Ahh thank you so much 🙂
      We are so happy to be having another boy!! There seems to be lots of boy blogger bumps going round at the moment too…very cool!! X

  2. Yay how exciting to know it’s a boy! It’s nice having two of the same sex and a lot easier for practical reasons! Although we found it harder for names the second time as we had used up our favourites on our first!

    • Definitely practical, we have loads of clothes from when Arthur was smaller 🙂
      Totally agree about the names! We struggled enough for a boy first time around so right now we are totally clueless haha! X

    • Ahh thanks Becca that’s very sweet!! You guys must be getting excited now you’re going to be here in no time!!! Xx

  3. So exciting! I remember feeling like I could start properly looking forward to our daughter arriving after finding out the sex. My husband was the same, he’d been positive it would be a girl and, now five years on, he’s still smug about being right!!

    • Eeek it’s scary isn’t it!! I think whatever you pick you will end up falling more in love with as your little one gets bigger!! I loved the name Arthur but now I love it even more, hope it’s the same this time too! Xx

  4. I totally thought I had commented when I read this first time round!! Must have done it on twitter! Oh another boy how exciting! We have a boy name 🙂 but not a girl name so it will be interesting to see what this one is!! Nearly halfway!!xx

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