19 months

19 months

19 months old!  I can’t believe how much and how fast Arthur is changing at the moment. 

Arthur turned 18 months in Sri Lanka and we had another week there before we headed back to Seychelles.  He was truly amazing while we were away.  I’ve said that before, but we really were so proud of him!

We got back and had a few days to get into the swing of Seychelles life before Mark had to go back to work.
The rest of this month has gone by in an absolute blur.

Arthur had his 18 month jabs and polio drops.  He was really very poorly after this, it was awful.  He had a bad fever was sick and slept awfully which was hard on us all.
Almost straight off the back of that Arthur picked up a bug at school from our little weekly Tuesday visits. Again, he had a fever.  This time it was accompanied by a runny nose and a cough which he still hasn’t shaken off.  
It’s been really difficult to see our little guy being poorly as he really really never is ill at all.

We are starting to get Arthur ready for his first big boy bed.  We’ve started leaving the side of the cot down so he can get in and out himself.  So far this has been successful in that he goes to bed without a fuss and we don’t hear from him until he comes running into our room excitedly at around 6am.  It’s really cute hearing his little feet coming and he’s always so happy to see us!!
We also are now into full swing with our cloth nappies, even using them at night.  I’ll be doing a review of the baba&boo nappies we bought so look at for that soon!

We seem to be mostly back on track with eating, although, Arthur has definitely discovered that it’s more fun to snack and carry on playing then sitting up the table which is proving to be a bit annoying but he’s eating loads and so at least I know he’s getting what he needs!

He’s becoming more and more chatty and I think this month we will start to see a lot more words appearing.  
He’s started saying car and gives lots of “broom brooms”, down, more, ball, and a few others I can’t think of right now (bad mama)….oh “pa pa” for peppa pig as he shoves the TV remote in my face!!
He’s on the edge of lots of words too saying the first half of them! 

There are still plenty of tantrums to keep me on my toes, mostly they seem to be related to him wanting to snack some more despite insisting he wants to get down from the table!!  Luckily, these are still very short lived and it takes very little for him to get over it!

Arthur has also started biting me again, only me thank goodness, but it really hurts.  I’m hoping it’s just a phase.  Unfortunately, he seems to find it quite funny (little toad).  
On the other hand he is also now giving me proper little kisses which is possibly the best and most lovely thing ever ever ever!!!!

Something that continues to surprise me, is how independent he is.  He’s very happy to wonder around, especially outside or if we are at school and explore on his own, make his own entertainment.  Considering Arthur spends most of his time with just me, it makes me really proud that he’s confident enough to do this.

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    • Yeah it’s going great so far 🙂 still plenty of time for it to go wrong haha! I’m also leaving the side up for naps right now too!
      He definitely it’s feisty that’s for sure! Xx

  1. You brightened up my inbox with this this morning!

    What a lovely photo, and so nice to hear how much he is growing up. That independence is so important. I’m writing a report right now about how young people become skilled at ‘digital making’ and I can’t help thinking how many of them are entertained the whole time these days and never have the chance to be independent and create their own fun, and as a result invent their own new things.

    Being independent just gives them so much fun, such a sense of achievement when they are older, and great prospects to end up living how they want when they are older.

  2. What a gorgeous little boy! Glad he got over his sickness quickly – it’s scary when they get ill after vaccinations. Great that he’s adapted to having the sides off the cot too, and that you’ve been successful with cloth nappies, We bought the birth to potty set for our eldest but just didn’t get on with them. Lovely update hon xxx #SWM
    Reneé @ Mummy Tries recently posted…Why I WriteMy Profile

    • Thank you Hun!
      We have definitely been lucky with his sickness, I think living somewhere warm definitely helps but it’s certainly made me soft for when he does get sick!!! Xxx

    • I totally agree 🙂 never a dull moment and always lots of sweet ones to outweigh any tantrums or challenges!!! Thank you lovely xx

  3. Aw what a cutie little man! Sounds like he is doing so well, I can totally relate to the wanting to leave the table, I swing from thinking it is a bad idea to thinking it is fine as long as he is eating and I m not really sure which is right :/ the kissig and happiness sounds lovely but the bighting much less fun, ouch! I hope it is just a phase! xx
    Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) recently posted…The truth about Making a baby smileMy Profile

  4. Can you believe they are 19 months old now. Where has the time gone? I know we will be tearing it up soon saying they are 2 and 3 and then starting school. It really does happen that fast I have almost 4 yo. Scary. Sounds like he is a doll face and having so much fun in his growing and learning. Lovely post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #4My Profile

  5. Aww, lovely update. This all wasn’t so long ago for us. Tin Box Tot is just about to turn two. Well done to have the bed transition sorted already – we only did that last month. I know what you mean about the little footsteps – so cute. Oh, and don’t worry about the biting. That seems to sort itself out! #Sharewithme
    Tin Box Traveller recently posted…Well done – sort of! #WickedWednesdaysMy Profile

  6. When my son started school he was sick every week. I was ready to pull him out of school but a friend told me that this is normal and when he is in his big school he wont get sick too much as he got them on preschool already.

    Goodness! Even if its normal its hard to see your child get sick every week on a diff strain =(

    Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk) recently posted…B&W WednesdayMy Profile

  7. Ahh it’s so lovely when they start giving proper kisses; so sweet! We are going to change Ava’s cot into a bed soon as well. She is actually just three but she slept badly for so so long that once she started sleeping through we didn’t want to change anything so we left it as a cot. Sorry to hear he has not been well, hope he’s totally better soon. Such a cute photo xx #sharewithme

  8. He always sounds cuter and cuter month on month and his curls are really coming on. Its so horrible when they’re poorly, especially after their jabs. Glad he’s all better now,.,but sorry about the bite marks 😉 You are obviously very tasty if its just you!

    • Ahh thanks lovely lady 🙂 we think he’s pretty cute too!!
      Little ones being poorly is definitely the worst…..closely followed by being bitten haha!!! Xx

  9. What a lovely post. I think our little ones are nearly the same age – was Arthur born in June? It is really nice to read these as I can recognise many of the same behaviours and manners that my little one does as well. She thankfully doesn’t bite, but definitely has those tantrums and shouts Peppaa everytime she sees a TV or a tablet 🙂 Sorry he has been ill, but hopefully your month ahead will be better!

    We use cloth nappies too – intermittently with disposable nappies. It’ll be interesting to read the review when you make it! We use gNappies mostly, and BambinoMio sometimes.

    Thanks for linking to My Monthly Roundup!
    Wave to Mummy recently posted…Toddler OOTD – Bright pink snowsuitMy Profile

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