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14 weeks pregnant

Im 14 weeks pregnant! This week our little Seychelles baba is around the size of a lemon approximately 9cm!! Apparently it can now suck it’s thumb and pee too….awesome! Here’s me this week!  Not a great shot again I know!  But I’ve given up on anything better until we move!! 14 weeks pregnant Thought I’d start doing some measurements which makes me a bit nervous sharing but will be good to look back on!!! I’ll update the weight after I’ve had a midwife appointment (every month at the moment) as I don’t have scales at home. Weight: 55kg (+2kg in 2 months weight at 1st midwife appt 53kg) Bump measurement: 32.5inches (round my tummy at my belly button.  Wish I had done this from the start but usually I’m somewhere between 26-28 inches here!) I had a midwife appointment yesterday.  Felt like a bit of a waste of time to be honest.  It wasn’t with my midwife (but it was the lady I had with Arthur…a proper battle axe).  She tried to tell me there wasn’t enough folic acid in pregnacare and that I should be taking more.  I wasn’t impressed with that, she had no idea clearly!!! Arthur is still giving lots of kisses and cuddles to my bump!  He’s also started giving it raspberries, cheeky monkey!


Metal taste has gone thank goodness!! I’ve had a few twinges of carpal tunnel…I had this, totally inexplicably to all doctors around 10 years ago and and to have it operated on both wrists which sucked.  I had it a little when pregnant with Arthur but not too bad.  I know it’s common in pregnancy but I really don’t want it to develop fully because it’s so horrible! For a couple weeks now I’ve had a pain in my left leg starting at my lower back it is really uncomfortable and no matter what I do I can’t get it to go!  Very annoying! Anyway that all sounds very miserable!  I’m not.  I’m enjoying my little bump!


Still wanting red onion…..specifically as part of a tuna melt!!! Diet coke!  I’ve always loved diet coke, but when I was pregnant with Arthur I was totally off it so I’m more than happy to be treating myself to the odd can!! Crumpets…still! In amazing and bad news all in one go, there are crumpets in the little international shop.  Actual Warburtons crumpets!  The bad news is that a pack of 6 cost me around £4!!  Ouch!!! In my opinion it may be the best £4 of Marks money I have ever spent, he disagrees!!!


Ummmm, not really any dislikes I can think of this week woohoo!

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