14 months


I’m not sure why but 14 months sounds and feels very grown up all of a sudden!

This whole month we have spent in the UK and Arthur has loved every day!

Something that has made us incredibly proud this month is how much Arthur truly has taken everything in his stride. We’ve been staying in new places, meeting lots of new faces and doing lots of new things. He’s not missed a beat! I thought that it would take him a couple days to get used to our parents’ houses but he certainly made him self at home straight away! Within no time he was bossing everyone around and had everyone wrapped round his little finger!

Sleeping is a little out of sync right now I guess it’s no surprise with lots of days out and staying in new beds!

Food has started to become a bit of an issue for the first time ever. Arthur has started to become a little bit picky and also is favouring grazing small amounts throughout the day as opposed to eating full meals. I’m hoping that when we get back home and get back into a proper routine we will get back to better eating habits again!

His speech is improving so much too! He makes a noise for drink that we all know what it means but I’m not sure how to write it down it sounds pretty alien….it’s kind of spitty in the back of his throat with a bit of a ‘K’ sound in there!
When he wants something he says what sounds like ‘please’ which is pretty cute! Now I’m sure it’s more give me that now than please but I’ve no problem pretending that we just have a super polite little guy!!!
A super exciting new thing he’s saying a lot too is mama (yayyyy!!) it makes me so happy to hear him say it!!

Arthur now gives big sloppy kisses and is becoming very cuddly which of course is lovely! We still occasionally get a bite in there but we think it’s more of an over zealous kiss than a deliberate bite!
He’s been doing this face which we find hilarious where he scrunches up his nose gives a super cheesy grin and closes his eyes! It’s gorgeous!!  Here he’s kind of doing it but will have better pictures uploaded to the computer once we are home!!


Today we left Plymouth which of course I’m really sad about and we head back home on Wednesday. I’m excited to see how he is back at home, whether he remembers our house, we’ve been away for 5 weeks and he’s changed so much!!


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