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11 months old

Today my little guy is 11 months old!

This months stats:

Weight: 9.41kg

Teeth: 6 (2 more on the way)

I say this every month but I really can’t believe Arthur is 11 months old!!  This month has gone by so fast but there have been so many huge changes!

Arthur has had 6 teeth for a long time now but he is currently teething again, he has two more teeth coming at the bottom.  I hope they cut through soon because teething really is just awful.

We’ve changed around Arthur’s nap routine a little bit this month to try and crack his early morning wakings, we’re having a bit of success although you know it’s bad if I’m considering 5:30 wake ups a ‘success’!! It’s still early days though so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

Arthur is now standing all by himself and he has also been taking his first steps, I can’t believe I have a walking baby!!  He’s taking up to around 10 steps in the house at a time.  Outside he’s not as confident but he’s getting more and more brave as each day passes! I love how proud of himself he is every time he reaches somewhere new, he turns around and gives the biggest smile.  If he’s walking to one of us when he gets there he smiles, gives a little squeal of delight (so do we!) buries his head into our chest and gives a giant cuddle.  I think he loves how excited we get about it!  I was always in denial that Arthur would walk before he was one but honestly I guess I’m not so surprised, with hard floors everywhere I would want to start walking quickly too to give my knees  and hands a break!

Da dah!
Da dah!

We’ve noticed that Arthur is really starting to play with his stacking cups and his bricks and he’s also now taking a big interest in throwing!!  At the moment the throwing has been restricted to a bouncy ball and toys in the shower, in the pool or in the sea but I’m sure it won’t be long till we have bricks, remotes, phones or whatever he can get his hands on thrown our way!!!

He’s started clapping this month too.  It really is very cute, it must be such a fun thing to learn to do.  He’s so happy every time he does it!!

Arthur is getting very chatty, still a lot of random sounds and no definite words yet but he really makes it clear what he wants (and doesn’t want!)

We had a bit of an incident with our TV…..Arthur pulled it down and broke the screen!  My parents have now taken to calling him ‘wreck it ralph’.  We were lucky that Arthur wasn’t hurt at all, but obviously buying a new TV was not ideal!!!  We’ve moved things around a little in the front room so he can’t reach it any more.  It’s something that I guess I should have thought about a lot more initially but I would never have imagined he would have been strong enough to pull it over….little monkey!


He is still eating really well, which is something I am really thankful for.  This month Arthur has been enjoying home made fishcakes a lot as well as picking up peas, his favourite is still spag bol though!

This next month will be a busy one with sorting out Arthur’s birthday.  We will be getting a babysitter for the first time ever as we have the school’s dinner dance to go to in a couple of weeks.  I’m excited but nervous to be leaving Arthur with someone thats not family (the only time he ever slept without us was when he stayed with my parents).  I think it will be really good for us, I hope Arthur is good!!  I feel relatively comfortable with it knowing that Arthur sleeps through from bed time (even though he wakes up too early!)

I’ll be making sure to enjoy having my 11 month old as much as possible, only a month left until the big day!!

27 thoughts on “11 months old”

  • Well Wreck it Ralph – time is flying by and you are getting such a big boy. Soon you will turn 1 and there will be no stopping you. Already walking WOW you are a little star and so strong to pull over the TV hehe. Not long till your trip either – exciting times Ax
    Little Miss Alba recently posted…Lazy Francis xMy Profile

  • Oh Chantelle, he is adorable!! I’d forgive that wee face anything-even breaking the TV! 🙂 How clever of him to be walking already! Mine were all very slow movers – they make up for it now though! Time passes so quickly – enjoy every second of him xxx

  • Lovely, lovely Missy Topicalle! He is such a stud muffin! Such a cutie. It’s crazy how quickly the time goes-we have to savour every moment-evey the wreck it ralph ones! Reading your blog & looking at your pictures does nothing for my sun craving…but i shall keep torturing myself non the less, as i do love it all! xx
    Katrina recently posted…Love The Little Things #10My Profile

  • He is adorable! I can’t believe Arthur is only one month older than Aaron, he looks so sturdy on his feet, but there is lots I can relate to – teething (boo), strength (mini hulks) … leaving them with someone else.. (has to be done sometimes). They change so quickly at this age, and learn so fast. Just imagine what he’ll be up to by his Birthday! ha ha!
    mel @mydaysni recently posted…On deciding whether or not to get a dog!My Profile

  • I found you through the Lets Talk Mommy linky! Arthur is absolutely adorable and you should definitely post a video of him clapping. That must be absolutely adorable!

  • Happy happy 11 months Arthur. Soon you will be 1 years old along with Missy Moo. I was really late on MM’s 10 month post only last week but soon her 11 month will be up too. Bad mommy alert. I can’t believe he has pulled the tv down I wouldn’t have thought he was strong enough either. Both my tv are in reach of the children I might need to rethink that one. Lovely he is standing and taking steps. I thought Missy Moo would be faster than her brother at that milestone but she is no where near it yet. She barely stands holding onto the couch for long. Too much chunk in her trunk! lol Lovely post. They really do grow up so fast. I look forward to celebrating all our big birthdays and monthly updates with you. Love they are the same age. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me!!!! #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ wk 17My Profile

  • Ah now I see what you mean about the mini milestones Chantelle! It really is lovely to log and share them all! I can’t believe he broke your TV!! What a monkey indeed 🙂 I can tell you that EJ was very much the same with being into everything and we definitely needed eyes in the back of our heads for a while, but things are calming down now at 22 months – he is less likely to try and get into every cupboard or up every conceivable climbing surface! I had forgotten this with JJ but it really does get easier in that respect about the point that they turn two – they just understand so much more. X #sharewithme
    Sam @ And then the fun began… recently posted…EJ’s Mini Milestones: Age 22 monthsMy Profile

  • I am so glad that he is not hurt with the TV falling. My son broke a lot of things too but nothing as big as the TV. He is so gorgeous and its nice to chronicle a child’s development. Wasnt able to do that with mine but reading this entry made me remember how he was before. Time flies. #ShareWithMe
    Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) recently posted…Gestational DiabetesMy Profile

  • Oh he’s so so cute. I think I first “met him” when he was around 5 or 6 months old and time seems to have flown so much. I remember we used used to barricade our telly because z would always make a beeline for it. Very glad he’s ok but Rip telly (hope you have a brand soaking new one ;))

  • Hello,
    we are planning to go to Seychelles from Switzerland in January with our then 11 months old daughter for 10-14 days. Could you please recommend a specific hotel/s to stay?
    Thank you!

  • Any specific hotel? I found Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa 5 stars on booking.com, which looks nice, but it’s on Silhouette Island. That would be also the max price we are ready to pay for the lodging.

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